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Sunday, January 1, 2023

Inbound Yoga - Luz de Bhakti -Srila Bhaktialoka Paramadvaiti Maharaj



Excuse me for the technical interruptions! Today we are sitting in Budapest and we are connected with the world. This is a yogi City, and most important we are connected at a higher level in the material world through artificial intelligence. We are afraid!  and everything  we do will be controlled in the future.

According to the yoga teaching,  everything is controlled and observed, what every one of us does since time immemorial and not only this is the supreme Lord (Krsna) Himself who witnesses our virtues and our failures. The good thing is that he will always try to help us to reach the perfection of Yoga. This insurance is given to us in the Bhagavad Gita. I know a very excellent yoga. So what I am saying I am sure that you already know. Yuk Yoke means “connected” connected to the highest perfection of your potential if you want to reach the highest mountains ; you can climb all the way to the top. So, What is the highest mountain of your personal individual capacity. Yoga is meant to help you reach there, so "connect" means to connect with the highest and then you learn that you are part of the highest. You have a relationship a  constitutional relationship to the highest. Like you are born in Hungary that is why you have a Hungarian Passport; but by being a son or a daughter of the “Divine Supreme” (Krsna) You have a constitutional relationship to the Universal Creator. (Krsna) Where does Yoga start it depends from your interest. Some people start with “Hatha Yoga” some people start with “Karma Yoga”  some people start with “Jnana Yoga”  but such and everyone has to reach “Bhakti Yoga”  all the  different yogas  are all connected. They are all part of the beautiful connection of gifts. What we call “Inbound Yoga”  is the teaching that we should go from the external to the Internal side.  There are gymnastic people that are more expert at bending their bodies than others, but is the physical condition, the mental condition and the spiritual condition.  Just like this  emotional Intelligence, rational intelligence, spiritual intelligence  then my body is in good shape. Emotional Intelligence  will tell you that you have to harmonized with everything. Everything about myself  family,  friends. society and mother earth - and spiritual intelligence  will tell you that you have to connect lovingly to the creator (Krsna)  the original existence,  spiritual intelligence will lead you to Universal Love. (Krsna)

If you love my father. I also love all my brothers and sisters. You don’t need a PhD to understand that, but some people do not want to behave in such a way, that others are given the proper respect, some people they behave without developing the proper respect. When you practice yoga you naturally become humble and spiritual life means humble, like for example we all understand that we are all maintained, also you are practicing yoga because some maintenance is giving you a facility , because everything we have belongs to our father (Krsna)  Bhakti Yoga means love, love, love again but love for your creation is love which you can share with everybody that is the Yoga Teaching.

One of the things that we have to convince our Yogis is to “not” eat animals this is something which is part of the love of god. (Krsna) Don’t eat somebody who you should love. So, love has many, many  ,many implications in our lives and bhakti yoga explains step by step what that means, and it can go very deep and you can discover a love affair in Bhakti Yoga - This Love affair  is the gift of god (Krsna). It includes love for the Yoga teaching and also for your fellow yoga students and also for those who are more interested to know more about this.  You can say that Bhakti Yoga is very communicative, first you have to listen to the Bhagavad Gita  next step you have to speak about the Bhagavad Gita  and tell others about it- that is as natural as you are in a big building and you are an expert  and you know the building and all of the sudden one side of the building  is on fire and you re leading the people you know the way out automatically. You tell everybody come here! go there. I will take you!   Can you imagine the way out and you will not tell the others that is not possible, the yogis are also brahmanas, they have a commitment with the truth but not everyone understands that, not everyone can understand the sense of urgency- Yoga is not just entertainment .

Inbound yoga is art , Entertainment is I go to Yoga,  No,  I go to ballet!  Yoga is a true necessity but is not imposed upon us, even though we feel the urge  to tell everyone what is the right thing to do, by the rules of the creator, (Krsna)  please come be part of the yoga family. And the Yoga family is very “Big” and not everybody knows each other is not possible is not necessary. The only thing that is necessary is that you know that someone is loving you, and that somebody is taking you to the path of Yoga,  and that person is called the spiritual teacher inside of your heart. We cannot deny it. We all have a good advisor inside of our heart. Even though we are not always listening to it’s advice and in Yoga we become an expert in listening to its advice . Most yogis we always have discussions. We always have discussions about what is favorable for our spiritual advancement and what is not favorable for our spiritual advancement and somebody tells you. Come we have a very nice party tonight there is free beer for everybody (Yoga Maya is one the people sitting next to Gurudeva) that is not favorable. 

Yoga Maya says, No! I am not going there for free beer, forget it!  That is not favorable but somebody would also say, a party with free beer I am going to Go! What about reading a book is that book useful or is it useless, what about a movie, is that movie helpful or confusing. 

What about political concerns like we could be talking about the Ukraine war! I know that you did not come to me to speak about the Ukraine war. One time my Guru ( His Divine Grace A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada)  was asked by one person. What about the third world war . He answered the third war world is a point and the point is a point on the line and many points make a line and we want to speak about the point but we don’t want to speak about the line. Every war is a point and that makes a line, and we don’t want to speak about the line. What is the line why are we in illusions that we are owners of this world. After all the wars, all the borders of Hungary changed but the people are still the same only politicians make some changes in the borders, so in the same political issues will not take us to the care of our lives of course they are painful especially when the cost of our lives goes up 30%; it is natural that one is very concern, but yoga is the science of immediate of attention to the urgent, and what is the urgent information that we can leave this body any second.

And if the moment of death comes do you still want to know how much money is in your bank account, or how many weapons the U.S.A is sending to Ukraine, or what is the price of milk in the market. No! No! No! Nothing you want to know, you only want to know the supreme union with that Love, so in Love teaching of Bhakti Yoga. We already suppose that you know the asanas is not absolutely necessary but many people they start with the asanas, so we people are generous and we practice charitable work that is called karma yoga - in other words they are always helpful and others are very profound students of the yoga scriptures, like the Bhagavad- Gita. They become very serious to read even memorizing mantras and the teaching on how to increase your love, they will come eventually, as a matter of fact. Some people say I wanted all right now. So what ? the yoga teachings will take aside and will explain many other things; like how to chant the mantras. How to go to India, how to go on pilgrimage to go to the Holy places. How to establish a deity in your home so that all your food is sanctified. How you mark your body with signs of protection for the yogi and so many things, is not easy to say, just in one package - and is not the signs of No! It is always the signs of Yes! It is the signs that I got taste! If you get the proper instruction and you get the proper association then  yoga will never be difficult for you every day life.

 You can make spiritual advancement. Every day is the day of Now, and sometime is Now, you have to leave the world. Then you have to think what did I learn in my yoga class and you have to give your heart lovingly to the lord (Krsna)  Who is our “only” shot that is part of life.  We grow older, we become sick, and we die. I know this is not news for you but we are living in that awareness ,or we are disturbed by the material influences and we cannot concentrate, actually Hatha Yoga is very good for concentration  and pranayama but the best thing is attachment, attachment is the cause of bondage in the world, If the attachment is transfer to the Lord and his devotees. It opens up the door to liberation emotionally we have to be involve, Yes.  Yes, I want to do it. Yes I will go to my practice. Yes,  I will try to go to India. Yes I will tell my friends about it. Yes, I will go to India, Yes I will go to India. Etc,Etc,Etc. Yes, Yes, emotionally, Yes, then you will have no doubts because you will understand naturally, this words that I spoke are from our holy scriptures, attachment can heal attachment. 

I am attached to money, I am attached to traveling, I am attached to name, I am attached to fame, and I always get frustrated and it never works out the way I want. This attachment now they say you can cure by becoming attached to the yoga. So, I am very happy that I had a chance to meet with you if you need to clarify. I know yoga maya, and I will you give you all the answers.

Srila Bhakitia Loka Paramadvaiti Maharaj

Inbound yoga 

Transcription - Luz de Bhakti Barata Hungary , May 17th 2022



Wednesday, December 28, 2022

O' Govinda! After I posted my dear John letter the UPS a company that I was working for temporarily has called me off work...

namnam akari bahudha nija-sarva-shaktis tatrarpita niyamitah smarane na kalah etadrishi tava kripa bhagavan mamapi durdaivam idrisham ihajani nanuragaha

O' Kesava! As you know the UPS is very big at supporting the "protected women beating veterans" (Who probably have a picture of Barack Obama on their lockers and probably love saying "forward!" "forward!" "forward!") and they work very closely with the FBI/military who are cold blooded deceitful dishonorable malicious envious drug addicts and alcoholics killers that persecute sincere god fearing religious people. Religiously observant people who understand what "absolute truth" means.

  O' Madana Mohana"  you are the cause of all causes lord Vasudeva everything that exists emanates from you. All of the religiously observant people who "Do Not" work  as informants for the FBI/Military and participate in this bullying in order to qualify for government grants or for fear that they may become targets of these people knowingly contribute to intimidation and physical assault  of your devotees who "Do Not" consent to the psychological warfare that is being carried out by the military  such as some  "Vaishnavas devotees" like myself  that are now "Prisoners of Conscience" of the Military/ Federal Bureau of Investigation "( Who support sexual predators) who have access  to all our  private information and who are able to track our whereabouts through our cellphones and other technology and will utilize manipulate and distort information caught on  video or recordings in order for them to incarcerate us make false allegations to make people hate us and get us beat up and to make people disappear. This military agency hires  women,  young people even children of all races and trains them to harass  their targets when they are seen alone. And yet out of your causeless mercy You allow me to walk about instead of being caged up in a Zoo or laboratories or a slaughter house. 

 O' Krsna your are the source of all incarnations! this is your divine plan "absolutely" I ask you for your causeless mercy to please forgive me from making so many mistakes in previous lives that brought me to this horrible ignorant material world! I am begging for your causeless mercy that as your faithful devotees are being bullied and have now been forced to become "Prisoners of Conscience"  please  allow us  to hold to your lotus feet and that this violent and perverse acts against your disciples do not stop or deviate  us from worshiping and glorifying your name. Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare!  āśliṣya vā pāda-ratāḿ pinaṣṭu mām adarśanān marma-hatāḿ karotu vā yathā tathā vā vidadhātu lampaṭo mat-prāṇa-nāthas tu sa eva nāparaḥ and to continue to share Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu sankirtana movement. 

 O' lord Hari! This ruthless and cruel acts by the Federal Burau of Investigation/ Military  will not stop me from reporting your horrible conduct nor discourage me from applying from other jobs that I am sure you will do your best to get me sick,  bullied or fired from . I am sure you will do your best to prevent me from  getting another job.  I am sure it bothers you that I don't own property that you can steal from me . I am sure it makes you very very sick that you can't bankrupt me! I  am sure it gives you disgust that you can't plant drugs in my hole in the wall or in  the  car that I am driving. Because, Krsna is my witness I am a god fearing devotee and I follow very strict regulative principles. 

O' extreme beautiful lord Narayana! I promise that there are no fire arms in the home where I am living. I promise that if there are any knives in the home there are used for cooking.  It's absolutely prohibited to use violence against anyone even  if they are vicious envious  cunning bullies. I will allow my self to be killed before taking up arms against another living entity because harming another living being will prolong my cycle of reincarnation into this horrible world. Even thinking of harming another living entity is not part of my thought process. Krsna you are my witness and my judge!

O' Krsna! All I ask is to be in the loving service of your lotus feet birth after birth.

at the lotus feet of Srimati rhadarani. at the lotus feet of Nithiananda Prabhu, at the lotus feet of the six goswanis All glories to Sri Rupa Gosvami, Sanatana Gosvami, Raghunatha Bhatta Gosvami, Sri Jiva Gosvami, Gopala Bhatta Gosvami, and Raghunatha dasa Gosvami. I am the servant of that person who is a servant of these six Goswanis the dust of their lotus feet are my five kinds of food stuff! all glories to Srila prabhupada!


Monday, December 26, 2022

O' Krsna! No worries now Hawaii! I wont be taking your food stamps or my cousin's'..... I wont eat your spam!

Dear John,

 As you probably know by now I have been ousted  and displaced from the state of Hawaii by your buddies the FBI/Military that give you snacks and perks for doing their bullying because you think they are so cool! I am in exile from my home.  Obviously, I am not coming back because I may get physically assaulted  due to my sincere religious beliefs and I am concern that in the event that I am physically assaulted  I may be left badly injured if not killed and this concerns me because I don't want to end up in one of your hospitals that are short staffed and poorly equipped. Currently, I am in no man's land but the medical facilities here where I am now are much better and although the future is not looking bright I will not take your food stamps or my cousins' . I will allow myself to starve! My body My choice! I have eaten enough. O' Lord Gaura you are the all-pervading Supersoul the effulgence of Braman is the luster of your extremely beautiful body there is no other reason for this disgusting soul to be here other than to serve you! I know that I am not just here to eat, sleep, shit, and be lustful over things and stuff.   I ask for your causeless mercy to allow me to just think of you and nothing else.

What is a prisoner of conscience : https://www.uscirf.gov/about-uscirf/about-us

What is the International Religious Freedom Act 1998 https://www.congress.gov/bill/105th-congress/house-bill/2431

I will not take your welfare money or section 8! You can keep your COVID-19 economic Impact payment card with the stimulus payments! In 2020 when the 45th President of the United States Donald J. Trump was in office and the first economic stimulus payment was sent in a form of a check I had no other choice but to use this money to pay my rent after the management of the company that I worked for retaliated and wrongfully terminated this event happened right after I received counsel from Legal Aide Hawaii by the way Legal Aide Hawaii works very closely with the Federal Bureau of Investigation  ( I did not know that at the time)   I was  also not aware that  the Federal Bureau of Investigation had close ties with the former employer that wrongfully terminated prior of me being hired at that company.  I did  everything humanly possible to not loss my job.  At the end, the management of this company really liked using this phrase "You are fired!" when they terminated me and the human resources director a female Caucasian woman of this company said to me "Don't talk about us!"

 Right after this event, as another form of retaliation from the Federal Bureau of Investigation the State of Hawaii Unemployment insurance (for those of you who do not know,  the Federal Bureau of Investigation works with the State of Hawaii Unemployment insurance agency )  this agency withheld my unemployment benefits. knowing that I did not have any money in the bank  to cover my rent in order to get me out of the State of Hawaii. After I was hire at the job of the assisted living the Federal Bureau of Investigation / Military realized that I was not leaving the State of Hawaii, they released my unemployment benefits; but not before calling me while I was at work checking up on me! How can I help you? They did the same thing the second time that I was wrongfully terminated from the assisted living, once again I filed for Unemployment to cover my rent, while I found another job, they withheld my unemployment benefits again, and avoided my phone calls, hang up on me purposely, they would not return my calls, and then when I found another job one of their  agents from the unemployment agency call me, taunting me she said, " Can I help you?" knowing that I was working and that I could not file for unemployment benefits insurance because I was already employed. This happened right after I got the job at U-Haul in Kailua Kona Hawaii.

I was employed at U-Haul, the manager of that place named Michael Condon, who works for the Federal Bureau of Investigation an ex marine  cut down my hours without letting me know  severing my ability to pay my rent knowing that this would create emotional distress because he knew how much I had in the bank. He left me no choice but to leave the company, when I submitted my request for the remaining  unemployment benefits to cover my partial rent cost that was available to me , the woman who was assigned to my case from the Hawaii unemployment Insurance agency accused me of quitting my job and denied my remaining employment benefits. This Federal employees who work for the state of Hawaii  notoriously grant   funding to the people in the State of Hawaii  who are their friends or people who collaborate with the military and Federal Bureau Of Investigation  as informants  or bullies  or for the women and man who do sexual favors for military personnel and others, even if this people do not qualify for unemployment or Well-fare benefits, such as food stamps or disability. benefits  the Federal Bureau Of investigation knows that this people are committing fraud and they turn a blind eye. What to say of the Law makers of the state of Hawaii who are very much involve in this corruption and fraud  through check and balances. Law makers who steal millions upon millions of dollars  from the American People with the assistance of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Setting the example for the entire world to follow. 

Let me very clear, I come from a very poor ignorant  family a working family who who has no interest in filing for unemployment benefits because they like to work and keep their jobs. I am the first person in my family who was forced to file for unemployment benefits because I was wrongfully terminated from two jobs that I really liked  Why? because I filed a complaint  with the Hawaii State Justice Department. Moreover, my sincere religious beliefs do not support for maharanis/nuns or Monks to live off of  government assistance programs. We'd rather beg on the streets and live under bridges and forests, beaches, we are completely homeless, destitute, impoverished, abandoned by any desired for materialistic pursues. Our only business is to chant the maha mantra hare krsna hare krsna krsna krsna hare hare hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare!  we are surrendered disciples of Sri Krnsa's Caitanyas causeless mercy! Sri Krsna's Caitanya lotus feet is the "only" shelter and food  that we need, just the fact that we are incarnated in a human body and not in the body of pig in a slaughter house is enough mercy for us to be satisfied . We vaishnava devotees reserve the right to maintain the integrity of our way of Life.

Let me very clear, my family has received a lot of merciful and generous treatment from American people. I have received so many wonderful opportunities to grow and learn and to achieve the ultimate goal of life to be servant of Lord Sri Krsna Caitanya Mahaprabhu and learn to love god again. I absolutely, love the United States of America and the people who I have met here. Most of the American people would not tolerate the horrible corruption that has prevailed in their country nor allow the exploitation of other cultures and their natural resources but this military people  have guns and biological weapons such as the COVID-19 and more. They have perfected the ways on how to torture and to kill people without having to put people in jail or in  Guantanamo Bay.  Most if not all the American People are victims of a very much corrupted greedy ignorant military and justice department who have zero interest in creating a better world.  O' Sri  Krsna Caitanya Mahaprabu I ask for your causeless mercy to be granted to all of the people of the world who are at the mercy of this malign highly offensive military system that has done everything possible to derail humanity from the evolutionary latter and their  loving sweet connection with you by using  unimaginable force and fear. At the lotus feet of Srimati Rhadarani at the lotus feet of Sri Nithiananda Prabhu.

 The Federal Bureau of Investigation  monitors all your banking transactions ; they monitor your bank statements  in order to know how to bully you and when to bully you, and where to bully you, for those of you out there who don't know.. this is criminal behavior. Literally. they send trained  women, young adults, men with children to do visual harassment, audio harassment, verbal harassment, emotional harassment,  threats and intimidation on the street and at your job. Let me give you two examples of what the Federal Bureau of Investigation/ Military have done to me in terms of audio and visual harassment and intimidation .While in Hawaii, in more than 25  occasions as I walked by parked cars be it a in a parking lot or the street. There has been someone ( connected to FBI/Military in civilian clothing) in a car that immediately and he turns on the engine of the car purposely ( so that I can hear the sound of the car turning on)  to let me know that they are there.( Just the other day Saturday the 7th, 2023, there was a parked car next to the house where I live in right now that turned on the engine of the car  right as I was walking by and this time a man called me over,  there were two of them a male and female they were both of Latino origin) For those of you out there who don't know...  this is categorized as "stalking" and it is illegal';  the complaint that I submitted to the third district court in Kailua Kona Hawaii and one of the  reasons why the judge mercifully granted me a temporary restraining order  "TRO" was because the "Defendant" was stalking me. every night before I went to work,  the "Defendant" would anticipate the time that I was going to be exiting his unit and he would turn on a red light, I gave evidence of this in videos to  investigator McVay from Hawaii Civil Rights Commission. I take the action of turning on the engine of a parked  car  as I walk by or as I am coming out of a business as "stalking" and practicing audio harassment this is deliberate retaliation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation/military because part of the allegations that I reported in the complaint and one of the reasons why I got the "TRO" ( Temporary Restraining Order) was because the "Defendant" was stalking me. 

I am going to present one of the examples of how I have been visually harassed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation/Military. They use  random people (Latino, Asian, Hawaiian, minorities, Caucasian, African American  people who they know are money hungry people who do not have a problem lying or being a false witnesses or need their legal papers, people who have no issues hurting or killing someone as long as they are helped in some way or people who have a criminal record or have been released from prison) this subjects either catch up to me when I am walking by myself as they walk pass me and they look  at their watch and then they look back at me to see me react or  he or she stands in front of me and look at their watch.  ( my guess is to see if I react with hostility). This visual harassment was done by  an Asian female bank teller at HFS in Kailua Kona Hawaii by the name of "Diamond" I reported her malicious behavior to the other bank teller but I did not go into details. This visual harassment started when I worked at the assisted living, one my ex co-workers who is  a woman of Hawaiian origin light skin the mother of a US marine who collaborates with the Federal Bureau of Investigation/ Military  she was given the green light to bully me and to instigate physical assault while I worked at the assisted living ; this was the second job that I got after I got "fired" from the farm. 

 I reported the US marine's mother who did her best to create a hostile work environment and to get me beat up in the street (on behalf of the Federal Bureau of Investigation/Military) to the Human Resources director of the assisted living  ( female over weight Hawaiian who had just return to work from pregnancy leave)  she ignored me. I was also ignored by  the director of operations of this assisted living he is an overweight Caucasian blond blue eye male. I also reported to two kitchen managers one Male Caucasian the son of a doctor, the second one  was a female Caucasian that owned a pig farm in Maine (I gifted this kitchen manager a red knife as a get well present red was the only color available ) All of this people worked with Federal Bureau of Investigation/Military. (My guess is that they wanted me to quit the job and to leave the State Hawaii this is why they allowed and participated in the bullying and  ignored my concerns ) but I did not quit this job because I really cared and loved serving the residents of that assisted living, I  cared for them very much. Absolutely, the care and safety of all the residents of this assisted living was compromised by the Federal Bureau of Investigation/Military and the management of the assisted living that collaborated and allowed the severe bullying that I became a victim of  after I filed my complaint with Legal Aide Hawaii and Hawaii Civil Rights Commission.

the management of the assisted living  scheduled me in a different shift so that I did not have to be around the  US marine's mother, but, she continued to bully me  and would wait around after her shift was over to see me come in, I, in turn, one day looked at my watch in front of her, to prompt her that her shift was over right after I did this to her,  random people on the street begun to look at their watches as I walked by them or when they were standing in front of me, he or she always tries to make eye contact with me to see how I would react. As some of you probably know, I was forced to  make a police report while employed at the assisted living because my life was verbally threated this event happened right after I was exempted from COVID-19 vaccination because of my sincere religious beliefs. I am nun/maharani and the kitchen manager and the director of operations maliciously shared this private information with all my co-workers they told them that I was exempted from COVID-19  vaccination and this made them very angry because they had to be COVID-19 vaccinated in order to continue to work there. ( for those of you who do not know... your employer/ management is not suppose to share your private medical records or any medical information about you with he people you work with, management sharing information about their employees with other co-workers or people they know is illegal. Moreover, medical personnel is not suppose to share medical information about their patients with anyone. ( I never told anyone that I was exempted from COVID-19 vaccination because is non of their business)  I absolutely, hold the Federal Bureau of Investigation/Military responsible for my second wrongful termination  from this job that I really loved, and the fact that I was accused of doing drugs. (Let me very clear I detest illicit drugs including alcohol! Alcohol ruined a great part of my life "my youth" and has destroyed my family's life and currently fentanyl  and marijuana is ruining the lives  of some of the young members of my family  and their high school friends. I detest any form of illicit drugs. I don't think that they are cool at all.

 I wont be collecting your social security! or applying for your Medicaid! I wont be filling for disability benefits! and you can keep my unemployment benefits.  I will not be stacking  on seeds and survival food reserves for that rainy day. I will "not" be hiding in underground bunkers,  nor will I be shuttled to the moon or to a space station  and I will "NEVER" have any form of illicit sex to get things and stuff or for pleasure, or to "Not" be evicted from a home by federal officer or to "Not" be forced to leave the State where I  live in . My religious deities Sri Sri Rhada Krsna,Sri Narasimha Bhagavan, Phralada Maharaja and Jaganatta Puri at their lotus feet really loved the state of Hawaii as their home. I am the caretaker and protector of these divine deities they are a direct representation of the supreme Lord Sri Krsna Caitanya at his lotus feet. Moreover, the divine beautiful deities that I take care of and protect are Lord Krsna Caitanya Himself.

 Further more,  I will not do any illicit drugs including alcohol. A violation of my sacred vows of observance of the regulative principles will delay my time here in this material world filled with suffering; and this to me is a worst sentence then being sent to Louisiana State Penitentiary  for life.  I will not allow myself to be intimidated by law enforcement for reporting or filing legal complaints to protect my rights as a human being  this will not discourage me from continuing to report perverse discriminatory behavior where I live or where I work  by law enforcement dressed in civilian clothing who prey on religiously observant women who are alone . 

You will not find anywhere in the sacred sastras Srimad Bhagavatan  or Bhagavad Gita anything in regards to religiously observant woman needing to dress in robes or veils in order for her to be  respected and protected by the bramman cast or law enforcement. You will not find anywhere in the Bhagavad Gita or Srimad Bhagavatan  that "only" male devotees can shave their head and have a sikha or that a woman who has this kind of hair style is trying to be man . You will not find anywhere in the sacred sastras that a Maharani is suppose to allow herself to be abused  by men or other women because this is her karma and "She deserves it"  or that being incarnated in a female body is a punishment  or because this is "Kali Yuga" and women are suppose to be abused. You will "NOT"  learn that our Lord and Savior Sri Caitanya Mahaprabu gave his disciples the authority to hurt women in any way shape or form and to curse them into submission. Our Spiritual  teacher Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu left only 8 verses in a poem  known as the Siksastakan to guide us both  male and female devotees during this age of Kali Yuga this simple instruction helps us achieve the ultimate goal in life to "Love god" and to "serve god". 

You will not find in the sacred sastras that a maharani is not suppose to work or otherwise this makes her less religiously observant or a "karmie" or She is not suitable to be ordained by Lord Sri Krsna Caitanya  as one of His "Swamis" You will not find anywhere in the sacred scriptures that a maharani is not able to be happy or to travel . You will not find in the scriptures that a religious observant woman is not suppose to rent to men or from men. You will not find anywhere in the Sacred Sastras that a woman cannot have male friends. You will not find any image of Shri Krsna abusing or beating up women or transmitting sacred Hyms  in the Bhagavad Gita and the Srimad Bhagavatam through his disciples   that verbally abuse and emotional abuse women by calling them "witches" or cursing them into sacred prostitution because men are  are jealous and envious of women. 

 A maharani/nun goes through the same purification process that a male monk/ Sannyasin goes through when they chant the Maha Mantra.  Both the monk or the maharani have the opportunity to make the Lord their lover. This is what is taken place when Lord Buddha ( Another Avatar of Krsna)  is sitting under the bodhi tree in a full lotus position . Lord Buddha made the Lord his Lover too. and He Loved the Lord while sitting in a full lotus position. Lord Jesus Christ went through this process too. For Bhramanas/ Clergy to be calling women "witches" has not only cause countless femicides most popularly advertised during the Catholic Inquisition and later when the British colonized India. This way of men competing with women by getting them hurt has brought this civilization to the brink of oblivion. 

Currently,  the Braman Cast/Scientist  are continuing to support the military men how to continue to spiritually decapitate god fearing religious women, by publishing and distributing abusive hateful videos  and books, and generating malicious gossip that teach that religious  women get raped every night by demons the cheitain and Jinn. This men know very well, that the  Male Braman cast/ Scientists of all religions and that most of the  male military of every country whose kundalini energy is activated also get "raped" every night by the Cheitain and Jinn or so call evil spirits and ghosts   this male Braman cast/ Scientist and military people know very well that our connection to the divine is manifested in many different ways and that this process is perfectly normal and that everything that we experience during our kundalini activation is part of ourselves but they choose to use the word "Rape" when it comes to women and their connection with divine in order to decapitate women and sabotage their spiritual evolution to compete with women  and to continue to disqualify them, instead of protecting them. This male Braman cast/Scientists and military men however create and legalize brothels where young women are physically  raped every day by military man, business man, rich man, poor man, most of this women are left pregnant and some are forced to have abortions, and this is perfectly normal according to this male Braman cast/ scientist and their military male buddies, they have gone even further to raise and program young  pretty girls to join the entertainment industry such as the porn industry so that they can continue to legally promote the abuse of women and to continue to raise young boys as women abusers, wife beaters, and women killers.

For most of you out there who don't know this, I will repeat again this process of intimacy that the male Clergy/ Scientist with the military buddies have defined as "raped by the with the divine (such as the Chaitain or Jinn) is not rape  but it is part of the spiritualization of the human body, and this is something that all spiritual masters, all  the souls who reside in the spiritual world where the Vikuntha planets are have gone through, everything that you experience when your kundalini energy is activated is part of you, this is why it is very important for you to have a good spiritual teacher that will not decapitate you because you are a woman but rather give you a safe environment where you can spiritualize your human body and protect you from this  envious malicious ignorant male Bramin Cast/Scientists and their military cowardly bullies who are responsible for the intentional massive abuse  and torture of women. . Sri Krsna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu teaches us that we don't have to be in a monastery or ashram in order to have pure love for Krsna and to reach the Vikuntha planets.

 for this men to consciously abuse, distort and lie and sabotage the process of purification of  religious female devotees because they are envious of women, and she  chooses to be the Lord's servant and she chooses to use the sacred Kundalini energy to stay connected to  Lord Sri Krsna  the supreme personality of god head cause of all causes and all that is in order to "GET OUT!" of this material world and to not reincarnate again in this hell,  instead of participating in a very well planned militarized civilization that includes the creation and use of biological weapons such as HIV Virus and Covid-19 Virus for depopulation and experimentation of the ignorant  masses. scientist and military men that forces programming  of violence against the earth, women, children, and men or else your life gets ruined.  I will repeat again,   Using slander and violent language such as "Slam the Nun!" " She Likes to get raped!" is categorized as a religious hate crime. This is a severe offence at the lotus feet of the Lord.

It was Lord Sri Krsna Caitanya  the supreme personality of godhead causeless mercy to  programmed into humanity a state of forgetfulness  in order for humanity not to remember His/Hers previous lives because not everyone would be happy with memories of when  they were a fish and that they were eaten by whale, and this merciful divine act of forgetfulness has become a big problem because most people in this world including Brahmanas/Clergy/ scientist confidently proclaim and influence others into believing that everyone can continue to exploit  and hurt everyone and everything because that's just the way it is, and that men can continue to hurt women and that all he has to say is "I am sorry!" or pay some kind of settlement. In most cases people who apologize turn around and do the same thing all over again because most people in this world really believe that when he or she dies everything is over so they can get away with genocides, massive rapes, destruction of natural resources, lying, cheating, stealing.  I promise you that this reality is a very severe reality to fall into and that there  are worse realities than this reality that we share right now. When  we become aware of this axiomatic truth it helps our spiritual evolution our spiritual growth is the only important thing in life, your spiritual growth is the only savings account that you will take with you when you let go of your current incarnation and you can take that to the bank. Attaching your self to this temporary and very painful material world is the biggest mistake you will make in your life as a human being.  It's not normal for us to have to defecate and urinate and to stink and constantly be fighting one another we have fallen into an animal state of being.  So, for those of you out there who are doing your best to hold on to your integrity and observing god's commandments and religious principles please know that staying in that mode of "goodness" will deliver you from this material world. And, it does not matter if it appears that all this corrupt immoral people have all the fun and get away with atrocities.   I promise you that whatever we do to others, we will experience ourselves whether in this life or the next, "Time" is unforgiving "Time" is  eternal.  

Let me share with you an experience that I am going through right now.  As far as how reincarnation and the purification process works in my life. Just the other day, something happened that caught me by surprise and this made me realize  that at some point in my evolutionary latter I was a Pitbull and I liked to bark and growl and intimidate  women and men and that at some point while I was a Pitbull I bit a piece of someone's jacket off  and at another time I grabbed someone's pouch with my sharp teeth. I have literally just experienced this kind of treatment from a Pitbull and now I am  absolutely aware that I was a dog in one of my previous lives and that I did this to someone.  

Now, after meditating on this experience, I realized that Krsna, my creator my "Only" boss, was merciful to me by allowing this Pitbull to attack me, in order for me to let the owner of the Pitbull  and her fiancée know that I had witnessed their children and friends using Fentanyl in their home, and that one of her sons, was selling Fentanyl to his own cousins and friends. And, when I left her house, the beautiful pitbull was sad to see me go but the pitbull was very thankful that I had told everyone about what happened because the pitbull loved the owner of the Pitbull's children very much and the Pitbull was concerned about them . O' Lord Gaurachandra I offer my sincere obeisance I am the most fallen soul yet your causeless mercy has delivered me from the living  hell of being incarnated in a Pitbull's body and I am now in the body of a human being. I ask for your forgiveness for my mistaken way of  thinking that being in my current human body is worse than being in the body of a dog.  (Don't forget a soul can incarnate into the body of a dog repeatedly it is only the causeless mercy of the lord that rescues the dog from state nothing else).  I understand, that I could of been trapped in the form of a dog or even worse  in the body of a "worm" for millions of years and yet I am now incarnated in a human body. I understand that for a fallen soul  it  made take trillions of incarnations from lower bodies such as butterflies  or fish to reach the body of a human being. 

 O' Sri Gaurachandra! Going through karmic expiation ( facing the reality of life)  is not an easy road to travel for religiously observant women during this age of Kali yuga and on top of this having Brahmanas/Clergy consciously inflicting emotional and phycological trauma by using disparaging language when addressing Priestesses or Maharanis/nuns  such as the word "witch" and the phrases  "witch that has sex with demons!" "witch that eats human babies"  "witch that likes to get raped every night by evil spirits!" "witch that has sex with demons and has babies" this language   incites fear in ignorant people and later leads to violence .  A man or woman who speaks badly of  religious women or who looks in the direction of a woman to fulfill his or her material interest and pleasures commits spiritual suicide and should be held accountable in a court of law. O' all attractive supremely pure and virtuous Sri Krsna Caitanya only your causeless mercy will heal this severe offence  towards your female devotees committed at the hands  of your  male devotees and other clergy.

On July 29th, 2020  during the time when the 45th President of the United States of America  Donald J Trump was in office a very intelligent medical doctor of African decent by the name of Stella Immanuel announced to the press a very good treatment for the COVID-19 virus that has in fact  shown very good results for people who have taking this treatment world wide but she also  used the spotlight very strategically to inflict misinformation and psychological trauma on behalf of the clergy and the military  about religious women having sex with demons and the  reason why this form sexual practice is the cause of  cysts and endometriosis  please click here  as you know the violence against women in Africa is literally unprecedented painful horror, this type of programming is done deliberately to mutilated  women's connection with god, dismembering any possibility of women to feel confident about embarking in their own spiritual journey to go back home to godhead or the spiritual world and instead exposing them to the  most heinous forms of violence from men and the women that support men who hurt women. Here we have the National Library of Medicine  Click Here sharing their findings of case studies of people who obviously do not follow the instruction that has been given to us in the Srimad Bhagavatan and Bhagavad Gita about the requirement for female and male devotees to have a spiritual teacher that is able to assist them in the process of purification and help  He/She  stay glued to following and practicing  the regulative principles such not doing any forms of illicit drugs or mind altering drugs or alcohol or meat eating and absolutely NOO! illicit sex even if he is cute or she is cute.  Most people especially in the West suffer from delusions of grandeur and they are certain that they are very powerful and that they are "god" and they chose to  do whatever they want, and hence the reason why  "Psyc -Meds" are a trillion dollar industry. When you try to be better then god you will fail in the worst possible way for a soul to fail.  We  maharanis or priestesses must strictly do our best to be observant  of Guru, Sadhu, and Sastra  we absolutely have to chant the Maha Mantra 16 rounds a day, or 64 rounds a day, practice the regulative principles  serve your teacher and your fellow devotees however you can, read the srimad bhagavatan and the Bhavad Gita daily if you have access to this holy books.  No excuses. And if you have the luxury to have an Oida Therapist who resides in Bogota, Colombia, by the name Atma,   treat yourself to the best. Your mental health is important.

I am aware that most people don't approve for men to have multiple wives. Although Shri Krsna had 16,000 wives they loved Him and they all had their own kingdoms . There is no man alive that can ever imitate such greatness and perfection "EVER". You will find articles online diminishing the Lord's abundance and generosity by distorting his greatness and saying that the Lord just gave a home to each of his  16,000 wives.  O' beloved lord Krsna you are the gracious benefactor out of your causeless mercy you make sure that you protect your adored Maharanis by not putting them in a perverse spotlight for sexual predators to fantasize about having sex with religious women but what are we to do there is no where to run. 

 Nuns/maharanis and male devotees are taught to not even consider ourselves devotees of the lord because we are the lowest of the servants of the servant of that servant of the Lord. We are aspirants of becoming devotees of the Lord because we are so filled with impurities from this life and from our previous lives ; to have to be forced to leave this state of humbleness and  to have to file a legal complaint with Legal Aid Hawaii because according to Huang Lam from LAMBDA legal's Help Desk , LAMBDA legal did not take cases such as the one that I presented to them and LAMBDA legal advise me to go to legal Aide Hawaii and Jennifer Gonzalez from Legal Aide Hawaii leaked the private document that I gave her to the public at large  without my consent and her actions led to the most horrible retaliation by  members of the military that are part of the Justice Department of the State of Hawaii that will potentially lead to my femicide. 

 Jennifer Gonzalez's actions were backed by  Attorney  Daniel Mistaik from legal Aide Hawaii and he said that uploading the private document that I gave her without my consent in to the court system is what they do;  to have to send continues group emails bothering people with my problems  in order to let everyone know that I was being bullied by this agency has made me very sad.  ( for those out there who don't know this and are reading this blog Legal Aide Hawaii was  not suppose to  leaked the private document that I gave them... What they did was very  illegal but the Department of Justice of Hawaii has their back and they honestly think that they can get away with  femicide  or a "hate crime"  because I am a minority) 

 They were suppose to protect me and advise me not to throw me under the bus. Oh! and by the way, what I said during the sessions with legal Aide Hawaii to Jennifer Gonzalez and Daniel Mistaik  that were paid for by a really good health insurance from the company that I worked for was in fact shared with the management  of that " Sp...... Farm." at Queen Kaahumanu Hwy ( that work very closely with the Federal Bureau of Investigation their drinking buddies)  that was providing health care coverage including my therapy sessions with the clinical psychologist of West Hawaii Community Health Clinic" were shared with the management of this company by this federal agency  and this led to a lot more bullying and retaliation from the management of this farm that did their best to force me to quit  and later  terminated me. Obviously, that was one of the many "Hawaii Justice Department/Military attack to get me out of the state of Hawaii. O' Krsna  whatever I did in my past life that brought out this unhappy experience please forgive me!" Obviously, I made some mistakes, that needed to be corrected! You are so merciful my Lord, and you have rewarded with good health so I can glorify your name. hare krsna hare krsna krsna krsna krsna hare hare hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare

All that the Federal Bureau of Investigation had to do was to apologize to me in a letter for making up false allegations that have damaged my character. False Allegations that began when I was renting a house in Hyperion Avenue  between the years of 2012 -2014 in Los Angeles California and I refused to have sex with one their agents by the name "Matt Ellis" this is probably a fake name. He was disgusted that I had a Mazer Archives Mouse pad by my computer monitor. I educated this agent very politely and  I told him that I was a renunciate and that I did not have illicit sex  with anyone he proceeded to intimidate me and in turn he lied and had me evicted from that home with the help of LAPD . After,  I demanded for him to leave the home that I was renting because he did not seem to understand what the word "No" means and it bother him that I was using the rent money from the tenants that I was renting to cover my own rent. O' lord of Lords supreme seer Lord Sri Krsna Caitanya you are the paramatma in the heart of all living entities the eternal witness the potency of your lotus feet is my shelter and refuge.

 All that the Federal Bureau of Investigation had to do was to make  sure that these agents that were sent to that home that I was renting at Hyperion Ave Los Angeles and maliciously fabricated a story about me  in order to get me evicted  and bullied that in fact  wasted so much of the tax payers money ( money that could of been use to build free homes for women )  following me across the country  (Just because it was a fun psychological experimentation to see what happens.  All of these agents should of been  fired but instead they continue to make up false damaging allegations  in order to prove their fictional narrative about their Guinea pig. I have been forced to file legal complaints and to bring in to light the sexual perversion that exists within the Justice Department of the United States of America who has zero respect for religiously observant women  especially when they are alone and this business model of Justice is replicated by  European, Central American and South American , and the rest of the world justice departments.

To be forced  to identify myself as nun/maharani to  Attorney Randy Compton from Hawaii Civil Rights Commission and to be maliciously persecuted by members of his staff shortly after created a very painful experience in my life that until this I have not recovered. For Attorney Randy Compton to omit my complaint of discrimination based on religion has brought a lot of hurt in my life.   Heather M Mcvay from Hawaii Civil Rights Commission  the investigator that was assigned to my case was very biased against me and ignore my request to take my case to court and instead force me to settle the case for whatever amount money the "Defendant" wanted to give me.  Moreover, she did not give me the responses that the "Defendant" gave to her that Attorney Randy Compton said that she would shared with me. I provided Heather M. McVay all the evidence that showed the "Defendant's" perverse psychological,  and emotional  abuse and the only thing that I could not give to her was the recordings  of the many conversations in which I told the "Defendant" that I was a nun/maharani  and that I followed very strict religious principles and the "Defendant" knew that I would not change my mind about this .  I told Heather M Mcvay  that all the money from the settlement that I requested the state of Hawaii  could keep but instead she sided with the "Defendant". 

As a continuance of Attorney Randy Compton and  Investigator MCVay from Hawaii Civil Rights Commission and her buddies vicious verbal,  emotional , visual, audio, bullying .  The day of the hearing when the "Defendant" and myself were scheduled to appear in front of the Judge the Hawaii Justice Department send a female Hawaiian woman in her early 30s to follow me into the courtroom from the parking lot ( this woman existed a "Red" truck it appear that there were more people in the truck with her. They made sure that I knew that they were watching me they made one loop around the parking lot where I parked my car)  later on in the courtroom this woman walked in front of the judge and flashed an 8 1/2 X 11 red card in front of the court cameras and everyone else that was present including the "Defendant"  who is a sociopath,  and dangerous.  I would like to ask the Hawaii Justice Department why they flashed a 8 1/2  X  11 red card in front the court cameras the day of my hearing. I  would also like to make them aware that I find their  intimidation and racist discriminatory behavior  very  offensive, and this offence is not just my offence to bear alone  but  all of the Maharanis/Nuns in Central America and South America  have been offended by this racist  behavior. And, although, you have crippled most of us with fear  because your military trains the soldiers in Central America and South America on how to torture and make religious people disappear this will not stop us from worshiping and loving Sri Krsna Caitanya and sharing his merciful message on how to reach god's kingdom and never again return to this miserable world!

Let me make this promise to your  high ranking generals who allow drug trafficking and sex trafficking to take place. I promise you that we are not your sacred prostitutes for your women beating  soldiers, who rape and leave young pregnant innocent  indigenous girls in rural areas suffering  without child support. We are not your sacred prostitutes for your women beating federal agents with high salaries or your women beating  teachers or your veterans or your rich man. I promise you that we will not be forced to become your sacred prostitutes in order to not be bully by you, or to not  have our lands, our homes, our water, our food taking away by you or in order to keep a job.  if I was a "Caucasian" non of this discriminatory and retaliation behavior would of taken place but because I am of Latino origin the US Justice Department / military really feels like they can get away with violating all the rights that protect me  and I disagree. I am god a fearing devotee surrendered at the lotus feet of Sri Krsna Caitanyana Mahaprabhu who is my attorney and my judge. 

Let me be very clear! Lord Sri Caitanyana Mahprabhu! O' Shri Krsna! is the highest authority that I answered to and serve, and HE is my "only" eternal Lover!  He is my everything! He is my "husband"  and I will not cheat on Him! I worship Lord Guara his beautiful golden skin! I worship Lord Gaura supreme personality of godhead!  I worship Him infinitely! My only goal in life is to worship lord Gaura!  Gaura premandi! Gaura Premanandi! Gaura Premanandi!  O' Lord Gaura teach me how to Love you and serve you! O' mi señor dejame ser un instrumento de tu amor! O' mi señor dejame ser un instrumento de tu amor! O' mi señor dejame ser un instrumento de tu amor!Using my eternal lover's name in  vane is a very severe offence that would cause my fall (incarnate)  and prolong my stay in this perverse painful material world filled with so many miseries. And, not necessary incarnated into the body of a woman. I am a god fearing female aspirant to become a devotee, I had no intention in keeping a cent from the settlement from this severely offensive crime that required for the State of Hawaii to use it's funding  (tax payers money that could of been used to build free home for women with children who do not get child support)  simply because the Federal Bureau of Investigation continues to slander me and defame in order to make me another "femicide" . (Not all nuns are Christian) Vaishnavism that is part of Sanatana Dharma is not cult is a religion founded before Christianity, Judaism, or Islam. O' Shri Krsna you are the supreme personality of god head all the demi gods in creations are your arms and legs attached to your extremely beautiful transcendental form you are life and soul who can possibly deceive you or win you over with lies  what is to become of such unfortunate soul that dares to defy you with cunningness and wit in order to make a point..

Even after I got the stipulated order of protection to protect myself from the "Defendant" and His hidden buddies including his sadistic father. I was bullied even more by members of the United States Justice Department who completely ignored the stipulated order of protection that was given to them. Who sided with the "Defendant" who is a sexual predator and he is an informant for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  The "Defendant" knew that I was  a renunciate a Maharani. I made him aware and educated Him about my sincere religious beliefs. Bullying me and making me a target for violence  is the example that the United States justice department is giving  the entire world to follow . There is no question that the "Defendant"  would have felt entitled to harass me and to intimidate  me if he was "not" supported by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. O' Sri Krsna please allow me to hold on to your lotus feet I am your surrendered disciple there is no reason for me to be incarnated into this human body other than to serve you and learn to love you again. I know O' supreme Lord Sri Krsna Caitanya  that being in this world is nothing to be proud of or to brag about.

Tell me,  that they know that I am  working because you work for the state;  the snake the rogue who refuse to do sexual favors for a protected War World 2 Veteran a wife beater who taught his children to beat up on women and to be deceitful and perverse. Your protected War World 2 Veteran who says very proudly that he hates wetbacks and does not want them in this country . Defame me with your racist lies and cruelty get me killed! Turn on that red light ("I am Scientist") in-front of your FBI friendly neighbors the thugs that  think that "femicide is normal"  and think  that is perfectly okay to bully women of color who are religious. Because being part of a military that abuses women and teaches it's soldiers that raping women, cold blooded killing and stealing is honorable. As if being a veteran or a officer or soldier in  the military is something to be proud of.

Furthermore, Your intimidation will not discourage me from reporting discriminatory  dangerous behavior of the greedy ignorant perverse lawmakers including Arcaryas or other clergy that allow women to be abused and support  the abuse of women. These Arcaryas and Clergy with complete awareness of the Absolute truth of why we are here in this world continue to religiously curse women with paralyzing fear and shame in order to protect their self interest and pleasure and to compete with them and to get them out of the way.

To continue to teach men that is perfectly normal to use and hurt women is a criminal act;  to continue to teach men that is normal to force feed themselves with women's sexual energy and emotions and with their tax money and donations that is used to abuse women even more is a criminal act; to continue to manufacture programing that teaches young children,  and young men the many ways to torture and kill women is a criminal act.  There is no man alive that is able to walk or breath on this earth or to hold a position of power anywhere in this world be it in corporations such as Microsoft or Johnson &Johnson  or the  military if these men were not exploiting and forcing women to submit to them in order to be maintained by them.

 It really does not matter if this is "Kali Yuga" or that "this is just the way things are" or that "We don't see anything changing anytime soon" or" that women are inferior to men"  or that Man is the enjoyer and a woman is the enjoyed"  or  "That's not my problem" or "That's your karma"  or that men and women have sexual urges even when they are 90 years of age  and woman should not be roommates with a man because of this  and if you don't agree with what we are saying,  you are saying ... "You are a crazy witch who has sex with demons!"  "you are snake!" or  " Women saints have sex with ghosts and demons in order to become powerful and this act will cause this women saints to fall" O' Acyuta supreme Lord!" Only men  saints can have sex with ghosts and demons  not women,  and men saints  go to the spiritual world for having sex with demons and ghosts and women saints fall and become chickens or cock roaches!"  and if you don't agree and do what we tell you then you are "You are mentally insane" " You are paranoid Schizophrenic" "You are suicidal" "Homicidal" " "You suffer from Autism Spectrum Disorder" (ASD) " or "You are a domestic terrorist! "  and "You are lying drug addict" you are only good for sacred prostitution for rich old men or for the highest bidder or the military, or for drug experimentation such as Fentynal or  Aderol and if you don't do what we tell you then we will call our  buddies at the IRS and report that you don't pay taxes.  O' supreme enjoyer Krsna! please forgive me for committing so many offences that brought me to this abdominal material world consumed with ignorance of  holy men, clergy, military, and scientists, who intentionally curse  religious observant women . If you read the entire Bhagavad Gita you will not find anywhere in this holy book Sri Krsna cursing women in order to control and be maintained by them. If you read the entire Srimad Bhagatam you will not read about any pastime in which the  Lord  is verbally abusing one of his "devotees" calling them  a "crazy witch"  or "sacred prostitute" because they are single and chose not to get married or have children. O ' Shri Krsna  I am the most fallen servant of the servant of that servant's servant approaching you and voicing my concerns is an act to be done with extreme caution;  to call out your name in vane is a severe offence please forgive me for bothering you with my concerns but there is no one else I can turn to.

 In all of our holy books you will only learn about how Sri Krsna took care and protected not only "cows" but women and did not slander them or decapitated spiritually. Clearly the deterioration of this world is not only due to the cold blooded killing of animals in slaughter houses but the ruthless premeditated intentional cruel and sadistic abuse by the men and women ( Women who are trained by men)  who define themselves as " Brahmanas" "Clergy"  and teach the Kshhatriya / Military/ government administrators class to inflict psychological, emotional  even physical trauma into women in order to decapitate them spiritually if they seem too strong.  And, of course, the Vaishyas and Sudras think is perfectly okay to continue to abuse and exploit women. There is no question that irreligiosity has prevailed and that all of this diseases, calamities and wars that torment us are taking place because of the psychological, emotional and  spiritual cold blooded slaughter that is constantly being inflicted into the souls that are incarnated in female bodies by men and the women who assimilate their behavior. Attempting to destroy the love of god from women brings about very grave catastrophes. Attempting to curse the Lords female devotees  into submission is a grave offence at the lotus of feet of the Lord. O' Lord Caitanya supreme personality of godhead cause of causes and all that is only your causeless mercy will put an end to all this suffering.

 In the year 2023 men are still buying women and shipping them from other countries into the United States Of America to make them their sex slaves right under the surveillance of the military this way of life is not "normal". Please let me remind you that this act is a very severe offence at the lotus feet of the Lord.  When you read the Bhagavad Gita and Srimad Bhagavatan you will not find any chapter giving instruction that we are here to exploit women and to abuse them or to allow them to be abused. O' Supreme person!  O' Krsna please allow me to hold on to your lotus feet surely your holy people have deviated from your perfect instruction to protect the self interest and complete ignore the "Absolute Truth!" with complete confidence. Surely, I was so naïve and trusting that the Military and Federal Bureau Investigation were composed of honorable people that were severely under staffed and lacked the technology to help them stop all this criminal behavior but now I know for a fact that I have Zero interest in protecting and serving t the people that pays their salaries and benefits with their tax money. And, rather support and allow criminal behavior to take place and the safety and care of women is the least of their concerns.  Allowing. supporting and manufacturing prostitution is not "normal" and is a grave offence at the Lotus feet of the Lord. Ya! Ya! Sri Caitanya Prabhu Nithiananda! Sri Adevaita Gadadhara srivasadi gaura bhakta Vrinda  Only your causeless mercy will maintain your loving devotees in the divine path of righteousness even if we are suffocating in this ocean of causality we are bearly breathing  and  are completely out numbered by the darkest of ignorance. "Please pick me up from this ocean of death and place me as one of your atoms at your lotus feet.

 This law enforcement men and the women from the Federal Bureau of Investigation "women" trained by men to assimilate their cruel ruthless behavior  continue to do their bullying through the bank tellers of the banks where you have your bank accounts or through the employers "management" that hire you and they continue to inflict psychological trauma because I continue to post stupid insignificant graphics and stupid religious content in a blog that only my drunk degenerate mother reads and because I am a thieve who owes money for a college degree that is not recognize by the department of education in the state of Hawaii a college degree that was issued by the department of education itself? I had every intention to pay my college loan but the department of education of Hawaii did not recognize my degree when I attempted to get a job with this agency that I absolutely qualified for. ( for those of you who do not know this the Department of Education Of Hawaii is part of the Department of Education of the United States of America.)  I am a high school graduate Now. I will take my college degree off my resume because is worthless. I am a victim of a scam conducted by the department of education of the United States Of America  and I wasted several years in college that I could of spent just working in a regular job.

 I will continue to report horrible criminal behavior by the FBI even I am not able to be hire by another company because this agency contacts the employers where you apply to  and continue to spread their  damaging lies, and they share information gather through phone calls. texts and emails and private therapy sessions with the thugs that work with them in order to instigate bullying and make you react violently so they can sustain their fictional psychological profile their narrative that they make up just for fun. I will continue to report criminal behavior by the FBI even if I am not welcome at the temples and ashrams run by people who work with this agency. Let me be clear I am absolutely not an activist. I have no interest in participating in any form of social gathering for whatever reason other to do Harinam Sakirtan or to distribute Prasadan.

Although there is so much to be sad about Hawaii I will love you forever in spite of our differences and I am holding on to Krsna's lotus feet and he is my witness, my prosecutor, my judge,  my attorney my everything! Oh! beloved lord Krsna all I ask is to be in the loving service of your lotus feet birth after birth.  My faith and love for god grows stronger and stronger!  I forgive all of you for doing your best to hurt me. I forgive you for doing your very best to put into practice your psychological warfare and to attempt to drive me insane. I forgive you for doing your best to disqualify me and to make people afraid of me  and hate me so I can get beat up because "I am vindictive".  

I am sure it bothers you that I am not limping in pain anymore and that I am able to walk and that I am not in a wheel chair or walking with a cane. I am sure that it annoys you that I am not drunk or drugged with opioids and legal drugs prescribed by your drug pushing psychiatrists who are ready to diagnose anyone who is an observant  religious man or woman with a mental illness! I am sure it make you sick that I am a loser the very stupid failure of this earth. "the illiterate imbecile "  I will continue to learn to love god and to serve Him. please don't forget premeditating murder is a crime, instigating assault is a crime. Attempting to kill someone is a crime even if they are an insignificant wet back.

Oh, my dear John, at least I did my best Hawaii! I am asking for Lord Sri Krsna Caitanya's causeless mercy that when I am assaulted that I may be killed so I can go back home to godhead it is not my wish  for my life to become a burden to others nor a financial concern.

Oh! Krsna! out of your causeless mercy you allowed my soul to be incarnated in this human body in order to remember to love you and to serve you there is nothing else for me to do here in this abominable life condition  plagued by ignorance other than to glorify your holy name hare krsna hare krsna krsna krsna krsna hare hare hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare, hare krsna hare krsna krsna krsna kr hare hare hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare.hare krsna hare krsna krsna krsna kr hare hare hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare.hare krsna hare krsna krsna krsna kr hare hare hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare.hare krsna hare krsna krsna krsna kr hare hare hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare.hare krsna hare krsna krsna krsna kr hare hare hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare.hare krsna hare krsna krsna krsna kr hare hare hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare.hare krsna hare krsna krsna krsna kr hare hare hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare.hare krsna hare krsna krsna krsna kr hare hare hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare.hare krsna hare krsna krsna krsna kr hare hare hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare.hare krsna hare krsna krsna krsna kr hare hare hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare.hare krsna hare krsna krsna krsna kr hare hare hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare.hare krsna hare krsna krsna krsna kr hare hare hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare.hare krsna hare krsna krsna krsna kr hare hare hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare.


at the lotus feet of Srimati Rhadarani. at the lotus feet of Nithiananda Prabhu, at the lotus feet of the six goswanis All glories to Sri Rupa Gosvami, Sanatana Gosvami, Raghunatha Bhatta Gosvami, Sri Jiva Gosvami, Gopala Bhatta Gosvami, and Raghunatha dasa Gosvami. I am the servant of that person who is a servant of these six Goswanis the dust of their lotus feet are my five kinds of food stuff! Gaura-premanande (Hari-haribol!) All glories to the Assembled Devotees (Hare Krsna) All glories to the Assembled Devotees (Hare Krsna) All glories to the Assembled Devotees (Hare Krsna) All glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga All glories to to Srila Prabhupada!


Wednesday, October 12, 2022

It's Your Birthday, Oh! my Dear! How lucky I am that you are my best friend and my spiritual teacher! thank you for loving me just the way I am and knowing me completely, and I will love you for ever and ever! please forgive me father for being rude! I am doing my best to change that about me! xoxo

                                                                 om ajnana-timirandhasya


                                                                   caksur unmilitam yena

                                                                  tasmai sri-gurave namah

Happy Birthday gurudeva words cannot describe how much you mean to all of us, thank you for keeping all your promises and supporting women in Vedanta Vaishnavism all over the world!

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Śrīmad Bhāgavatam |Canto 4 Chapter 12 Dhruva Mahārāja Goes Back to Godhead

 VERSE 4.12.1

maitreya uvāca

dhruvaṁ nivṛttaṁ pratibuddhya vaiśasād
apeta-manyuṁ bhagavān dhaneśvaraḥ
tatrāgataś cāraṇa-yakṣa-kinnaraiḥ
saṁstūyamāno nyavadat kṛtāñjalim


maitreyaḥ uvāca — Maitreya said; dhruvam — Dhruva Mahārāja; nivṛttam — ceased; pratibuddhya — having learned; vaiśasāt — from killing; apeta — subsided; manyum — anger; bhagavān — Kuvera; dhana-īśvaraḥ — master of the treasury; tatra — there; āgataḥ — appeared; cāraṇa — by the Cāraṇas; yakṣa — Yakṣas; kinnaraiḥ — and by the Kinnaras; saṁstūyamānaḥ — being worshiped; nyavadat — spoke; kṛta-añjalim — to Dhruva with folded hands.


The great sage Maitreya said: My dear Vidura, Dhruva Mahārāja’s anger subsided, and he completely ceased killing Yakṣas. When Kuvera, the most blessed master of the treasury, learned this news, he appeared before Dhruva. While being worshiped by Yakṣas, Kinnaras and Cāraṇas, he spoke to Dhruva Mahārāja, who stood before him with folded hands.

VERSE 4.12.2

dhanada uvāca

bhoḥ bhoḥ kṣatriya-dāyāda
parituṣṭo ’smi te ’nagha
yat tvaṁ pitāmahādeśād
vairaṁ dustyajam atyajaḥ


dhana-daḥ uvāca — the master of the treasury (Kuvera) said; bhoḥ bhoḥ — O; kṣatriya-dāyāda — O son of a kṣatriya; parituṣṭaḥ — very glad; asmi — I am; te — with you; anagha — O sinless one; yat — because; tvam — you; pitāmaha — of your grandfather; ādeśāt — under the instruction; vairam — enmity; dustyajam — difficult to avoid; atyajaḥ — have given up.


The master of the treasury, Kuvera, said: O sinless son of a kṣatriya, I am very glad to know that under the instruction of your grandfather you have given up your enmity, although it is very difficult to avoid. I am very pleased with you.

VERSE 4.12.3

na bhavān avadhīd yakṣān
na yakṣā bhrātaraṁ tava
kāla eva hi bhūtānāṁ
prabhur apyaya-bhāvayoḥ


na — not; bhavān — you; avadhīt — killed; yakṣān — the Yakṣas; na — not; yakṣāḥ — the Yakṣas; bhrātaram — brother; tava — your; kālaḥ — time; eva — certainly; hi — for; bhūtānām — of living entities; prabhuḥ — the Supreme Lord; apyaya-bhāvayoḥ — of annihilation and generation.


Actually, you have not killed the Yakṣas, nor have they killed your brother, for the ultimate cause of generation and annihilation is the eternal time feature of the Supreme Lord.

VERSE 4.12.4

ahaṁ tvam ity apārthā dhīr
ajñānāt puruṣasya hi
svāpnīvābhāty atad-dhyānād
yayā bandha-viparyayau


aham — I; tvam — you; iti — thus; apārthā — misconceived; dhīḥ — intelligence; ajñānāt — from ignorance; puruṣasya — of a person; hi — certainly; svāpni — a dream; iva — like; ābhāti — appears; a-tat-dhyānāt — from the bodily concept of life; yayā — by which; bandha — bondage; viparyayau — and misery.


Misidentification of oneself and others as “I” and “you” on the basis of the bodily concept of life is a product of ignorance. This bodily concept is the cause of repeated birth and death, and it makes us go on continuously in material existence.

VERSE 4.12.5

tad gaccha dhruva bhadraṁ te
bhagavantam adhokṣajam


tat — therefore; gaccha — come; dhruva — Dhruva; bhadram — good fortune; te — unto you; bhagavantam — unto the Supreme Personality of Godhead; adhokṣajam — who is beyond the concepts of material senses; sarva-bhūta — all living entities; ātma-bhāvena — by thinking of them as one; sarva-bhūta — in all living entities; ātma — the Supersoul; vigraham — having form.


My dear Dhruva, come forward. May the Lord always grace you with good fortune. The Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is beyond our sensory perception, is the Supersoul of all living entities, and thus all entities are one, without distinction. Therefore begin rendering service unto the transcendental form of the Lord, who is the ultimate shelter of all living entities.

VERSE 4.12.6

bhajasva bhajanīyāṅghrim
abhavāya bhava-cchidam
yuktaṁ virahitaṁ śaktyā


bhajasva — engage in devotional service; bhajanīya — worthy to be worshiped; aṅghrim — unto Him whose lotus feet; abhavāya — for deliverance from material existence; bhava-chidam — who cuts the knot of material entanglement; yuktam — attached; virahitam — aloof; śaktyā — to His potency; guṇa-mayyā — consisting of the modes of material nature; ātma-māyayā — by His inconceivable potency.


Engage yourself fully, therefore, in the devotional service of the Lord, for only He can deliver us from this entanglement of materialistic existence. Although the Lord is attached to His material potency, He is aloof from her activities. Everything in this material world is happening by the inconceivable potency of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

VERSE 4.12.7

vṛṇīhi kāmaṁ nṛpa yan mano-gataṁ
mattas tvam auttānapade ’viśaṅkitaḥ
varaṁ varārho ’mbuja-nābha-pādayor
anantaraṁ tvāṁ vayam aṅga śuśruma


vṛṇīhi — please ask; kāmam — desire; nṛpa — O King; yat — whatever; manaḥ-gatam — within your mind; mattaḥ — from me; tvam — you; auttānapade — O son of Mahārāja Uttānapāda; aviśaṅkitaḥ — without hesitation; varam — benediction; vara-arhaḥ — worthy to take benedictions; ambuja — lotus flower; nābha — whose navel; pādayoḥ — at His lotus feet; anantaram — constantly; tvām — about you; vayam — we; aṅga — dear Dhruva; śuśruma — have heard.


My dear Dhruva Mahārāja, son of Mahārāja Uttānapāda, we have heard that you are constantly engaged in transcendental loving service to the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is known for His lotus navel. You are therefore worthy to take all benedictions from us. Please, therefore, ask without hesitation whatever benediction you want from me.

VERSE 4.12.8

maitreya uvāca

sa rāja-rājena varāya codito
dhruvo mahā-bhāgavato mahā-matiḥ
harau sa vavre ’calitāṁ smṛtiṁ yayā
taraty ayatnena duratyayaṁ tamaḥ


maitreyaḥ uvāca — the great sage Maitreya said; saḥ — he; rāja-rājena — by the king of kings (Kuvera); varāya — for a benediction; coditaḥ — being asked; dhruvaḥ — Dhruva Mahārāja; mahā-bhāgavataḥ — a first-class pure devotee; mahā-matiḥ — most intelligent or thoughtful; harau — unto the Supreme Personality of Godhead; saḥ — he; vavre — asked; acalitām — unflinching; smṛtim — remembrance; yayā — by which; tarati — crosses over; ayatnena — without difficulty; duratyayam — unsurpassable; tamaḥ — nescience.


The great sage Maitreya continued: My dear Vidura, when thus asked to accept a benediction from Kuvera the Yakṣarāja [King of the Yakṣas], Dhruva Mahārāja, that most elevated pure devotee, who was an intelligent and thoughtful king, begged that he might have unflinching faith in and remembrance of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, for thus a person can cross over the ocean of nescience very easily, although it is very difficult for others to cross.

VERSE 4.12.9

tasya prītena manasā
tāṁ dattvaiḍaviḍas tataḥ
paśyato ’ntardadhe so ’pi
sva-puraṁ pratyapadyata


tasya — with Dhruva; prītena — being very pleased; manasā — with such a mentality; tām — that remembrance; dattvā — having given; aiḍaviḍaḥ — Kuvera, son of Iḍaviḍā; tataḥ — thereafter; paśyataḥ — while Dhruva was looking on; antardadhe — disappeared; saḥ — he (Dhruva); api — also; sva-puram — to his city; pratyapadyata — returned.


The son of Iḍaviḍā, Lord Kuvera, was very pleased, and happily he gave Dhruva Mahārāja the benediction he wanted. Thereafter he disappeared from Dhruva’s presence, and Dhruva Mahārāja returned to his capital city.

VERSE 4.12.10

athāyajata yajñeśaṁ
kratubhir bhūri-dakṣiṇaiḥ
karma karma-phala-pradam


atha — thereafter; ayajata — he worshiped; yajña-īśam — the master of sacrifices; kratubhiḥ — by sacrificial ceremonies; bhūri — great; dakṣiṇaiḥ — by charities; dravya-kriyā-devatānām — of (sacrifices including various) paraphernalia, activities and demigods; karma — the objective; karma-phala — the result of activities; pradam — who awards.


As long as he remained at home, Dhruva Mahārāja performed many great ceremonial sacrifices in order to please the enjoyer of all sacrifices, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Prescribed ceremonial sacrifices are especially meant to please Lord Viṣṇu, who is the objective of all such sacrifices and who awards the resultant benedictions.

VERSE 4.12.11

sarvātmany acyute ’sarve
tīvraughāṁ bhaktim udvahan
dadarśātmani bhūteṣu
tam evāvasthitaṁ vibhum


sarva-ātmani — unto the Supersoul; acyute — infallible; asarve — without any limit; tīvra-oghām — with unrelenting force; bhaktim — devotional service; udvahan — rendering; dadarśa — he saw; ātmani — in the Supreme Spirit; bhūteṣu — in all living entities; tam — Him; eva — only; avasthitam — situated; vibhum — all-powerful.


Dhruva Mahārāja rendered devotional service unto the Supreme, the reservoir of everything, with unrelenting force. While carrying out his devotional service to the Lord, he could see that everything is situated in Him only and that He is situated in all living entities. The Lord is called Acyuta because He never fails in His prime duty, to give protection to His devotees.

VERSE 4.12.12

tam evaṁ śīla-sampannaṁ
brahmaṇyaṁ dīna-vatsalam
goptāraṁ dharma-setūnāṁ
menire pitaraṁ prajāḥ


tam — him; evam — thus; śīla — with godly qualities; sampannam — endowed; brahmaṇyam — respectful to the brāhmaṇas; dīna — to the poor; vatsalam — kind; goptāram — protector; dharma-setūnām — of religious principles; menire — thought; pitaram — father; prajāḥ — the citizens.


Dhruva Mahārāja was endowed with all godly qualities; he was very respectful to the devotees of the Supreme Lord and very kind to the poor and innocent, and he protected religious principles. With all these qualifications, he was considered to be the direct father of all the citizens.

VERSE 4.12.13

śaśāsa kṣiti-maṇḍalam
bhogaiḥ puṇya-kṣayaṁ kurvann
abhogair aśubha-kṣayam


ṣaṭ-triṁśat — thirty-six; varṣa — years; sāhasram — thousand; śaśāsa — ruled; kṣiti-maṇḍalam — the earth planet; bhogaiḥ — by enjoyment; puṇya — of reactions of pious activities; kṣayam — diminution; kurvan — doing; abhogaiḥ — by austerities; aśubha — of inauspicious reactions; kṣayam — diminution.


Dhruva Mahārāja ruled over this planet for thirty-six thousand years; he diminished the reactions of pious activities by enjoyment, and by practicing austerities he diminished inauspicious reactions.

VERSE 4.12.14

evaṁ bahu-savaṁ kālaṁ
tri-vargaupayikaṁ nītvā
putrāyādān nṛpāsanam


evam — thus; bahu — many; savam — years; kālam — time; mahā-ātmā — great soul; avicala-indriyaḥ — without being disturbed by sense agitation; tri-varga — three kinds of worldly activities; aupayikam — favorable for executing; nītvā — having passed; putrāya — to his son; adāt — he handed over; nṛpa-āsanam — the royal throne.


The self-controlled great soul Dhruva Mahārāja thus passed many, many years favorably executing three kinds of worldly activities, namely religiosity, economic development and satisfaction of all material desires. Thereafter he handed over the charge of the royal throne to his son.

VERSE 4.12.15

manyamāna idaṁ viśvaṁ
māyā-racitam ātmani


manyamānaḥ — realizing; idam — this; viśvam — universe; māyā — by the external energy; racitam — manufactured; ātmani — unto the living entity; avidyā — by illusion; racita — manufactured; svapna — a dream; gandharva-nagara — phantasmagoria; upamam — like.


Śrīla Dhruva Mahārāja realized that this cosmic manifestation bewilders living entities like a dream or phantasmagoria because it is a creation of the illusory, external energy of the Supreme Lord.

VERSE 4.12.16

ātma-stry-apatya-suhṛdo balam ṛddha-kośam
antaḥ-puraṁ parivihāra-bhuvaś ca ramyāḥ
bhū-maṇḍalaṁ jaladhi-mekhalam ākalayya
kālopasṛṣṭam iti sa prayayau viśālām


ātma — body; strī — wives; apatya — children; suhṛdaḥ — friends; balam — influence, army; ṛddha-kośam — rich treasury; antaḥ-puram — female residential quarters; parivihāra-bhuvaḥ — pleasure-grounds; ca — and; ramyāḥ — beautiful; bhū-maṇḍalam — the complete earth; jala-dhi — by oceans; mekhalam — bound; ākalayya — considering; kāla — by time; upasṛṣṭam — created; iti — thus; saḥ — he; prayayau — went; viśālām — to Badarikāśrama.


Thus Dhruva Mahārāja, at the end, left his kingdom, which extended all over the earth and was bounded by the great oceans. He considered his body, his wives, his children, his friends, his army, his rich treasury, his very comfortable palaces and his many enjoyable pleasure-grounds to be creations of the illusory energy. Thus in due course of time he retired to the forest in the Himālayas known as Badarikāśrama.

VERSE 4.12.17

tasyāṁ viśuddha-karaṇaḥ śiva-vār vigāhya
baddhvāsanaṁ jita-marun manasāhṛtākṣaḥ
sthūle dadhāra bhagavat-pratirūpa etad
dhyāyaṁs tad avyavahito vyasṛjat samādhau


tasyām — in Badarikāśrama; viśuddha — purified; karaṇaḥ — his senses; śiva — pure; vāḥ — water; vigāhya — bathing in; baddhvā — having fixed; āsanam — sitting position; jita — controlled; marut — breathing process; manasā — by the mind; āhṛta — withdrawn; akṣaḥ — his senses; sthūle — physical; dadhāra — he concentrated; bhagavat-pratirūpe — on the exact form of the Lord; etat — the mind; dhyāyan — meditating upon; tat — that; avyavahitaḥ — without stopping; vyasṛjat — he entered; samādhau — into trance.


In Badarikāśrama Dhruva Mahārāja’s senses became completely purified because he bathed regularly in the crystal-clear, purified water. He fixed his sitting position and by yogic practice controlled the breathing process and the air of life; in this way his senses were completely withdrawn. Then he concentrated his mind on the arcā-vigraha form of the Lord, which is the exact replica of the Lord and, thus meditating upon Him, entered into complete trance.

VERSE 4.12.18

bhaktiṁ harau bhagavati pravahann ajasram
ānanda-bāṣpa-kalayā muhur ardyamānaḥ
viklidyamāna-hṛdayaḥ pulakācitāṅgo
nātmānam asmarad asāv iti mukta-liṅgaḥ


bhaktim — devotional service; harau — unto Hari; bhagavati — the Supreme Personality of Godhead; pravahan — constantly engaging in; ajasram — always; ānanda — blissful; bāṣpa-kalayā — by a stream of tears; muhuḥ — again and again; ardyamānaḥ — being overcome; viklidyamāna — melting; hṛdayaḥ — his heart; pulaka — standing of hairs; ācita — covered; aṅgaḥ — his body; na — not; ātmānam — body; asmarat — he remembered; asau — he; iti — thus; mukta-liṅgaḥ — free from the subtle body.


Because of his transcendental bliss, incessant tears flowed from his eyes, his heart melted, and there was shivering and standing of the hairs all over his body. Thus transformed, in a trance of devotional service, Dhruva Mahārāja completely forgot his bodily existence, and thus he immediately became liberated from material bondage.

VERSE 4.12.19

sa dadarśa vimānāgryaṁ
nabhaso ’vatarad dhruvaḥ
vibhrājayad daśa diśo
rākāpatim ivoditam


saḥ — he; dadarśa — saw; vimāna — an airplane; agryam — very beautiful; nabhasaḥ — from the sky; avatarat — descending; dhruvaḥ — Dhruva Mahārāja; vibhrājayat — illuminating; daśa — ten; diśaḥ — directions; rākā-patim — the full moon; iva — like; uditam — visible.


As soon as the symptoms of his liberation were manifest, he saw a very beautiful airplane coming down from the sky, as if the brilliant full moon were coming down, illuminating all the ten directions.

VERSE 4.12.20

tatrānu deva-pravarau catur-bhujau
śyāmau kiśorāv aruṇāmbujekṣaṇau
sthitāv avaṣṭabhya gadāṁ suvāsasau


tatra — there; anu — then; deva-pravarau — two very beautiful demigods; catuḥ-bhujau — with four arms; śyāmau — blackish; kiśorau — quite young; aruṇa — reddish; ambuja — lotus flower; īkṣaṇau — with eyes; sthitau — situated; avaṣṭabhya — holding; gadām — clubs; suvāsasau — with nice garments; kirīṭa — helmets; hāra — necklaces; aṅgada — bracelets; cāru — beautiful; kuṇḍalau — with earrings.


Dhruva Mahārāja saw two very beautiful associates of Lord Viṣṇu in the plane. They had four hands and a blackish bodily luster, they were very youthful, and their eyes were just like reddish lotus flowers. They held clubs in their hands, and they were dressed in very attractive garments with helmets and were decorated with necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

VERSE 4.12.21

vijñāya tāv uttamagāya-kiṅkarāv
abhyutthitaḥ sādhvasa-vismṛta-kramaḥ
nanāma nāmāni gṛṇan madhudviṣaḥ
pārṣat-pradhānāv iti saṁhatāñjaliḥ


vijñāya — after understanding; tau — them; uttama-gāya — of Lord Viṣṇu (of excellent renown); kiṅkarau — two servants; abhyutthitaḥ — stood up; sādhvasa — by being puzzled; vismṛta — forgot; kramaḥ — proper behavior; nanāma — offered obeisances; nāmāni — names; gṛṇan — chanting; madhu-dviṣaḥ — of the Lord (the enemy of Madhu); pārṣat — associates; pradhānau — chief; iti — thus; saṁhata — respectfully joined; añjaliḥ — with folded hands.


Dhruva Mahārāja, seeing that these uncommon personalities were direct servants of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, immediately stood up. But, being puzzled, in hastiness he forgot how to receive them in the proper way. Therefore he simply offered obeisances with folded hands and chanted and glorified the holy names of the Lord.

VERSE 4.12.22

taṁ kṛṣṇa-pādābhiniviṣṭa-cetasaṁ
baddhāñjaliṁ praśraya-namra-kandharam
sunanda-nandāv upasṛtya sasmitaṁ
pratyūcatuḥ puṣkaranābha-sammatau


tam — him; kṛṣṇa — of Lord Kṛṣṇa; pāda — of the lotus feet; abhiniviṣṭa — absorbed in thought; cetasam — whose heart; baddha-añjalim — with folded hands; praśraya — very humbly; namra — bowed; kandharam — whose neck; sunanda — Sunanda; nandau — and Nanda; upasṛtya — approaching; sa-smitam — smilingly; pratyūcatuḥ — addressed; puṣkara-nābha — of Lord Viṣṇu, who has a lotus navel; sammatau — confidential servants.


Dhruva Mahārāja was always absorbed in thinking of the lotus feet of Lord Kṛṣṇa. His heart was full with Kṛṣṇa. When the two confidential servants of the Supreme Lord, who were named Nanda and Sunanda, approached him, smiling happily, Dhruva stood with folded hands, bowing humbly. They then addressed him as follows.

VERSE 4.12.23

sunanda-nandāv ūcatuḥ

bho bho rājan subhadraṁ te
vācaṁ no ’vahitaḥ śṛṇu
yaḥ pañca-varṣas tapasā
bhavān devam atītṛpat


sunanda-nandau ūcatuḥ — Sunanda and Nanda said; bhoḥ bhoḥ rājan — O dear King; su-bhadram — good fortune; te — unto you; vācam — words; naḥ — our; avahitaḥ — attentively; śṛṇu — hear; yaḥ — who; pañca-varṣaḥ — five years old; tapasā — by austerity; bhavān — you; devam — the Supreme Personality of Godhead; atītṛpat — greatly satisfied.


Nanda and Sunanda, the two confidential associates of Lord Viṣṇu, said: Dear King, let there be all good fortune unto you. Please attentively hear what we shall say. When you were only five years old, you underwent severe austerities, and you thereby greatly satisfied the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

VERSE 4.12.24

āvāṁ devasya śārṅgiṇaḥ
pārṣadāv iha samprāptau
netuṁ tvāṁ bhagavat-padam


tasya — His; akhila — entire; jagat — universe; dhātuḥ — creator; āvām — we; devasya — of the Supreme Personality of Godhead; śārṅgiṇaḥ — who has the bow named Śārṅga; pārṣadau — associates; iha — now; samprāptau — approached; netum — to take; tvām — you; bhagavat-padam — to the position of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.


We are representatives of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the creator of the whole universe, who carries in His hand the bow named Śārṅga. We have been specifically deputed to take you to the spiritual world.

VERSE 4.12.25

sudurjayaṁ viṣṇu-padaṁ jitaṁ tvayā
yat sūrayo ’prāpya vicakṣate param
ātiṣṭha tac candra-divākarādayo
graharkṣa-tārāḥ pariyanti dakṣiṇam


sudurjayam — very difficult to achieve; viṣṇu-padam — planet known as Vaikuṇṭhaloka or Viṣṇuloka; jitam — conquered; tvayā — by you; yat — which; sūrayaḥ — great demigods; aprāpya — without achieving; vicakṣate — simply see; param — supreme; ātiṣṭha — please come; tat — that; candra — the moon; diva-ākara — sun; ādayaḥ — and others; graha — the nine planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto); ṛkṣa-tārāḥ — stars; pariyanti — circumambulate; dakṣiṇam — to the right.


To achieve Viṣṇuloka is very difficult, but by your austerity you have conquered. Even the great ṛṣis and demigods cannot achieve this position. Simply to see the supreme abode [the Viṣṇu planet], the sun and moon and all the other planets, stars, lunar mansions and solar systems are circumambulating it. Now please come; you are welcome to go there.

VERSE 4.12.26

anāsthitaṁ te pitṛbhir
anyair apy aṅga karhicit
ātiṣṭha jagatāṁ vandyaṁ
tad viṣṇoḥ paramaṁ padam


anāsthitam — never achieved; te — your; pitṛbhiḥ — by forefathers; anyaiḥ — by others; api — even; aṅga — O Dhruva; karhicit — at any time; ātiṣṭha — please come and live there; jagatām — by the inhabitants of the universe; vandyam — worshipable; tat — that; viṣṇoḥ — of Lord Viṣṇu; paramam — supreme; padam — situation.


Dear King Dhruva, neither your forefathers nor anyone else before you ever achieved such a transcendental planet. The planet known as Viṣṇuloka, where Lord Viṣṇu personally resides, is the highest of all. It is worshipable by the inhabitants of all other planets within the universe. Please come with us and live there eternally.

VERSE 4.12.27

etad vimāna-pravaram
upasthāpitam āyuṣmann
adhiroḍhuṁ tvam arhasi


etat — this; vimāna — airplane; pravaram — unique; uttamaśloka — the Supreme Personality of Godhead; maulinā — by the head of all living entities; upasthāpitam — sent; āyuṣman — O immortal one; adhiroḍhum — to board; tvam — you; arhasi — are worthy.


O immortal one, this unique airplane has been sent by the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is worshiped by selected prayers and who is the chief of all living entities. You are quite worthy to board such a plane.

VERSE 4.12.28

maitreya uvāca

niśamya vaikuṇṭha-niyojya-mukhyayor
madhu-cyutaṁ vācam urukrama-priyaḥ
kṛtābhiṣekaḥ kṛta-nitya-maṅgalo
munīn praṇamyāśiṣam abhyavādayat


maitreyaḥ uvāca — the great sage Maitreya said; niśamya — after hearing; vaikuṇṭha — of the Lord; niyojya — associates; mukhyayoḥ — of the chief; madhu-cyutam — like pouring honey; vācam — speeches; urukrama-priyaḥ — Dhruva Mahārāja, who was very dear to the Lord; kṛta-abhiṣekaḥ — took his sacred bath; kṛta — performed; nitya-maṅgalaḥ — his daily spiritual duties; munīn — to the sages; praṇamya — having offered obeisances; āśiṣam — blessings; abhyavādayat — accepted.


The great sage Maitreya continued: Mahārāja Dhruva was very dear to the Supreme Personality of Godhead. When he heard the sweet speeches of the Lord’s chief associates in the Vaikuṇṭha planet, he immediately took his sacred bath, dressed himself with suitable ornaments, and performed his daily spiritual duties. Thereafter he offered his respectful obeisances to the great sages present there and accepted their blessings.

VERSE 4.12.29

parītyābhyarcya dhiṣṇyāgryaṁ
pārṣadāv abhivandya ca
iyeṣa tad adhiṣṭhātuṁ
bibhrad rūpaṁ hiraṇmayam


parītya — having circumambulated; abhyarcya — having worshiped; dhiṣṇya-agryam — the transcendental airplane; pārṣadau — unto the two associates; abhivandya — having offered obeisances; ca — also; iyeṣa — he attempted; tat — that plane; adhiṣṭhātum — to board; bibhrat — illuminating; rūpam — his form; hiraṇmayam — golden.


Before getting aboard, Dhruva Mahārāja worshiped the airplane, circumambulated it, and also offered obeisances to the associates of Viṣṇu. In the meantime he became as brilliant and illuminating as molten gold. He was thus completely prepared to board the transcendental plane.

VERSE 4.12.30

tadottānapadaḥ putro
dadarśāntakam āgatam
mṛtyor mūrdhni padaṁ dattvā
ārurohādbhutaṁ gṛham


tadā — then; uttānapadaḥ — of King Uttānapāda; putraḥ — son; dadarśa — could see; antakam — death personified; āgatam — approached him; mṛtyoḥ mūrdhni — on the head of death; padam — feet; dattvā — placing; āruroha — got up; adbhutam — wonderful; gṛham — on the airplane which resembled a big house.


When Dhruva Mahārāja was attempting to get on the transcendental plane, he saw death personified approach him. Not caring for death, however, he took advantage of the opportunity to put his feet on the head of death, and thus he got up on the airplane, which was as big as a house.

VERSE 4.12.31

tadā dundubhayo nedur
gandharva-mukhyāḥ prajaguḥ
petuḥ kusuma-vṛṣṭayaḥ


tadā — at that time; dundubhayaḥ — kettledrums; neduḥ — resounded; mṛdaṅga — drums; paṇava — small drums; ādayaḥ — etc; gandharva-mukhyāḥ — the chief residents of Gandharvaloka; prajaguḥ — sang; petuḥ — showered; kusuma — flowers; vṛṣṭayaḥ — like rains.


At that time drums and kettledrums resounded from the sky, the chief Gandharvas began to sing, and other demigods showered flowers like torrents of rain upon Dhruva Mahārāja.

VERSE 4.12.32

sa ca svarlokam ārokṣyan
sunītiṁ jananīṁ dhruvaḥ
anvasmarad agaṁ hitvā
dīnāṁ yāsye tri-viṣṭapam


saḥ — he; ca — also; svaḥ-lokam — to the celestial planet; ārokṣyan — about to ascend; sunītim — Sunīti; jananīm — mother; dhruvaḥ — Dhruva Mahārāja; anvasmarat — immediately remembered; agam — difficult to attain; hitvā — leaving behind; dīnām — poor; yāsye — I shall go; tri-viṣṭapam — to the Vaikuṇṭha planet.


Dhruva was seated in the transcendental airplane, which was just about to start, when he remembered his poor mother, Sunīti. He thought to himself, “How shall I go alone to the Vaikuṇṭha planet and leave behind my poor mother?”

VERSE 4.12.33

iti vyavasitaṁ tasya
vyavasāya surottamau
darśayām āsatur devīṁ
puro yānena gacchatīm


iti — thus; vyavasitam — contemplation; tasya — of Dhruva; vyavasāya — understanding; sura-uttamau — the two chief associates; darśayām āsatuḥ — showed (to him); devīm — exalted Sunīti; puraḥ — before; yānena — by airplane; gacchatīm — going forward.


The great associates of Vaikuṇṭhaloka, Nanda and Sunanda, could understand the mind of Dhruva Mahārāja, and thus they showed him that his mother, Sunīti, was going forward in another plane.

VERSE 4.12.34

tatra tatra praśaṁsadbhiḥ
pathi vaimānikaiḥ suraiḥ
avakīryamāṇo dadṛśe
kusumaiḥ kramaśo grahān


tatra tatra — here and there; praśaṁsadbhiḥ — by persons engaged in the praise of Dhruva Mahārāja; pathi — on the path; vaimānikaiḥ — carried by different types of airplanes; suraiḥ — by the demigods; avakīryamāṇaḥ — being covered; dadṛśe — could see; kusumaiḥ — by flowers; kramaśaḥ — one after another; grahān — all the planets of the solar system.


While Dhruva Mahārāja was passing through space, he gradually saw all the planets of the solar system, and on the path he saw all the demigods in their airplanes showering flowers upon him like rain.

VERSE 4.12.35

tri-lokīṁ deva-yānena
so ’tivrajya munīn api
parastād yad dhruva-gatir
viṣṇoḥ padam athābhyagāt


tri-lokīm — the three planetary systems; deva-yānena — by the transcendental airplane; saḥ — Dhruva; ativrajya — having surpassed; munīn — great sages; api — even; parastāt — beyond; yat — which; dhruva-gatiḥ — Dhruva, who attained permanent life; viṣṇoḥ — of Lord Viṣṇu; padam — abode; atha — then; abhyagāt — achieved.


Dhruva Mahārāja thus surpassed the seven planetary systems of the great sages who are known as saptarṣi. Beyond that region, he achieved the transcendental situation of permanent life in the planet where Lord Viṣṇu lives.

VERSE 4.12.36

yad bhrājamānaṁ sva-rucaiva sarvato
lokās trayo hy anu vibhrājanta ete
yan nāvrajañ jantuṣu ye ’nanugrahā
vrajanti bhadrāṇi caranti ye ’niśam


yat — which planet; bhrājamānam — illuminating; sva-rucā — by self-effulgence; eva — only; sarvataḥ — everywhere; lokāḥ — planetary systems; trayaḥ — three; hi — certainly; anu — thereupon; vibhrājante — give off light; ete — these; yat — which planet; na — not; avrajan — have reached; jantuṣu — to living entities; ye — those who; ananugrahāḥ — not merciful; vrajanti — reach; bhadrāṇi — welfare activities; caranti — engage in; ye — those who; aniśam — constantly.


The self-effulgent Vaikuṇṭha planets, by whose illumination alone all the illuminating planets within this material world give off reflected light, cannot be reached by those who are not merciful to other living entities. Only persons who constantly engage in welfare activities for other living entities can reach the Vaikuṇṭha planets.

VERSE 4.12.37

śāntāḥ sama-dṛśaḥ śuddhāḥ
yānty añjasācyuta-padam


śāntāḥ — peaceful; sama-dṛśaḥ — equipoised; śuddhāḥ — cleansed, purified; sarva — all; bhūta — living entities; anurañjanāḥ — pleasing; yānti — go; añjasā — easily; acyuta — of the Lord; padam — to the abode; acyuta-priya — with devotees of the Lord; bāndhavāḥ — friends.


Persons who are peaceful, equipoised, cleansed and purified, and who know the art of pleasing all other living entities, keep friendship only with devotees of the Lord; they alone can very easily achieve the perfection of going back home, back to Godhead.

VERSE 4.12.38

ity uttānapadaḥ putro
dhruvaḥ kṛṣṇa-parāyaṇaḥ
abhūt trayāṇāṁ lokānāṁ
cūḍā-maṇir ivāmalaḥ


iti — thus; uttānapadaḥ — of Mahārāja Uttānapāda; putraḥ — the son; dhruvaḥ — Dhruva Mahārāja; kṛṣṇa-parāyaṇaḥ — fully Kṛṣṇa conscious; abhūt — became; trayāṇām — of the three; lokānām — worlds; cūḍā-maṇiḥ — the summit jewel; iva — like; amalaḥ — purified.


In this way, the fully Kṛṣṇa conscious Dhruva Mahārāja, the exalted son of Mahārāja Uttānapāda, attained the summit of the three statuses of planetary systems.

VERSE 4.12.39

gambhīra-vego ’nimiṣaṁ
jyotiṣāṁ cakram āhitam
yasmin bhramati kauravya
meḍhyām iva gavāṁ gaṇaḥ


gambhīra-vegaḥ — with great force and speed; animiṣam — unceasingly; jyotiṣām — of luminaries; cakram — sphere; āhitam — connected; yasmin — around which; bhramati — encircles; kauravya — O Vidura; meḍhyām — a central pole; iva — as; gavām — of bulls; gaṇaḥ — a herd.


Saint Maitreya continued: My dear Vidura, descendant of Kuru, as a herd of bulls circumambulates a central pole on their right side, all the luminaries within the universal sky unceasingly circumambulate the abode of Dhruva Mahārāja with great force and speed.

VERSE 4.12.40

mahimānaṁ vilokyāsya
nārado bhagavān ṛṣiḥ
ātodyaṁ vitudañ ślokān
satre ’gāyat pracetasām


mahimānam — glories; vilokya — observing; asya — of Dhruva Mahārāja; nāradaḥ — the great sage Nārada; bhagavān — equally as exalted as the Supreme Personality of Godhead; ṛṣiḥ — the saint; ātodyam — the stringed instrument, vīṇā; vitudan — playing on; ślokān — verses; satre — in the sacrificial arena; agāyat — chanted; pracetasām — of the Pracetās.


After observing the glories of Dhruva Mahārāja, the great sage Nārada, playing his vīṇā, went to the sacrificial arena of the Pracetās and very happily chanted the following three verses.

VERSE 4.12.41

nārada uvāca

nūnaṁ sunīteḥ pati-devatāyās
tapaḥ-prabhāvasya sutasya tāṁ gatim
dṛṣṭvābhyupāyān api veda-vādino
naivādhigantuṁ prabhavanti kiṁ nṛpāḥ


nāradaḥ uvāca — Nārada said; nūnam — certainly; sunīteḥ — of Sunīti; pati-devatāyāḥ — very much attached to her husband; tapaḥ-prabhāvasya — by the influence of austerity; sutasya — of the son; tām — that; gatim — position; dṛṣṭvā — observing; abhyupāyān — the means; api — although; veda-vādinaḥ — strict followers of the Vedic principles, or the so-called Vedāntists; na — never; eva — certainly; adhigantum — to attain; prabhavanti — are eligible; kim — what to speak of; nṛpāḥ — ordinary kings.


The great sage Nārada said: Simply by the influence of his spiritual advancement and powerful austerity, Dhruva Mahārāja, the son of Sunīti, who was devoted to her husband, acquired an exalted position not possible to attain even for the so-called Vedāntists or strict followers of the Vedic principles, not to speak of ordinary human beings.

VERSE 4.12.42

yaḥ pañca-varṣo guru-dāra-vāk-śarair
bhinnena yāto hṛdayena dūyatā
vanaṁ mad-ādeśa-karo ’jitaṁ prabhuṁ
jigāya tad-bhakta-guṇaiḥ parājitam


yaḥ — he who; pañca-varṣaḥ — at the age of five years; guru-dāra — of the wife of his father; vāk-śaraiḥ — by the harsh words; bhinnena — being very much aggrieved; yātaḥ — went; hṛdayena — because his heart; dūyatā — very much pained; vanam — to the forest; mat-ādeśa — according to my instruction; karaḥ — acting; ajitam — unconquerable; prabhum — the Supreme Personality of Godhead; jigāya — he defeated; tat — His; bhakta — of devotees; guṇaiḥ — with the qualities; parājitam — conquered.


The great sage Nārada continued: Just see how Dhruva Mahārāja, aggrieved at the harsh words of his stepmother, went to the forest at the age of only five years and under my direction underwent austerity. Although the Supreme Personality of Godhead is unconquerable, Dhruva Mahārāja defeated Him with the specific qualifications possessed by the Lord’s devotees.

VERSE 4.12.43

yaḥ kṣatra-bandhur bhuvi tasyādhirūḍham
anv ārurukṣed api varṣa-pūgaiḥ
ṣaṭ-pañca-varṣo yad ahobhir alpaiḥ
prasādya vaikuṇṭham avāpa tat-padam


yaḥ — one who; kṣatra-bandhuḥ — the son of a kṣatriya; bhuvi — on the earth; tasya — of Dhruva; adhirūḍham — the exalted position; anu — after; ārurukṣet — can aspire to attain; api — even; varṣa-pūgaiḥ — after many years; ṣaṭ-pañca-varṣaḥ — five or six years old; yat — which; ahobhiḥ alpaiḥ — after a few days; prasādya — after pleasing; vaikuṇṭham — the Lord; avāpa — attained; tat-padam — His abode.


Dhruva Mahārāja attained an exalted position at the age of only five or six years, after undergoing austerity for six months. Alas, a great kṣatriya cannot achieve such a position even after undergoing austerities for many, many years.

VERSE 4.12.44

maitreya uvāca

etat te ’bhihitaṁ sarvaṁ
yat pṛṣṭo ’ham iha tvayā
caritaṁ sammataṁ satām


maitreyaḥ uvāca — the great sage Maitreya said; etat — this; te — unto you; abhihitam — described; sarvam — everything; yat — what; pṛṣṭaḥ aham — I was asked; iha — here; tvayā — by you; dhruvasya — of Dhruva Mahārāja; uddāma — greatly uplifting; yaśasaḥ — whose reputation; caritam — character; sammatam — approved; satām — by great devotees.


The great sage Maitreya continued: My dear Vidura, whatever you have asked from me about the great reputation and character of Dhruva Mahārāja I have explained to you in all detail. Great saintly persons and devotees very much like to hear about Dhruva Mahārāja.

VERSE 4.12.45

dhanyaṁ yaśasyam āyuṣyaṁ
puṇyaṁ svasty-ayanaṁ mahat
svargyaṁ dhrauvyaṁ saumanasyaṁ
praśasyam agha-marṣaṇam


dhanyam — bestowing wealth; yaśasyam — bestowing reputation; āyuṣyam — increasing the duration of life; puṇyam — sacred; svasti-ayanam — creating auspiciousness; mahat — great; svargyam — bestowing achievement of heavenly planets; dhrauvyam — or Dhruvaloka; saumanasyam — pleasing to the mind; praśasyam — glorious; agha-marṣaṇam — counteracting all kinds of sinful activities.


By hearing the narration of Dhruva Mahārāja one can fulfill desires for wealth, reputation and increased duration of life. It is so auspicious that one can even go to a heavenly planet or attain Dhruvaloka, which was achieved by Dhruva Mahārāja, just by hearing about him. The demigods also become pleased because this narration is so glorious, and it is so powerful that it can counteract all the results of one’s sinful actions.

VERSE 4.12.46

śrutvaitac chraddhayābhīkṣṇam
bhaved bhaktir bhagavati
yayā syāt kleśa-saṅkṣayaḥ


śrutvā — by hearing; etat — this; śraddhayā — with faith; abhīkṣṇam — repeatedly; acyuta — to the Supreme Personality of Godhead; priya — dear; ceṣṭitam — activities; bhavet — develops; bhaktiḥ — devotion; bhagavati — unto the Supreme Personality of Godhead; yayā — by which; syāt — must be; kleśa — of miseries; saṅkṣayaḥ — complete diminution.


Anyone who hears the narration of Dhruva Mahārāja, and who repeatedly tries with faith and devotion to understand his pure character, attains the pure devotional platform and executes pure devotional service. By such activities one can diminish the threefold miserable conditions of material life.

VERSE 4.12.47

mahattvam icchatāṁ tīrthaṁ
śrotuḥ śīlādayo guṇāḥ
yatra tejas tad icchūnāṁ
māno yatra manasvinām


mahattvam — greatness; icchatām — for those desiring; tīrtham — the process; śrotuḥ — of the hearer; śīla-ādayaḥ — high character, etc; guṇāḥ — qualities; yatra — in which; tejaḥ — prowess; tat — that; icchūnām — for those who desire; mānaḥ — adoration; yatra — in which; manasvinām — for thoughtful men.


Anyone who hears this narration of Dhruva Mahārāja acquires exalted qualities like him. For anyone who desires greatness, prowess or influence, here is the process by which to acquire them, and for thoughtful men who want adoration, here is the proper means.

VERSE 4.12.48

prayataḥ kīrtayet prātaḥ
samavāye dvi-janmanām
sāyaṁ ca puṇya-ślokasya
dhruvasya caritaṁ mahat


prayataḥ — with great care; kīrtayet — one should chant; prātaḥ — in the morning; samavāye — in the association; dvi-janmanām — of the twice-born; sāyam — in the evening; ca — also; puṇya-ślokasya — of sacred renown; dhruvasya — of Dhruva; caritam — character; mahat — great.


The great sage Maitreya recommended: One should chant of the character and activities of Dhruva Mahārāja both in the morning and in the evening, with great attention and care, in a society of brāhmaṇas or other twice-born persons.

VERSE 4.12.49-50

paurṇamāsyāṁ sinīvālyāṁ
dvādaśyāṁ śravaṇe ’thavā
dina-kṣaye vyatīpāte
saṅkrame ’rkadine ’pi vā

śrāvayec chraddadhānānāṁ
necchaṁs tatrātmanātmānaṁ
santuṣṭa iti sidhyati


paurṇamāsyām — on the full-moon day; sinīvālyām — on the dark-moon day; dvādaśyām — on the day after Ekādaśī; śravaṇe — during the Śravaṇa star’s appearance; athavā — or; dina-kṣaye — at the end of the tithi; vyatīpāte — a particular day of the name; saṅkrame — at the end of the month; arkadine — on Sunday; api — also;  — or; śrāvayet — one should recite; śraddadhānānām — to a receptive audience; tīrtha-pāda — of the Supreme Personality of Godhead; pada-āśrayaḥ — taken shelter of the lotus feet; na icchan — without desiring remuneration; tatra — there; ātmanā — by the self; ātmānam — the mind; santuṣṭaḥ — pacified; iti — thus; sidhyati — becomes perfect.


Persons who have completely taken shelter of the lotus feet of the Lord should recite this narration of Dhruva Mahārāja without taking remuneration. Specifically, recitation is recommended on the full-moon or dark-moon day, on the day after Ekādaśī, on the appearance of the Śravaṇa star, at the end of a particular tithi, or the occasion of Vyatīpāta, at the end of the month, or on Sunday. Such recitation should of course be performed before a favorable audience. When recitation is performed this way, without professional motive, the reciter and audience become perfect.

VERSE 4.12.51

jñānam ajñāta-tattvāya
yo dadyāt sat-pathe ’mṛtam
kṛpālor dīna-nāthasya
devās tasyānugṛhṇate


jñānam — knowledge; ajñāta-tattvāya — to those who are unaware of the truth; yaḥ — one who; dadyāt — imparts; sat-pathe — on the path of truth; amṛtam — immortality; kṛpāloḥ — kind; dīna-nāthasya — protector of the poor; devāḥ — the demigods; tasya — to him; anugṛhṇate — give blessings.


The narration of Dhruva Mahārāja is sublime knowledge for the attainment of immortality. Persons unaware of the Absolute Truth can be led to the path of truth. Those who out of transcendental kindness take on the responsibility of becoming master-protectors of the poor living entities automatically gain the interest and blessings of the demigods.

VERSE 4.12.52

idaṁ mayā te ’bhihitaṁ kurūdvaha
dhruvasya vikhyāta-viśuddha-karmaṇaḥ
hitvārbhakaḥ krīḍanakāni mātur
gṛhaṁ ca viṣṇuṁ śaraṇaṁ yo jagāma


idam — this; mayā — by me; te — unto you; abhihitam — described; kuru-udvaha — O great one among the Kurus; dhruvasya — of Dhruva; vikhyāta — very famous; viśuddha — very pure; karmaṇaḥ — whose activities; hitvā — giving up; arbhakaḥ — child; krīḍanakāni — toys and playthings; mātuḥ — of his mother; gṛham — home; ca — also; viṣṇum — to Lord Viṣṇu; śaraṇam — shelter; yaḥ — one who; jagāma — went.


The transcendental activities of Dhruva Mahārāja are well known all over the world, and they are very pure. In childhood Dhruva Mahārāja rejected all kinds of toys and playthings, left the protection of his mother and seriously took shelter of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Viṣṇu. My dear Vidura, I therefore conclude this narration, for I have described to you all its details.

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