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Sunday, January 9, 2022

10 offences to the holy name

1) Criticizing and finding faults in devotees or saddhus is a serious offense against the holy name. How can the holy name tolerate criticism of devotees who ha dedicated their lives propagating the glories of the holy name? Offending sadhu or saintly person is therefore the first offense. 

2) Those who try to analysse transcendental subjects matteers with material intelligence falsely conclude that Lord Visnu's name, form, qualities and pastimes are different from the Lord Himself. They try to impose material characteristics upon spiritual matters, or they mistakenly equate demigods like lord Siva, Brahma, etc., with the supreme lord, or even think that such demigods are independent of the supreme Lord, Their Chanting is offensive. 
3) to consider the guru who is self realized and perfected in the holy names as an ordinary mortal possessing a material body and thus disobeying him and disregarding him.
 4) To criticize and find fault in the vedic scriptures, as well as corollary transcendental literatures, such as puranas. 
5) To consider the glories of the holy name as imaginary or exaggerated. 
6) To consider the glories of the holy name imaginary or exaggerated. 
7) One who commits' sinful activities on the strength of chanting the holy name can never be exonerated from this offense by any process, including the practice of yoga and meditation.
8) Only a person in illusion will think that mundane ritualistic activities, such as giving to charity, fasting, observing vows, renunciation, austerity, etc., are on the same level as the transcendental activity of chanting the holy name.
9) It is also an offense to instruct a faithless person, averse to hearing the holy name, about the glories of the holy name.
10) If, even after hearing the wonderful qualities of the holy name, one maitains material attachments, it is to be understood that he or she has not developed attraction or interest in chanting.

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