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Sunday, January 9, 2022

O Krsna beautiful Lord!

 the supremacy of devotional service cannot be denied.

The path of devotional service  is the highest perfection of life,and it  is sought  after in all Vedic literatures, Applying his superior intelligence to searching the Vedas thoroughly  several times, Lord Brahma ascertained that the best method of self realization is the awakening of one's loving attachment to Lord Hari, the supreme Lord within everyone's heart.

The Philosophical conclusion thus unequivocally establishes the supremacy of devotional service over fruitive activities, speculative knowledge, or any other process. Pure devotional love for godhead is unattainable without great faith and intense eagerness to relish the Nectarian pastime of the supreme  Lord, and without a deep understanding of the esoteric truths of the scriptures. And even when profound faith is present, it is impossible to discuss the transcendental topics of the supreme lord without the association of saintly persons, because this activity is integral to the hearing and chanting process of devotional service.

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