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Friday, February 18, 2022

dear bhagavan!

 "Bhagavan (Krsna) is the supreme ruler of Maya (His eternal potency which creates bewilderment) which is under his full control. The Jiva on the other hand may under certain circumstances be controlled by maya for he is subject to it's influence. Hence, these three principles. Bhagavan, the jiva, and maya - are real. (paramatrika satya) and eternal. Of these three Bhagavan is the supreme eternal principle, and is the foundation of all eternal principles. The following statemen of sri krsna confirms this.

                                              nitya nytanam cetana cetanannan

he is the supreme eternal amongst all eternals  ( and the fundamental sentient being among all sentient being) 

The Jiva is by nature both an eternal servant of Krsna  and a representation of his marginal potency. This  demonstrates that the Jiva is distinc from bhagavan yet at the same time is not separate from him. He is therefore a manifestation that is both different and non different.(bhedabheda-prakasa) the Jiva is subject to domination by maya whereas bhagavan is the controller of maya. Herein lies an eternal distinction between the Jiva and Bhagavan. 

On the other hand the Jiva is by constitutional nature a transcendental entity cid-vatsu and bhagavan is also by nature cidvasu . moreover the jiva is a special potency of bhagavan. Herein lies the eternal non distinction between these two.

where eternal distinction and non distinction are found at one  and the same time. Eternal distinction takes prominence.

The Nytya-dharma of the jiva is servutorship to krsna

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