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Monday, March 21, 2022

.... anyways it worked!


Make me work!.... by the way, now, you know that I am working,  and you know where I work, and you work for the state. Since,  I have been employed here in Hawaii. I've had the worst experience ever in most of the jobs that I've had and I attribute this experiences with the reality of the karmic retribution that I had to be accountable for, and I was destined to live out this karma through the employers that have  been meat eaters and they do not share the same values that I have been raised with. I have been raised in pure love, forgiveness, compassion, mercy. Not only have my  previous employers been meat eaters but they are also of the Christian faith; unfortunately although, I have since forgotten my past, my past still hunts me, and I was able to successfully Identify myself as a lesbian, at an international level; and it was not until 2019, when I filed a complaint with Hawaii Civil Rights Commission when I became aware that I was being persecuted by the Christian Inquisition ever since I supported the repeal  Prop 8 campaign in Los Angeles California, and I it got worse for me, when I dared to go to the Occupy LA protest in Los Angeles; it was not until 2019 that I realized that the Big Island of Hawaii is completely taken over by heterosexual Christian people. So, much so that by the mere fact that I submitted a complaint to the State, I was immediately street harassed  by people who work for the state. please know that I forgive this people who are persecuting me, and have collaborated in the creation of tremendous stress because I was forced to take legal action; and I did my best to not do that, because I was taught to forgive, and forgive; I am nun a maharani, this is what I told the Intake attorney Randy Campton of Hawaii Civil Rights Commission.

Today, I went to work and Michael Condon was there by himself without internet. I am lucky that Michael Condon is an ex marine, and his job is to protect humanity, the lower animals such a the cow, the natural resources of the earth from any form of danger and aggression  not to get caught up in the illusion of the color of skin, or gender, or whether they are rich or famous. and if these values are practiced  every soldier can have a chance to raise their families, in a safe world. Meat eating or not. Don't forget if you remember Krsna, right at the moment of death, you will go Home. I have already shared this confidential knowledge with you many times over.

The LGBTQ community is like the African American Community, we stick together even if we are dysfunctional and volatile towards one another. So, even if I do get jumped by this Christian bullies, at least you and I know, that it was part of my life karma to be jumped or murdered, and the retribution that they will suffer will be part of their life Karma. Whether they experience this retribution in this life time, is irrelevant, they  have sealed their  fate. I forgive the so call "Christian" people of the age of Kali who have done their best to hurt me and my spiritual father because we are not that kind of Christian, and we are activists.

Michael Condon is also aware of the corruption that exists in this society. And, as an  intelligent person  knows, that if someone who is truly Christian, they are Vegetarians, not a meat eating cannibal who gets pleasure out bullying others. A pure Christian, a god fearing  servant would not take away the land that belongs to someone else, and indoctrinate them into alcohol use, and keep in in Wellfare for life,  nor would they allow anyone to do that to anyone that they protect and serve even if the color of their skin is black or brown, or yellow or other.

So, obviously, there is a big problem here, Isn't there?  and is directly related to the world that we are all living in and the era known as Kali Yuga. Why would a meat eating cannibals catholic priests get away with molesting thousands of children and never be sent to jail?... if you  and I incarnated into this physical plane , that means we made a lot of mistakes. Although, Hawaii is paradise, this is a helish planet and it can get worse if you want to.

at the lotus feet of my Srila Bhaktialoka Paramadvaiti Maharaja at the Lotus Feet of Srimati Rhadarani.

Inbound Yoga - Luz de Bhakti -Srila Bhaktialoka Paramadvaiti Maharaj

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