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Monday, March 14, 2022

Breaking the Fast : Amalaki Ekadashi/ Yoga Inbound

 it;s about 11am, My time. I took a shower early this morning and brushed my teeth. I decorated my extremely beautiful deidades that I purchased through Amazon, not the forest or the jungle but the... and the reason why I purchased them through  Amazon was because that's what Lord Krsna wanted me to do. I decorate them with beautiful flowers every morning, and, I offer them water. They really like it here, they like the view and the people I live with is a beautiful honorable Japanese family, literally gorgeous couple, gorgeous grandmother, gorgeous 3 year old daughter, spiritual healers like Reiki, massage therapists, and therapist, 100% supportive of alternative medicine. But they are "Not" extremely beautiful because they are "Not" vegetarian but they are, very merciful to animals, and, meat is not a stable food  in their diet. Lord Krsna really loves them anyways. 

11:20am I went to the store and purchased some milk. although, I want to get a liter of milk, the store where I go to buy my fruits and orange juice is very small and does not have a big selection like the other 3 big stores that I go to shop and get fruit orange Juice and sometimes, I get flax seeds.. anyways. I went to the store that's 10minutes away from my home; and, I got a gallon of milk. I came home and prepared half milk half water measuring up to 7 cups. 

I drank this detoxifying drink, I felt  light headed, and I released gas three times, it was loud but I was alone, it did not have an odor. I have not yet broken the fast because I have not eaten any grain, and, I really don't have an apatite right now.

12:59 I have followed the recipe listed below, and I really to want to get rid of my stool. (malas) but I have not gone the bathroom.

1:00pm : I am now present and ready to start my 200hr Yoga Inbound teacher certification. Mondays I take the Asanas class, with Jiva who is another fortune baby, born and raise in Viashnavism, she is also one hosts for the Vrinda News segment, she lives in Varsana, Bogota Colombia, with  her extremely beautiful husband, acyntia. They are both extremely beautiful vegetarians. Today the class is being taught by Jiva's extremely beautiful husband, Acyntia. He is a tough teacher. Jiva is equally touch!

4:30pm - I finally broke after the ekadashi fast with a piece of a piece of white flour rising crust pizza after a very Intense Yoga Inbound session, with Jiva's husband acyntia. and, Now, I definitely am sure that Lord Krsna has a lot trust and confidence that I will recuperated from the injury to my left from the  stupid cosmetic operation that my mother thought that I needed so I would not walk funny. However, Lord Krsna will permit me to walk for the rest of my life but I will be walking funny because that is part of Karmic path in this world. gurudeva, instructed to take this course knowing how hard it is. I never thought that I would be learning ashtanga yoga techniques because they are very advance techniques. I really like ashtanga yoga even if intimidates me.

"Holy Shit!"I drank the seven cups of half milk half water minus the rock candy prescribed in the paragraph below to empty my bowels but as of now 5:16pm. I have not defecated! I am not going to panic because I did number 2 early in the AM, I guess that is all my body needs to get rid of rightnow.

Paragraph below: 

Dwadasi Dvadasi (the day after ekadasi):  Parana (Breaking the fast):  One should break the fast after the sunrise of the dvadasi, after the first quarter of the dvadasi tithi has passed, but before the dvadasi tithi has ended. (timings are there on our calendar)  After taking morning bath, one should offer the upavasa to the Lord:  ajnana timirandhasya vratenanena kesava prasida sumukho natha jnana drsti bhava  Oh Kesava, be pleased with this vrata performed by one fallen in the modes of darkness. Oh Lord, bestow your glance of knowledge upon me.  One should observe similar rules as on dasami. For health and common sense, what to speak of spiritual development, it is wise to eat only once going into a fast and coming out of a fast. The meal should also be light.  From an Ayurvedic perspective, especially if one is fasting entirely, or even just taking water, the malas (stools) absorb the toxins in the body when fasting. So on the day the fast is broken it is a good idea to take a gentle laxative consisting of 50-50 warm milk and water, with some rock candy to sweeten it. Generally 4-5 cups are drunk (up to 7) and within half an hour to an hour one will expell the malas. After this at lunch time one takes one’s meal of prasadam.  One should not bathe the deity on the dvadasi day, but bathe the Lord in ghee in the night. But if one does, then it should be performed before sunrise.  Mahadvadasi:  Sometimes, due to the manner in which the ekadasi tithi and the dvadasi tithis are positioned in relation to the sunrise (there are six different cases), the vrata is observed on the dvadasi and the fast is broken the next day, the trayodasi. Such a fast day is called a mahadvadasi, to distinguish it from a regular dvadasi, which is the day to break the ekadasi fast.

Inbound Yoga - Luz de Bhakti -Srila Bhaktialoka Paramadvaiti Maharaj

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