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Friday, March 25, 2022

----- I got up early

 hare krsna

very early in the morning, while you sleep, I got up early in the morning, and I took a shower, and dried my wet stinky corpse with a black towel, and after that I put on clothes then I joined la Madre Kavery at the nectar of Sasdhusanga...this week  Our beloved Bhrs Loka's  ( he is from Peru; I really like this teacher) turn to give a lecture on the Srimad Bhagavatan we are going over Chapter  26, Canto 3 the fundamentals of material nature.

"the mind is full of impressions  (Sankaras)  and this is what transports the soul to it's next body!" during our daily class - Goswani Das from Venezuela made this comment based on our sacred holy books!

around 6am ---  I went to a big store,  when I got out of the car, I noticed that the Exit doors to the store were open.  I proceeded to walk in that direction in order to enter the store through  the Exit. The short cute lady was there! You know the one I am taking about, she is in her 60's, 4feet tall, short black hair semi curly, and wears glasses with a dark rim, she checks the receipts of all the customers purchases before they exit the store. I think she is Philipino. she is very friendly, and always makes comments about the things you purchase... as I was going through entrance, she stopped me dead on tracks, "This is the exit!" "go to the entrance!" she said .  

and, I did, I walked to the entrance, and the door was locked. I waited for about a minute . Another very tall Caucasian was waiting there with me, and although he was handsome, he is not extremely beautiful because he is probably not a vegetarian.  We both waited until one of the workers realized that the door was not open...then we headed inside the store... and I purchased...

Later on that morning I went to work, and Jason was there, there were two fifteen foot trucks parked outside. he was cleaning one them. I tried to Clock In and I realized that the internet was not working. I went outside and started to help Jason,  not too long after Michael Condon got there, he was wearing dark glasses with a red rim. at this point Michael knows that I wont be dragging those heavy trailers nor lifting them on the Hitch ball,  because I am just a silly girl that walks funny.

 I am glad that all the Hawaiian people are direct descendants of super strong dynasty of King Kamehameha, ( this guy was one the rulers that left Hawaiian their lands to grow their own food and raise their families observing their own cultural and religious traditions)  and this people could lift Lava rocks and do all sorts supernatural things before they got indoctrinated into Christianity and all their queens were killed by the foreign invader. Now, all they do is eat spam and canned goods which makes them sick , weak, and depressed, sodas, white sugar, and liquor or beer. ( Well, what's whatz my excuse for being so weak and stuuupid! ; omg, I ate meat for 35years and drank sodas with tons of white sugar, and drank a lot of liquor for 13 years of my life;)   Jason my co-worker, Isack, Seniti are Hawaiian and they  can drag and lift those trailers with their finger nails, and Michael can drag and lift those things with his finger.


Inbound Yoga - Luz de Bhakti -Srila Bhaktialoka Paramadvaiti Maharaj

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