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Friday, March 18, 2022

Like I was saying...

 at around 5am, I broke the Fast with some buckwheat noodles, I also had apples, and papaya. Don't forget we break our fasts with  some kind of grain.

earlier that morning I heard another wonderful lecture by Madhava Krsna, on the Srimad Bhagavatan, and he gave us a test, and we passed. Madhava Krsna is in Mayapur India, and he is accompanied by my dear  Goswani Maharaja, who is incredible at lecturing sacred texts, beyond exceptional; he has send me Tilika Paste from Vrindavan India and some books that I have not read yet.

I went to work and the first person that I saw was Jason, he is Hawaiian, he is an excellent worker like a  perfectionist. He was one of the people that caught the Covid-19 virus when it just begun, and he went into a coma for almost a month I think, lucky that the amazing nursing staff of the local hospital, and the good doctor were able to keep him alive. Jason is a deep water diver, Hawaiians have a natural  ability to  deep dive in the water and go fishing.

the second person that I saw was Seniti, he is a very handsome Hawaiian male, but he is not extremely beautiful because.... he is not a vegetarian. He is the brother, of a very talented and hardworking supervisor who taught me how to operate a forklift. She is another beautiful Hawaiian, but she is not extremely beautiful because she is not a vegetarian. She was named after a fan of mine, who follows me everywhere and reads all my online publishings, you know, Madonna Pop Star. Anyways, Jason, and I spent a while washing a very dirty van that I customer returned, then I went to the office, and Seniti was there, and I had a gut feeling that I should do a search for Hawaiian Lands to see what was the update about the free land that is going to be given to the Native Hawaiians. And, I was very happy to find this article.  Hawaiian Home Lands to receive $22M in federal funds, Sen. Brian Schatz announces   When I read the headline I thought that I was going make an announcement but now that I read the article, I want to puke on someone's face. 

 Clearly,  you can see what I mean, they are giving this corrupt lawmakers here in Hawaii 22million dollars so that they can continue to keep the Native Hawaiian paying rent and paying for mortgages etc.   you can see the racism written on the wall and the prejudice and greed of the lawmakers refusing to give the Hawaiian people at least  2 acres of land so that they can  grow their food, and become extremely beautiful vegetarians in Krsna's consciousness. Instead of putting them in boxes, while this politicians buy their big homes here, and vacation rentals give all the real state to their buddies, and hold hostage hundreds of acres of vacant land for years for themselves, or give more acres to  that silly looking ET Facebook CEO, and the Christian wealthy people from Texas, and California, Minnesota, Maine, you name it .. and this is completely okay, but, come on!

 You incompetent, racist,  prejudice greedy meat eating bad rulers, I made alot of mistakes and this is why I am here in Hawaii, and I have to smell the  Loco Moco decaying in your colon from my window, giving  2 acres of land to the Native Hawaiians is their right by inheritance that was left to them by their kings and queens. As a matter of fact, every resident here in Hawaii can live rent free in Krsna Consciousness as extremely beautiful vegetarians. Make it so. Make it Fast.

All the people who live in the mainland that are United States citizens or not can be given at least 2 acres of land so they can grow their own food in Krsna Consciousness. And, the Military, why are they paying rent? come on!  Every soldier should be given a piece of land for serving their country.

Oh, by the way, when the Hawaiians were protesting the telescope that was going to be build in Mauna Kea, they were  completely blacked  out of the mainstream media by this local politicians and that terrible greedy meat eating Governor whatever his name,  What's his Name? He has managed to continue to oppress the Native Hawaiians successfully through out his time in office.

 So, why do I care about native Hawaiians? because my spiritual father assures me that there is nothing wrong about caring for people and loving them and being merciful,  and, he has done a lot good work for the indigenous people of South America and I am his disciple. Why do I want for things to get better? because I am here to serve Krsna, and he is the one that decides whether I will incarnate again in order to continue to serve him and to serve gurudeva, and my vaishnavan brothers and sisters in this physical plane. knowing this fact of life makes me wants to improve the living conditions for everyone, because I may just be born again into a loving merciful compassionate very intelligent Hawaiian Vaishnavan family, and I want to make sure, that I can grow my own food on my parents land. I hope I don't come back here, pero si toca! toca! at the lotus feet Srila Bhaktialoka Paramadvaiti Maharaja Lotus feet, at the Lotus feet of srimati Rhadarani who his my life and soul.

I am including two more articles... that I think are interesting...

Ancestral Hawaiian Land, Then Never Finished the Job

Lawmakers Propose $600 Million to Fix Housing Program for Native Hawaiians

Let me give you an idea, of the media black out that happens in Hawaii when regarding Hawaiian people, the article that I featured above the two articles that you just read, come from an independent news source that are not typically seen by you and me, most tourist or foreigners that read anything relating to Hawaii do so in Big Island News, West Hawaii newspaper, Hawaii Catholic Herald, Hawaii free press, The Maui News, Hawaii Trubume-Herald, Lewinston Morning Tribune. Honolulu Star advisor.

 Obviously,  you and I, the foreigners or tourists, even most Americans would support 100% the federal United States government given back the land that the Native Hawaiians are asking for but we are kept in the dark about this, in order to keep this local meat eating politicians and their racist rich friend focus on getting rid of the Hawaiian people that are left here in the Hawaiian Islands. This politicians force them to eat cheap process food that their SNAP benefits can afford them, making them physically sick and Obese, from eating canned food. like spam. While the elected lawmakers eat fresh fruits and veggies purchased at the very expensive local health food store mostly imported from the mainland. fruits, and veggies grown on the Hawaiian lands that they purchased at a good price, And, although there is nothing wrong with capitalism because it was created by sri krsna; it is morally unfair to keep your promises to the people that you govern.

 the lobbyist, the senators, the House Representatives in Washington, D.C, the congressman, and congress women, that Hindu woman suffering from memory loss Tulsi Gabbard who has defiled her Hindu heritage and disgraced the instruction given to all Hindus through diciplic succession sadhu, sastras, guru by supporting the  killing of Cows, and meat eating. Tulsi Gabbard, knowing  that you were named after Lord Krsna's most favorite plant Tulasi Maharani has made me stop singing to it during my evening prayers. I am sure you know why? shut down the Slaughter Houses in Hawaii...  please. contact gurudeva he will help you supervise this process,  immediately, you and I have nothing to say to one another. 

  ( I was just recently initiated into vaishnavism and I was too busy dealing with legal matters pertaining the document that was uploaded to the courts by that lady Jennifer G from legal aide  Hawaii, without my consent so I could be constantly harrassed and leave Hawaii, because I am vindictive. I have not been able to find an attorney, I finally found one this year. I am just a Getto Colombian Hindu hooker according Tulsi Gabbard and her bully buddies,  who don't like me, cuz I am not cool like Madonna Pop star. I had no idea how severe the crime of Killing a cow was until 3 days ago, and how this animals are being tortured in the laughter houses, I don't ever look at violent content since stop producing television, and started studying religion. I was also too busy being attacked in a assisted living by people  that Tulsi Gabbard knows; to even think about religious observance regarding food, aside just from chanting the maha- mantra continuously.

 4 weeks  ago I started to do  research as to why Vaishnavism practices strict vegetarianism and I immediately begged for  Lord Krsna's mercy and his forgiveness and he has forgiven me, I will spend the rest of my life Telling You What to do! and you cannot give me fraudulent warnings and try to make me sign them, or accuse me of doing drugs because I identified myself as an alcoholic in the rooms of AA and your Christian Inquisition uses my private information to hurt me,  Shutdown the slaughter houses in Hawaii right now! Vicious cruel meat eating rulers I am reminding you that the killing of a Cow, is an abdominal offence with extreme karmic retribution not only for yourself but the people that you were hired to protect and to care for.  I will tell you What To Do.  until the day that you hear that my soul has left this limping corpse! and, I will tell you What To Do  Afterwards...

Yes! I was adopted by a Hindu white German guy, who is ostracized and shamed for supporting women and recognizing women as maharanis by Hindu Brahmanas in India.  He is discriminated for being Caucasian and not of Hindu . birth; Srila Bhaktialoka Paramadvaiti Maharaja is currently being persecuted by the Christian Inquisition in the United States government and in South America Government ( I am sure Tulsi Gabbard and her bully friends know the people who want to hurt gurudeva and get him out of the way - Tulsi Gabbard tell this Christian Actors that they can contact our attorneys right now, and this clear up) this Chritian Inquisition  has launched slanderous, damaging false online campaign with the help of Christian actors that infiltrated our religious society and are now making him appear to be a sexual predator, they are using online images of him posing with women, while holding them or given them hugs to serve as evidence. They also hire a Peruvian TV network to launch a campaign against him.

Gurudeva would have not been able to enter South America, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia if he had committed the heinous acts of violence against women that he has been accused of, All the men in our religious society Vrinda Parivar  would have put him in Jail, and the women would have thrown away the key. Not to even  speak of the severe Karmic retribution that he would suffer if he had in fact committed this grave offences. And let this be an example to you of what happens when you are a guru who is an activist and you take pictures with women and allow women to give you massages instead of men. Fortunately,  he was wise enough to have his assistants with him while he was given massages. one Christian woman who infiltrated our religious society also claims that the people who accompany Gurudeva have assaulted her in order get it rid of them as witnesses on behalf of gurudeva; this Christian inquisition will stop at nothing to git rid of activists who are threatening to them. Gurudeva supports all the social leaders in South America  and in Central America one of his main emphasis is stopping animal torture and killing, protecting our sacred mother earth, preserving the lands that belong to indigenous cultures, the Christian Inquisition works very closely with all the corporations that are currently exploiting all the natural resources and getting rid of the Amazon rain forest in order raise cattle for meat consumption.  Since he begun preaching in South America he has  always been accompanied by a group of disciples that never leave his site, Gurudeva is never alone. As a matter of fact if men had given him massages, this Christian actors would have probably said that he is a homosexual and pedophile  order to ruin his credibility and make people afraid of him and possibly get him killed; because you and I would agree that a sexual predator is not someone that we like to have as a member of our community around our children.

 I take shelter at the lotus feet of my spiritual father, Srila Bhaktialoka Paramadvaiti Maharaja who is extremely merciful with the fallen souls such as me who is so disgusting and smells like mortesina, I stink so bad! I am a foul smelling woman! It's hot outside I am feeling cold! I smell like corpesist! no wonder I walk alone! and now as walk through valley of the shadow of death I shall fear No evil! thank you father for forgiving me. I am an eternal servant of Vrindavaan ) 

Tulsi Gabbard and the local Hawaii State  politicians, including Barack Obama, and that other meat eating woman speaker of the House Nancy Palosi who owns real-estate here on the Hawaiian lands that belong to the native Hawaiians  have sentenced not only white Americans but the so call inferior races  such as Native Hawaiians and Latino to Wellfare  and severe karmic retribution, by allowing Lord Krsna Most Loved animal the "Cow" to be tortured and murdered. 

the meat eating  45th President Of the United States of America Donald Trump would have given the Native Hawaiians their lands back by now and he would have made financial restitution for all the emotional suffering the Hawaiian people have endured at the mercy of this so call meat eating democratic lawmakers that still keep the minimum wage at $10.10 an hour, and make the so call people of inferior race clean five condominiums a day, in 8hrs and pay hardworking CNA's  $12.75 an hour.  The African American people are still waiting to be compensated for decades of slavery that  they had to endure at the mercy of the Caucasian Christian slave owners. They are still struggling with this awful trauma with drug addiction and alcoholism.  So, don't feel sad Hawaii, you are not the only ones waiting.

 As I was saying ...about Hawaiian Lands, and Hawaiian people, even the trophy meat eating greedy, trickster, Christian African American President that was elected to the White House in order to cover up all the mistakes that the other United States  president made, oh! You bad man you, Barack Obama who failed to keep his promises to the American people and instead made himself very rich and kept the African American community on Wellfare and on SNAP benefits, instead of giving them free land and free homes so they could grow their own food. He lives here and does nothing for the Hawaiian people either; but Barack Obama does make sure that he and his family does not eat genetically modified food. neither does his  real estate lawyers, all this people have  build their vacation rentals, their large homes and farms that they come and visit during the winter from the mainland  on Hawaiian ancestral Land. You and I know what genetically modify food does to the human body, you and I know that our body prefers to eat food that is not poisoned with genetically modify hormones.

 Most local Hawaiians suffer from Gaut, diabetes, and cancers.  I am sure, you can agree that we all like to eat food that makes us healthy and we like to feed our families with food that makes them  healthy, ( meat will always make you sick) but when you are psychologically abused  like the Hawaiian people are by their rich Christian invaders and the politicians that they elect into office supported by their meat eating real estate attorneys to keep the Hawaiian people hooked on the wellfare system, the result is genocide.

I can't believe I am still sober....

at the lotus feet of Srila Bhaktialoka  Paramadvaiti Maharaja, at the lotus feet of srimati rhadarani, All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

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