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Sunday, March 13, 2022

Maharani Prema Latika reminded today was Ekadasi!

On this beautiful Ekadasi Sunday, I will do my best to do the fast that is considered the "Most" sacred,  fasting without water. 

I got lucky! and  I joined my extremely beautiful brothers and sisters from Vrinda Parivar  to listen to our beloved Gurudeva Srila Bhaktialoka Parmadvaiti Maharaja's weekly  Darshan. Fortunately for me Our adored extremely beautiful Maharani Prema Latika from Ecuador made the announcement that today, is Ekadasi. In Ecuador it was 7:20am and where I live it was 2:20am! I am so glad she reminded me that today was  Malaki Ekadasi  because otherwise, I would have eaten bread and that would displease Lord Krsna! grains are definitely one of the things that we avoid during the observance of Ekadasi.

So far,  most of the Ekadasis that I have observed, I have done so drinking orange juice.  When I first started observing the holy ekadasi,  I must confess I got moody, so I decided to eat some papaya or apples, with water. At this point  I feel that  I have build the confidence and strength to do this fast without any kind of liquid even water. I will tell you how it goes...later on today.

Before initiating this fast I had a delicious vegetarian Pizza  olives, apples, fresh tomatoes and lots of cheese with orange Juice,  before sunrise.  Although, I wanted to eat that delicious white flour crust I did not eat it because the crust has too much gluten and I wanted to make sure I am able to empty my bowels easily. knowing how my body responds to the food and liquid that I eat and drink makes it easy for me to make better choices for my sacrifices, either the cheese or the bread has to go. I chose to sacrifice the bread just for today,  in order to make sure that I don't become constipated. 

Unfortunately, the gluten free flour makes me a little bit constipated too. Obviously,  buckwheat flour crust would be my first choice but I cheated and bought a premade crust, and although our strict regulations in food preparation, "Prasadan" advises us "not" to eat food prepared by someone else, in the BhagavaGita Lord Krsna says,  (and I am paraphrasing,  please forgive me lord for being an ignorant woman) Lord Krsna says, to Arjuna, that anything that we eat or do if we offer it to Him with love, Krsna promises that he will take away all sinful karmic reactions.  

My regular diet consists of mostly fruit like 85% fruit. However, I must brag, that I am a very excellent vegan bread maker. However, competing with my extremely beautiful brothers and sisters would be a waste of time, as far as bread making or vegetarian cooking, We are the best vegetarian cooks and bakers of this world, because our exclusive client is Sri Krsna and associates.

I must confess that I am allergic to dairy products but everyone makes mistakes and I happen to love cheese. I eat it once in a while... 

Oh, before I forget,  tomorrow March 14th,  I will brake the Ekadasi fast  with the delicious rising crust that is sitting in the refrigerator accompanied with some orange juice that I purchased at the local store.

Around 4:30pm I looked at my watch while I was at work and I must confess, that I picked my nose and roll up my sticky bugger with my right  thumb and right  index finger, I don't remember what I did with it. Usually, I prefer to pick my face but I don't have any zits at the moment, picking my face gives me great pleasure. While I pick my face, my mind becomes still, and, I go into a Zen like meditation experience . Afterwards, I wash my hands with soap and water and make foam in order to kill all the bacteria of the  pus from my zits that remains underneath my nails and drips on my fingers and skin. Everything I do is for Lord Krsna's delight, lord Krsna is the supreme enjoyer I am his servant. His surrendered disciple. I am His eternal  slave, NOT  your Slave. Everything that I do, I do so to please the Lord.  Everything!

  it's 6:47pm, Oh! Holy Shit!  I am still in good shape observing the Amalaki Ekadshi fast without water,  I am not  moody, nor do I feel tired. I have not drank any water.. I can attribute this reaction to the fact that, I drank two large glasses of orange juice, and ate something that I really liked, before sunrise. I can also attribute this positive result to the fact that I have Joined  Maharani Kavery every morning while she is chanting the Maha Mantra during the nectar of Sadhusanga she begins at 5pm and ends at 7pm Colombia time, 12midnight my time, followed by our daily studies of  our Holy Scriptures Srimad Bhagavatan.  last week it was conducted by Jiva Goswani Das from Venezuela, Jiva our adored extremely beautiful arcarya/spiritual brother is suffering tremendously from a back injury, and he is managing  to keep our temple open in Caracas, Venezuela , he managing to do that with a severe injury to his spinal cord, and during the lockdown caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, that force business owners to close their business and for people to loose their jobs and stay home. His devotion for lord Krsna is exceptional, his observance of the instructions  given to him by our gurudeva Bap, is remarkable. Jiva Goswani Das is na outstanding lecturer of our holy scriptures. At his lotus feet. I can definetely see very results when I participate in the activities that have been prescribed by our extremely beautiful gurudeva Srila Prabhupada.

I also attribute the positive results of my how my physical and emotional body feels while doing a very challenging fast, with no water to the fact that my current manager Michael Condon, the person that I work with today is very good at what he does, and he is an excellent manager and a good person to work with. He is very patient and knows how to train new hires like myself and give instruction to his workers without being condescending or demeaning. Although, he is very handsome he is not extremely beautiful because he is not a vegetarian,

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