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Monday, March 14, 2022

Observing Ekadashi while participating in the Nectar of Sadhusanga with mother Kavery from Colombia

 It's now 12:17am where I live,  Mother Kavery  has initiated the Nectar of Sadusanga,  it's 5:18am Colombia time. We are all still fasting, observing the Amalaki Ekadashi. I have eaten any food that is permited for devotess and disciples to eat during ekadashi nor have drank any fluids, including water. I don't feel any weakness in my physical body nor do I feel dizziness from any undigsted food that might be sitting in my stomach or feses that may be stock in my instestinal walls. I just left a lengthy message to our beloved gurudeva Srila Bhaktialoka Paramadvaiti Majaraja Via WhatsUp, updating Him about the donations to Vrindavan India, and the fact that Mother Bhakti is having difficulties getting donations through her pay pal account, and that the Western Union in India crashes all the time, and that I am still waiting to hear back from mother bhakti. I also asked our revered Gurudeva why he was not allowed to enter into the United States  and visit our temple in Miami Florida. a month or so ago before going to South America to visit our extremely beautiful brothers and sisters. Right now, I am wearing zoom aviator reading glasses that I purchased only through Amazon, not the Amazon Forest, or Jungle, but Amazon Inc the American multi national technology company which focuses on e-commerce network, cloud computing, digital streaming and artificial intelligence.  I must confess that I am wearing a black hoodie, that I purchased through Amnesty International with the  big Logo that reads "60" commemorating Amnesty international's 60 years of service, I am also wearing some exercise elastic pants black colored that I purchased at the local store. I refrain from wearing tight pants but I made a mistake and I bought this pants and now I have to wear them . I am sitting on a wooden chair  and my laptop is sitting on a very old cheap wooden desk. I am barefoot. All glories to srila Prabhupada!

It is 2:05am. where I live. It's 7:05am Colombia, Madhava Krsna from Costa Rica. It's 6:09am there, he is going to start his lecture of our holy scripture the Srimad Bhagavatan. Madhava Krsna finished his lecture. We went over Chapter 25 text 1 "Las glorias del servicio devocional" Madhvaa Krsna is what is Japanese Budhism (Soka Gakai International) would refer to as a fortune baby, he was born to a Vaishnava family who is 100% vegetarian, Madhava Krsna is a computer science mayor, he is very well spoken, and is able to orally transmit the pastimes of Lord Krsna very easily. I must confess that I spent 10 years practicing Nicheren Daishonin Budhism, the gurudeva that was in charge of the Soka Gakai International was President Daisaku Ikeda, it was through his teachings that I learn about the mentor and disciple relationship, and supporting very large communities of lay believers in Los Angeles, California, and how important it is for us to Win in life, we study the Lotus Sutra. Based on my understanding of the sastras, and commentaries presented by Madava Krsna, I can agree with his statement, and I am paraphrasing,  that all religious doctrines glorify Krsna, the only difference is that they do so erroneously.

 Most if not all Soka Gakai members are meat eaters and although they are beautiful they are NOT extremely beautiful like Madhava Krsna, who is an extremely beautiful vegetarian. I take shelter at the lotus of feet of my spiritual father Srila Bhaktialoka Paramadvaiti Maharaja who accepted me as his disciple at the adult age of 45. He was aware of all my problems and challenges. I am eternally grateful for Lord Krsna mercy to awakening me and allowing to come finally come to Him after millions of incarnations in physical bodies. I am eternally and to Sri Krsna for his mercy to reunite me with the love and instruction of his pure disciple while he is still alive.

Its' about 5:47 my time, I looked at my watch, and I became aware that it was not on my left wrist, I remember that I don't wear my watch to bed,  I sleep on the floor. Although Its 5:47am my time. it is   10:48am in Colombia, my extremely beautiful brothers and sisters have begun to  brake the fast, with a grain, any grain. I am still doing the "Most" sacred fast, without water. I must confess that I went to the bathroom, and did number 1, and to my surprise,  "Holy Shit!",  I needed to do number 2. I have never done number 2 while fasting even while having empty out my bowels after I am done with fast. this is the first time that this happens to me. I feel static and my hair stands on end I am experiencing the nectar of the sacred Ekadashi fast. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

I must confess that the stats for page in all blogs hosted by google read "0" page views. I became aware that people were actually seeing my blogs by accident, when people in the street, and the people that I use to work with made comments about it, this definitely, proves that Google Analytics is rigged, and so is YoTube page views, and Facebook and the other Social Media Platforms. In conclusion, all my blogs hosted by google are being blocked by google  employees  who don't like me, and this blogs may one day disappear very easily, the placement for URLS for the google search engine is also altered by google, th google employees the coders can remove a URL from their search engine very easily. So, if you are company or an entrepreneur relying on this social media platforms to give you an honest count visits to your sites  and forget about the YouTube videos, til this date 3/14/2022 I have not found a company that can give me a honest count of views for anything that I have ever published online. I only became aware of how popular by blogs because of you out there on the streets and the people that I ran into when I am shopping. I honestly thought that my blogs were only seen by my mother. 

Please don't expect the coders that work for this social media controllers or the administrators that work for this social media giants to be on the side of the hardworking people of every country. the women and men who are  not affiliated with all the corporations that they support and  get their trillions of dollars, Euro, Yens,  from that pay their high salaries to back up my allegations, this people can make me disappear very easily from the internet.

  I told this to  Maharani premalatika about the fact all my blogs are being blocked, and she spoke in spanish and said  What? are you still hosting your blog with them and said, well yeah,  O! Lucky for me that my only intent is to follow this instruction of my spiritual father to make Lord Krsna happy and to please him, and serve him only, and serve my extremely beautiful Vaishnava family! I can't change that even if I wanted to,  because it is our nectar of instruction given to us through the eternal thread of disciplic succession pass down through our holy books, our sacred scriptures', to change this holy scriptures  is forbidden. O! Govinda, Madusadana, you are such a kidder, all glories on to you eternal father all attractive Lord Krsna! Most merciful all seeing all hearing all loving, extremely beautiful lord. I am an eternal servant of Vrindavana.

at the lotus feet of my Srila Bhaktialoka Paramadvaiti Maharaja at the Lotus Feet of Srimati Rhadarani.

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