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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Parana- Breaking the fast-- and about this morning..

            "The earth is the property of God, but we, the living entities, especially the socalled civilized human beings, are claiming God's property as our own, under both an individual and collective false conception. If you want peace, you have to remove this false conception from your mind and from the world .... "  -Science of Realization by A.C bhaktivendanta swami Prabhupada

 I joined mother Kavery for her nectar of Sadhusanga, and she gave me two very good recomentations for books to read in regards to reincarnation and why we practice strict vegetarianism; the science of realization, and coming back the science of reincarnation.

Our beloved Caytania Lila Arcarya ( Director of La Universalidad Sol - Vrinda Parivar ) continued his lecture  Canto 3/ Chapter 27

We started his lecture on Verse 4 ended on Verse 7

I broke the fast with an ice-cream  cone-- the cone was made with wheat. -- yo soy aspirante hacer devoto! no matter how hard I try it seem that I alway fall victim to Krsna desire for things that I purchase....o' beloved lord your motives are so mysterious! I am your slave!

oh, beloved Krsna thank you for being so merciful with me.

Inbound Yoga - Luz de Bhakti -Srila Bhaktialoka Paramadvaiti Maharaj

                                              Excuse me for the technical interruptions! Today we are sitting in Budapest and we are connect...