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Wednesday, March 23, 2022

That Voodo that you dooo...

  I am not sure if you have seen a Vaishnavan altar, We use deities that look like dolls it is forbidden in our tradition to use our rituals to hurt other living entities. It is spiritual suicide. Here in Hawaii  Pacific Islanders and others practice Voodo, this practice is protected under  religious liberty. Our gurudeva  Sril Bhaktialoka Paramadvaiti Maharaja has taught us to respect all spiritual traditions and coming from the Christian religion  himself he has always taught us to be tolerant respectful and merciful.

  I had the opportunity to meet a Voodo practitioner, a  Japanese woman, and she did not like me because I would not agree with the comments that she making in regards Madonna Pop Star and the how Covid-19 came to be. She proceeded to conduct Voodo Ritual Magic against me.  How do I know this? because she was very confrontational and obvious, and she likes to bully, so she  started to show me the objects that she uses for her rituals while making very rude comments. Until, this day I must confess. that I was very generous and kind with this woman, and very respectful. 

this Japanese woman  is very pretty but she is not extremely beautiful because she is not a vegetarian. I am sure you know who this person is, you out there, she made sure to  announced to all her Christian friends who are rich and  who work for the state, and her pharmaceuticals friends, that I was sick, that my face was wealthie and she was happy about it, and it gave her great pleasure that my face  had become a zist pool after being terminated from a job, and waiting months for unemployment benefits that were withheld by the state of Hawaii because this state officials wanted me to leave Hawaii. 

Let me give you an example,  you out there zipping on a 100% Hawaiian coffee. When the Covid-19 pandemic first started , and people were forced to go into lock down and all the businesses closed, I continue to be employed at a farm, not considering for one minute quitting; but I was terminated because I did not allowed myself to be bullied by three Caucasian males who did not like me, and they were my supervisors. These Caucasian slave owners went for the kill because I am vindictive.

 Anyways, Like I was saying, I submitted my unemployment claim within the same week that I was terminated reluctantly because I have been raised to no live of the government, but I had no choice than to apply for Unemployment. Everyone around me who applied for government relief assistance because of Covid-19 pandemic, included my landlord, got their unemployment benefits within a month of applying, I had to wait almost three months and I had to contact an attorney in order for the Labor department here in Hawaii to release my unemployment benefits. And, this is the reality that I've had to face in a democratic state ran by the Christian Inquisition. 

 the Japanese Lady who practices Vooddo, had zero compassion for me and really did not care tI  was going through horrendous stress through  legal proceedings  and because I was being  exposed to Clorox  everyday while working with those abusive Christian  Caucasian people at that farm who refused to give me a proper mask,  and continue to bully me to make me leave the job and leave Hawaii and all of this was done under knowledge of  Tulsi Gabbard  and that women beater Governor What his name? the one who is still in office.

the management at this farm even installed  a camera where I was assigned to work by myself so they could take  notes for their investigation, while they knew that I was being poisoned by those fumes, the people who work at this farm are scientists. This happened righ  after I went to the local police station and made a complaint,  and then I submitted my complaint to Legal Aide Hawaii, and Hawaii Civil Rights Commission. The local Community hospital " West Hawaii Community Hospital" released my medical records to the management of that farm and the management of this farm became very hostile towards and went to do the usual plan of destructions to inflict psychological trauma and make me leave the state.  As, you aware by now, that the  previous manager that nasty Caucasian  man at that assisted living is very" shummy" with the management of that farm; and agrees with the use physiological trauma on the slaves that they hire of lower races. 

Anyways, Iike I was saying, this Voodo Japanese woman, celebrated the fact that I was sick. I am sure right now, as we speak she is still using those silly Voodo dolls with pieces of my hair that she picked up from the bathroom , praying every day to the sacred beautiful "Ioa" punishes me just because I ignored her, because  I was too busy  thinking about my legal proceedings and the fact I could find a suitable attorney to represent me. 

This ignorant Japanese woman suffering from memory loss forgot and obviously did not get the memo that the absolute reality is that Lord Krsna is the source of all religions and all spiritual traditions all gods and goddesses, spirits,  Jesus Christ  are at the lotus feet of Sri Krsna everything! ..... I know that you are reading this out there and so are you influential  rich friends, if you become a Vegetarian right now, it will insure that you at least incarnate into a human body somewhere in the world giving you the opportunity to continue your spiritual and one day Get Out and Go Home to Krsna, and this is Krsna's mercy for you  because although you  believe in Him mistakenly through one of His emanations beautiful sacred "Ioa", you believed in something greater than yourself. at the lotus feet of  Nithiananda Prabhu at the Lotus Feet of Srimati Rhadarani.

Inbound Yoga - Luz de Bhakti -Srila Bhaktialoka Paramadvaiti Maharaj

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