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Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Tulsi Gabbard - protecting and serving the corporations not the well being of the American people or any citizen of the world much less the soldiers! vicious, and extremely competitive cut throat Tulsi Gbbard Will stop at nothing to be a cool socialite in the Army! does not respect the institution of marriage,! oh, by the way, I am sure you've have heard it..... she is a nun ( she is a married woman) I am Nun, Tulsi says! ( disgrace)

 ... as you and I both know, the institution of marriage is very sacred to me; but a lot of women that get married do so for appearances "only"  to be able to get ahead in their career. ( ...I am a nun) and for sense gratification. Tulsi Gabbard call me names, diagnose me with a mental illness, put me on welfare, get me killed in wars for your rich friends, get rid of me. I am wealtie!

I think its very sad to have heard Tulsi Gabbard during her presidential campaign about all the war veterans and how she cared to get all the Veterans their benefits, and never once mentioned the right of every soldier to own land free of charge for serving their country so they can grow their own food; and to raise the pathetic wages that they get paid for getting hurt ... and traumatize for fighting wars for the corporations. leaving mothers without their husbands, fatherless children, mothers and fathers with out their sons and daughters...

Tulsi Gabbard is very familiar with sacred prostitution, and she condones it, because she gets paid by the people who have "Big money!" who love sex slaves. I am sure she knows the daddy of that... I work for the state. Now, you know where I am working, and they know that you are working. 

Well, as you are aware  there are a lot native Hawaiian women and some men that practice sacred prostitution, and a lot Asian women from Malasya, and Philippines and other Islands, and Asian countries that  are shipped into the United States to fulfil the demand of this politicians very rich friends or semi rich.  Obviously,  the corrupt government officials here in Hawaii allow it to happen, and they create state ran government programs, to give them assistance after they are burned up with all that sex with all those nasty rich man and the alcohol and drug use that they become addicted to. This government official here in Hawaii keep the Psychiatrist  working to proceed their internal campaign that supports the pharmaceuticals corporations agenda to experiment their mind altering drugs with this people.

.....Well, Michael Condon, at this point you are aware, that this current era  "Kali Yuga" is very corrupt... and, that people that  ran for office and that you vote for to get elected into the administration of this country  just recite a speech to appeal to the public to get them elected, and then they commit acts of treason and are excused because that's what they are suppose to do for the corporations. Michael Condon, you are a wise man and  very professional and intelligent, you would agree with me that looks can be deceiving. In this case with Tulsi Gabbard, she puts up the big front that she supports women, and other alternative religions that are not Christian she also  supported "the Violence against Women Act", while she oversees  the bullying of other women like myself, to get them out of the way.

Women definitely can be just as cruel as men, I am sure you are aware of this fact already, Michael.

I forgive Tulsi Gabbard and her bully women and men buddies!

At the lotus feet of Lord Nithiananda Prabhu the lotus feet of Srimati Rhadarani! all glories to srila prabhupada!

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