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Monday, April 11, 2022

VrindaParivar's Universalidad Sol Presents Śrīmad Bhāgavatam |Canto 3 Chapter 29 :Explanation of Devotional Service by Lord Kapila lecture by Krsna Nagar

  Nectar of Sadhusanga Devotees Present:

(5am 1st hour)

1.Samipia DD Bogota, 2.Dina Tarine, 3.Visnupriya, 4.Maharani 5.prema Latika, 6.Maharani Vidya Sarad, 7.gundisha, 8.siamakunda, 9.gundisha

(6am 2hr)

1.Samipia DD Bogota,2. Dina Tarine, 3.Visnupriya, 4.Maharani Prema Latika, 5.Maharani Vidya 6.Sarad, gundisha,7. siamakunda, 8.prema latika

devotees present for lecture:

1.Visnu Sahastra, 2.Krsna Prema,3. Surech C das, 4.Samipia Das, 5.Kavery, 6.Viracocha, 7.Siamakunda, 8.Damasveri Dasa, 9.Rati Gopi, 10.Dina Tarini, 11.Rohini Mex, 12. Nitay Pada Rasa, 13.Puspanjali, 14.Visnu Priya, 15.Caitanya Lila Arcarya, 16.Virad Sarad,17 Sanjivani Hanuman, 18.Gundisha

We start with Verse 1   We end lecture in Verse  10

Explanation of Devotional Service by Lord Kapila lecture by Krsna Nagar Das

this summary is paraphrased by the writer 

Krsna Nagar Das begins his lecture posing these two questions how do we develop pure Bhakti?  How do we obtain pure bhakti? he answers this questions affirming that the way to obtain and develop pure bhakti is serving the Vaishnavas and doing our best during this process.

He goes do deliver this gospelby making a reference to the current deteriorating time in which we  all live in. Krsna Nagar Das  attests that the focus in the system of "only" materialistic progress takes human beings into the darkest regions of consciousness in which human life is no longer human but another lowe specie of life. the purpose of life is to have an intimate relationship with Krsna and to fulfill our soul's desire to be His servant.

Krsna Nagar Das asks Nitya Pada Arcarya to share the Pastime of The King Sritaketu - this king was not able to have a son and the only son that this king has is poisoned by his queens (who were sterile except for one who gave birth to the baby who was poisoned) later on the baby is brought back to life by two brahmans.

Krsna Nagar goes on to explain that the reason why people are able to have children is because in previous lives when the living entity was a parent he or she did not guide their children to understand god, themselves, and to grow spirituality. These parents gave birth to children that grow up to become tormentors of other living entities (in other words these children create more karmic retribution and cause themselves and other humans to fall into lower species of life in the next incarnation) and for this reason, some people are not allowed to have children again and they are sterile or are aborted.

He also speaks about the 4 aspects of understanding devotional service: 1. to understand what god is 2. to understand material nature 3. to understand who I am  4.to understand my relationship with all these aspects.

Krsna Nagar Das reminds us that the Srimad Bhagavatan and the Puranas have to be studied as if one is never going to die. The Srimad Bhagavatan is the cure for all illness.

Krsna Nagar Das also make reference to Brahma Loka one the highest spiritual planets that is not immune from karmic retribution or the influence of eternal time. Even if the living entity goes to this planet eventually it reincarnate again into this physical world.

Krsna Nagar Das goes on to reveal one of  Krsna's gift to humanity about the importance of prasadan.  When the living entity eats only prasadan it guarantees that this person will not lose their human form in the next life.  Krsna Nagar Das also warns that just because we receive this "transcendental amnesty" (writer uses Caitanya Lila Arcaryas previous analogy of "transcendental Amnesty" that he proclaimed during his lecture on Chapter 28 Canto 3) it does not mean that we can continue to commit offences because even if we only eat prasadan and hurt other living entities by harboring "envy or deceit" we will be born in another human body, but what kind of human body will we receive? is the question.  under what  circumstances will we be born again as human being?(  I leave this up to your own interpretation based on the reality of what you know about cause and effect)

Bhakti is something that we have to develop in order to obtain it and we do have to work very hard in order to secure pure love for Krsna.

at the lotus feet of Lord Nityananda Prabhu the personification of mercy At the lotus feet of srimati rhadarani at the Lotus feet of Srila Bhaktialoka Paramadvaiti Maharaja 

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