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Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Jay Sri Rhade@bap! today is Ekadashi!

 You know I never knew how important it was to fast, and, I am telling  you that is never too late too learn, only this year am I  beginning to follow the holy Ekadashi. (holy fast) I am 48 years old. that means that I spent all of my life eating. I have fasted during my lifetime but not in the way that I am fasting today, knowing that there was a reason why Krsna made sure that we devotees fast and becoming aware of why this reasons make sense, it's easy for me to fast. 

As we speak I still smell like all the plates of meats that I carried from the Kitchen to the stinky old people who just want to sit around and fart on each other at that hell hole assisted living . You know the place where the managers allowed for me to be  attacked by both  women and men who worked in the kitchen. Gurumaharaja was aware of what I was doing in this job and he was so merciful that he assured me that I could continue to work there because the residents there need i a lot of love and care at the end of the story krsna loves you no matter what you eat. And, I really did like being of service in that hell hole  inspite of the sacrifice that I was making by being subjected to horrible treatment and psychological abuse. I feel free to share this with you, since you all know each other, and you know what time it is.

For me to try to be deceitful or sneaky about anything that I do is not only offensive to Krsna but very stupid, because my spiritual father possess divine attributes that allows him to see very clearly through time and space. Just  like Jesus Christ  knew who were the disciples who would eventually betrayed him so does gurumaharaja and regardless he chose to help women and men whose intention was to destroy his reputation to get him out of the way from stopping the agenda of the corporations and the religious groups, and atheist that work with this corporations that insist in destroying the earth and sentencing human being to incarnate in to lower forms of life by promoting false programing , and still gurumaharaja initiated this men and women into vaishnavism  giving them an opportunity to get out of this hellish existence.  It's the mercy of nithyananada prabhu flowing through the every cell of Srila Bhaktialoka parmadvaiti Maharaja that gives him the confidence to allow god's love to reign here in this world even at the cost of his own life and his physical health. 

And let this be an example to you of the prophesy of Kali yuga in which human beings will deteriorated even if they are Vaishnavas just like the Christians have deteriorated by not practicing and upholding the 10 commandments and continue to slander the name of jesus Christ.

My fast today will consists of just water.

at the lotus feet of Lord Nityananda Prabhu the personification of mercy At the lotus feet of srimati rhadarani at the Lotus feet of Srila Bhaktialoka Paramadvaiti Maharaja 

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