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Thursday, April 14, 2022

parana breaking the fast Kamada Ekadashi

 the fast ended for me around 7am...  I had a piece of dry rice noodle. then I prepared prasadan for the lord and his associates, and after that I had his left overs which  consisted of some rice noodles with potatoes, cabbage, papaya and grapes for breakfast and a large glass of orange juice. I really LOVE potatoes and cabbage! I remember living in West Hollywood with one the best landlords that I've ever had Yury Schidt . He owned several apartment complexes and in this particular neighborhood mostly Russian people  live there. At the corner of the  street where I live there was a Russian deli and I love to get stuffed cabbage there!  I don't know why I am telling you this but I just thought you should know that you can have a big meal for breakfast and it does not have to be French toast or a muffin or pancakes loaded with sugar.  You can actually have a vegetarian meal for breakfast and then for lunch you can have whatever you want like ice cream or potato chips!

If you are meat eater ask yourself have I eaten enough meat? is time for a change! meat does not make you stronger a vegetarian diet can do the same for you. You will probably become more loving and more receptive to higher forms of consciousness and it will send a clear message to Krsna that you are a merciful woman or man that deserves mercy.

now about the fast...

What I learn from this two day fast was that I was a little bit moody and I thought people places and things that made a little angry but then surrender to krsna and all of this nonsense went out the window.

and if anyone tries to shame you for making breakfast your favorite meal of the day don't let that stop you from eating right!

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