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Monday, April 4, 2022

sacred scriptures Biblical Hebrew and Srimad Bhagavatan

Monday, March 4 2022 We will begin our week with mother Kavery's the nectar of sadhusanga

these are the devotees present for this activity:

1.Puspanjali, 2.Vydia Sarad, 3.Siamakunda, 4.Prema Latika, 5. Sanjivany 6.Nahuman,7. M Saci, 8.Visnu Priya, 9.Samipia, 10.Visnu Priya, 11.M. Saci,12. Jhujan Yantra,13.  Prema Latika, 14.Jhula Yatra, 15. Rohini Mex, 16. Bhrs Das, 17. Darini Yoga, 18. Dina Tarini, 19. Gundisha

This is the chapter that we will be studying this week starting Monday, March 04 2022 ending in Friday March 8 2022,  

Prabhu Nitya Pada from Ibague Colombia will be given the lectures on this chapter. He started with Verse 1 ended in Verse 11

Bhagavatam verse 1-11 Chapter 28

These are the questions that Prabhu Nitya Pada gave as to answer based on the reading of Verse 1-11

What is the element that needs to be controlled in order to be of service in a better way?

answer: the mind

describe the duties described in Varnashrama?

answer:  social  classes and stages of life. Vedic system  of the goals of life, social division and stages of life

What is the science to be satisfied with the grace of the lord?

Answer:  to direct the mind towards the supreme lord.

What are the conventional  religious practice ?

the practice of austerity, prayer, in order to attain  Arta, kama, dharma, mocha

What is the difference  between a religious person and a bhakti yogi?

a religious person strives to satisfied his or her senses in order to gain liberation.

What is the fire of the vrate of silence and what does it consist on?

What is the purpose of yoga?

para purificar la mente y concentrarla

What is the asana of sitting down?

swastizama sentarce en flor de loto

What is the method use to contrate the mind during Kali Yuga?

el canto de la Maha Mantra

What is the process toquico of chanting?

What do we achieve of Pranayana?

la purificacion del cuerpo fisico y mental

What do we achieve by controlling the mind?

when the mind is focused is freed from contamination

What do we gain from controlling our senses?

when we control our senses we are no longer attached to material nature,

What do we gain fron meditating in the Holy name?

purification and pure love for god.

.... I remember 

I want to share with you a story of what I was doing right around the time when the Covid-19 lockdown first started; I had just been terminated from Job at a local farm here in the big island, and I was going through some serious and uncomfortable legal proceedings. Regrettably, this legal proceedings are  still going on right but they are easier to deal with because I have been able to recover my physical health through my devotion and service to Lord Krsna and the loving grace of gurudeva that is always with me.

When  the Covid-19 pandemic started back in 2019 I was very interested in learning biblical Hebrew and I was able to find this school:


During that time I did not know of the existence of  Vrinda Parivar'sThe Universalidad Sol and the only way that I was able to access the Srimad Bhagavatan was through the Audio books that have been shared in YouTube.

I became interested in hebrew when I live in Los Angeles, California and some people that I knew introduced me to Kryon: https://www.kryon.com/seminar%20images/DNA%20page/DNA.html  and it was here where  the Hebrew letters actually made an impression on me when I saw that the Lamurian reality  was recognized and I was very surprise to see Hebrew letters in the same page with the word "Lamuria" : https://www.kryon.com/seminar%20images/DNA%20page/DNA8R.html  when I first heard about "Lamuria" I felt a direct connection to this reality and hence the reason why I was attracted to the Kingdom of Hawaii. When I first visited Oahu, in my 20's I knew that I had lived in this area of the Pacific Ocean  in another life in another time. May be, I was a Dolphin, or a Whale, lamurian. All the same, this is the reason why I have declared the Kingdom of Hawaii to be my home. Lord Krsna is the proprietor of all the planets in creation whether I am a native Hawaii is irrelevant. I don't subscribe to false programming of proprietorship or citizenship. I can also say that all the Hawaiian people and pacific Islanders, and others  that are reading this daily posts  are welcome to any of our eco villages in South America at anytime and you are welcome to live there and that can be your home too.

moreover, my Japanese landlord who is a very gifted healer and therapist  reveled to me that she had a very deep connection and understanding of Lamuria, and the Plaides;( this revelations made me become very clear that Gurudeva Srila Bhaktialoka Paramadvaiti Maharaja was definitely very right, by telling me that I would be safe in the place where I am currently living). The plaides constellation is very dear and sacred to me from a very early age and I fell in love with it's existence because of Barbara Marceniak who is one of  my favorite female authors who is a channel of the Pleidian living entities.

although, I tried to start my studies with the  Israel Studies of Biblical Hebrew all the attempts that I made to register with the school were not successful. Now, I can understand why I was not able to , Lord  Krsna wanted me to focus my religious studies in Krsna Consciousness rather than to be scattered everywhere. I was very happy when I was finally able to discover the Universalidad Sol and I am grateful to Pancha Ttava Gurudeva's secretary for giving me Caitanya Lila Arcarya contact information so I could finally continue my religious studies of the sacred sastras.

It has now been a year since I started to study our sacred texts with Vrinda Parivar's the Universalidad Sol and I can say that the teachers of the Universalidad Sol have achieve a very high level of understanding and transmitting the sacred sastras to their students. 

as you can probably tell by now, I am  extremely in love with my spiritual family for their humble, sincere and generous nature. I would of never imagined that lord Krsna was going to bless me with so much good fortune.

at the lotus feet of Lord Nityananada who is extreme mercy personafied, at the lotus feet of Srimati Rhadarani at the Lotus feet of Srila Bhaktialoka Paramadvaiti swami maharaja who is merciful  and loving to all living entities

Inbound Yoga - Luz de Bhakti -Srila Bhaktialoka Paramadvaiti Maharaj

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