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Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Srimad Bhagavatan Chapter 28 (canto 3) song 3 Kapila's Instructions on the Execution of Devotional Service: Vrinda Parivar's Universalidad Sol Lecture by Nitya pada Rasa

Nectar of Sadhusanga' Maha rounds devotees present:

(First hour 5am)

1.Vidya Sarad, 2.Krsna Prema, .3.Samipia, 4.Visnupriya Dhama 5.Kavery 6. Siamakunda, 7. M.Saci.M. 8. Prema Latika 9. Jhulam Yatra 10.gundisha

(Second hour 6am)

1.Vidya Sarad, 2.Krsna Prema, .3.Samipia, 4.Visnupriya Dhama 5.Kavery 6. Siamakunda, 7. M.Saci.M. 8. Prema Latika 9. Jhulam Yatra 10. Rohini Mex 11.IShta Dev Das 12. Puspanjali 13. Bhrs Das 14. gundisha

summary for lecture on Chapter 28 Canto 3  Kapila's Instructions on the Execution of Devotional Service

In order to understand the sacred sastras such as the Srimad Bhagavatan the devotee has to chant the 16 rounds of the Maha Mantra daily seven days a week . When the devotee focuses his mind in the lord he will no longer desire anything else in this material world. Srimati Rhadarani is the divinity that gives liberation. The Srimad Bhagavatan guides us to the beauty that purifies, Krsna!.  The Deities that are worship in Vaishnavism are Krsna himself. The spiritual teacher is a representation of Krsna in this physical plane.The Highest form of Bhakti is the Bhakti that is directed towards Krsna since he is the cause of all causes. Therefore the highest level of Bhakti is the pure love that a devotee directs  to the supreme Lord Krsna  because this devotion of love for god increments eternally and pervades all that exists. The false programming of nullifying our sacred scriptures by calling them "mythology" is another example of psychological harassment used by atheist and materialist to destroy and distort the pure religion.

Questions for Canto 3 Chapter 28  verses 23 to 33 ( These Questions will be  answered Friday.

what do we gain from meditating upon the lotus feet of lord Krsna?

What is the way to we please Lakshmi?

What does Abhavasya means?

answer:  Abhvasya is one who is never born. 

What is Bhava?  

answer: the state of being, the preliminary stage of transcendental love.

What is the name of the lord for being the embodiment and receptor of strength?

What is the lord's greatest opulence?

From where do the institutions of law and order (varnasrama) come from?

Answer: brahma

What is the reason why Lord Krsna manifest different from in the material world?

What are the three sufferings?

Answer:  1. Mind and body 2. Suffering caused by animals such as human beings 3. Suffering from Calamities like Volcano eruptions, floods, hurricanes.

What is name of the god of sex? makaraduya

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