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Sunday, April 10, 2022

Vrinda Parivar's Sunday Darshan of Gurumaharaja His Divine Grace Srila Bhaktialoka Paramaidvaiti Maharaja

 Devotees present:

 1.Taveri Guranga , Chile 2. Prema Latika Ecuador, 3. Govinda Ananda Nayariti, 4.Sanyinani Hanuman, 5.Jay Nitay Gamboa, 6.Rhada Prema y.Rhade, 8. Rohini Mex, 9.Govinda Ananda Nayarati,  10.M.Saci.M, 11.Vidya Sarad, 12.Visnu Priya 13Dama, Samipia, 14.Jay Guru Devi 15. Florecia Yantra, 16. Virat Rupa, 17.Devi Dasi,18. 19.Nitya Pada Rasa 20. Siamakunda,  21. Caitanya Lila Arcarya,  22.Bhrs Dars 23. Viracocha, 24.Pada Sevanan,  25.Ananta Rupa, 26.Druva Anusmriti, 27. Rati Gopi, 28.Rama Priya, 29.Regalos Incomparables, 30. Arcana Nandi, 31.Minarshidd 32. Yasoda Dulal,33. Dina Tarini, 34. Gour Govinda 35. Madhava Krsna 36. Yasoda Dulal 37, Gonzalo Gouranga 38. Prabhu Sidhar 39. Prabhu Sidhar Das 40. Yati Maharaja 41, Sravana Kirtana 42, Surech C. Das 43. Saci Mata 44. Vrisavanu Das 45. Rhada Govinda 46. Goura Lila 47. Vaisnavi Varsana 49. Sruta Srava 50. Sowrasany 51.Kavery 52.Siksastakan Devi Dasi 53. Krsna Prema 54. Askalita, 55. Gokularanaga Art 56. Govinda Mohini. 57. Carmen 58. IshtaDev Das 59. Maha Prabhu 60. Om Govinda 61. Gopi Gita 62. Sri hari Devi 63. Vurat Rupa 64. Krsna Shaky 65.Pravitan 66.Sri Harini 67.Dhyan Mexico 68. Pada Sevanan 69. Vrinda Parivar Peru 70. Amrtana dd, Brazil 71. Dhyana Mexico, 72. Prakasananda 73. M.Maha Yogi 74. Yamuna Arcarya 75. Risa Bh Dev Neiva 76. Gustavo Isvara 78. Saci Mexico 79. Maha Yogi Yaruki 80. gundisha 81. Dharani Yogi

Brief Summary of Gurumaharaja's Sunday Darshan:

Our adored Gurumaharaja begins his Darshan by asking all his devotees and disciples to give an update.

Gurumaharaja  asked Govinda Ananda Nayariti from Mexico to speak about the Mayan Calandar. He spoke  about the 260 combinations that are used in order to go across a portal.  The idea is to go a cross this  portal and enter Goloka Vrindavan  and since the atmosphere in this planet is different than the atmosphere here in Planet earth, we devotees have to prepare our spiritual bodies. Govinda Ananda Nayariti goes on to explain the process that he is using to prepare his spiritual body that includes everything that  learn through our other schools such as United Nations of the Spirit, Yoga Inbound, UDSA, OIDA therapy.  that he is using in the preparation of his spiritual body in order to cross over.

Gurumaraja goes on to ask Jay Nitay Gamboa from Bucaramanga to speak about how things are going there. Nitay Gamboa speaks about his realizations and he makes reference to one of his brothers in faith Rama that said that there was a difference between Knowing Krsna and falling in love with Krsna. Nitay Gamboa  also spoke about  Gurumaraja's mercy and how  he  went thorough  great efforts to visit one of his devotees in a place in the Sierra Nevada located at a very high altitude.

Gurumaharaja asked Siamakunda from Cali Colombia to speak. Siamakunda talked about a very smart man that was initiated he is part of a foundation that is being created in Pance for Krsna Consciousnes.  ( this is my comment:  I visited Pance and is so pretty there hopefully the Colombia rivers will begin to be cleaned up, and La Plaza de Toros will be shut down along with the slaughter houses, this action will guarantee a more loving and merciful future for the Colombian People)

Gurumaharaja asked Maharani Rohini Mex to give an update and Maharani Rohini spoke about several things, she is very busy with all the projects that she is part of and that she is supporting, in Mexico. Maharani Rohini has kitchen service on Sundays.

 Gurumaharaja asked one of the members of Vrinda Parivar  Yati Maharaja from Germany to give his two cents. Gurumaharaja Yati said that we must tolerate insults and attacks and transcend all of this negativity into pure gold.

Premalatika Maharani asked Maharaja Yati about his  health and Maharaja Yati said that one day we all have to change bodies and is part of our journey that leads us to the arms of Krsna that will hug  us and when this happens we reunite with all  the souls that have been part of our lives journey while we have been incarnating in this physical plane. 

Gurudeva speaks about all the activism that  Vrinda Parivar devotees in India have been part of in order to get the Sacred Rivers in India cleaned up and the fact that although the government of India was not very happy with the fact that devotees from the west were pointed out all the trash in the river. The India government officials were very smart and used the Covid-19  lockdown to get the river clean up. Our beloved spiritual teacher goes on to say that there are a lot of problems in several countries like Brazil. Colombia, Ukraine, Russian and others where people who oppose false programming become victims of persecution and hitman are sent  to kill them.

Gurumaharaja asked Prakasanadra to share his experience in Varsana's festival "HOLY" that just took place, there were about 300 attendees. ( this is  my comment: We apologize to the attendees that were not able to have prasadan but we were not expecting so many people. I am sure you will have many other opportunities to eat Prasadan with our extremely beautiful family. We thank the government officials from the City Hall in Bogota for being part of this fun filled  festival and we hope that you continue to be part of all our festivals! We love you forever! Viva Colombia!)

Gurumaharaja goes on to ask our beloved Arcarya Askalita to give us an update . Askalita speaks about the false ego. He says when we eliminate the false ego there is no more suffering and when this part of ourselves is eliminated then we become instruments of love. Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabu lived for the grace of god and to serve him that was his only reason for living.  Askalita Arcarya speaks about devotees becoming so humble that they no longer care about what happens to them. 

Gurumaharaja shares about his visit to Ecuador and how he saw people using small recycle plastic containers to mix sugar and water and place this containers out on the road to give to the humming birds . Humming birds love sugar water and they are delighted to drink this delicious water. Guru Maharaja suggests that we should do the same in the eco villages.

Gurumaharaja said Bye! Bye!  

(  he left the room for Askalita Arcarya to host)

(Gurumaharaja  went on to be part of the morning program in Germany)

Askalita  and maharani premalatika continued hosting the event.

 Askalita goes on to speak about Nityananada prabhu and his mercy. 

Prema Latika wishes Vaisnavi  Prema Varsana happy birthday! and she asks  Maharani Vaisnavi to give an update and to sing an original beautiful song.

Happy birthday Vaisnavi Prema!!!

Askalita praises Maharani Vainavi for being a loyal servant of Lord Krsna and be an example of the nectar that we receive when we surrender to god like having beautiful children in krsna consciousness.

(Wrapping  it up)

there were a lot of other things that were shared during Guru Maharaja Darshan that I was not able to summarize because I am too slow.

I wish you all the most peaceful beautiful Sunday enjoying vegetarian food and the company of people who love you no matter what.

at the lotus feet of Lord Nityananda Prabhu the personification of mercy At the lotus feet of srimati rhadarani at the Lotus feet of Srila Bhaktialoka Paramadvaiti Maharaja who is with me 24 -7 day and night!

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