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Wednesday, April 13, 2022

The fast still continues... Kamada Ekadashi

 I fasted yesterday with just water and I wen and ran some errands, I mailed a letter to Susan, and I hope it gets there on the 18th of this month.  On Monday the 11th, 2022  I went to the Health Department to get an annual TB test the nurse that gave me the test is the same person who gave me my 2 step TB test when I first arrived here where I live. This is one of the requirements that a potential applicant has fulfill in order to become employed as a health care worker, At that time, I applied for Metro care Hawaii Plus. I wanted to  work as a home health aide, assisting elderly people and other people with disabilities.  The Nurse's name is Benita, she is being working for the department of health for 34 years. I find that type of devotion amazing to be able to stay with one employer for that length of time. This must mean that she is treated well, because I am sure that Benita would not have continue her employment with the department of health if she was treated unfairly. I am going to see Benita again today to get reading at 2pm. I will not see Benita gain until next year.

This round of  Kamada Ekadasi I am doing it correctly because you are suppose to fast a day prior to the actual fast to make sure there is no indigested food. I must confess that I am feeling a little sensitive, so I am going to drive to store put in my car, that is now costing me almost 1/2 of my current hourly wage, and then I am going to purchase some orange juice because otherwise I wont be able to do my homework for Oida Therapy for professor Martha Restrepo Romero ( she is a psychologist - spiritual name Atma)

off I go to get some gas.. 

and then I went to the local store and made purchases...and went home and I was finally able to do the assignment for Oida therapia, and later on a got a phone call from Oklahoma and I did not answer because I did not know who it was,  and then later on ... 

Inbound Yoga - Luz de Bhakti -Srila Bhaktialoka Paramadvaiti Maharaj

                                              Excuse me for the technical interruptions! Today we are sitting in Budapest and we are connect...