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Sunday, April 17, 2022

Vrinda Parivar Universalidad Sol presents Holy Sunday Gurumaharaja's Darshan " Don't worry Just get Busy!"

Attendees: 1.Candravali 2.Amrtaranga 3.Gokularanga  Art 4.Siamakunda, 5.Vaisnavi Varsana 6.Gauranga prana, 7. Sanki Maharaja, 8.Prema latika, 9.Caitanya Lila, 10.Kratudas, 11.Rati Gopi, 12.Rhadi Govinga,13. Dharini yoga, 14.Sanjivanny Hanuman 15.Seva, 16.sampia, 17.Vishnu, 18.Arcana 19.Nandini, 20.Rhada Prema y Rhade,21. Atma Nivenada, 22.Krsna Seva, 23.Vidya Sarad, 24. Carmen 25, Rhade Shyam 26. Ishta Dev Das 27, Mhabharata 28. Jay Tay Gmaboa 29. Krns Seva 30.Rohini Mex 31.Alamath Das 32. Jay Nitya Das 33. Nithya Pada Rasa 34. ViraCocha 35.Dina Terini 36. Gopala Champu 37.Gardi 38. Varsana 39. Swami Goswani 40. Sanjivani Hnauman 41. 42.Nav wip das 43Parsa das 44.Risabhedev 45 Regalos incorparables 46. K.Ranjana 47.  Siksastakan 48.Sadhusanga 49.No name 50. Prabhu Bhumi 51.Bhakti R Vrinda 52.Thirta maraja 53.Minaksi 54.Thakurani 55.Abhirmana Das 56. Vrjavasi Das  57.Vrisabhadu Das 58. Ramananda 59. Mahaprabhu 60. M.Ranja 61.Druva Anusmirti 62.Lilaraja 63. No Name 64. No name 65. Tirani Gaurnaga 66. Vrajavasi Das 67. Vishnu Priya 68. Gourpurnima 69. Abogado Santiago Herrera 70. Mahabharata 71. Yamuna arcarya 72. Madre Ambika 73Vrishnubhadu das 74. Krsna Prema 75. Sruta Srava 76. Regalos Incoparables 77. Simita 78.Arcanan nandini  79. Gustavo Isvara 80. Suresh Dash 81. Gundisha 82.Sravana Kirtana 82.Sayivani Hanuman

( the following key points/summary are  paraphrased please forgive my shortcomings if they seem offensive)

Key points of Gurumaharaja's ( His Divine Grace Srila Bhaktialoka Paramadvaiti Maharaja) darshan "Don't worry Just Get Busy!":

Gurumaraja: Oh! my god! haribol! Dandavas pranas! Srila Prbhupada key! Jay!
first of all,  Hello! everyone! a very big hug to all Vrinda Parivar devotees! I am communicating to you from a very nice place!

Gurumaraja announces that the theme for this Holy Sunday is "Don't worry Just Get Busy!"

Guru Maharaja is in La Palma, Spain, He is staying with Shidanti Maharaja. Gurumaraja continues to speaks about his experience in the farm where he is currently staying and the fact that there are no robbers there and that they can leave the doors open of the ashram open. He also speaks about the types of plants that are being grown there and the fact that they planted some fruit trees.

Gurumaharaja goes on to speak about what is happening in the world right row and that is not worth the time to become absorbed in all of these matters. He asks the Shidanti Maharaja to give his two cents.

Shidanti Maharaja owns the Ashram in Palma where Gurumaharaja is staying, He speaks about the crops that he is growing and he also shares about the recent volcanic eruption that just took place and the fact that all the ashes that were left behind served as mulch for all his crops. He was very happy about this.  He exclaimed! "Thank you , Krsna!"

Gurumaharaja said that about 70 kilometers of all the roads were covered by the recent volcanic eruption and that they can still see smoke coming from the mouth of the volcano. He continues to tell us that the Island is very diverse  and is filled with people from all over the world but he reminds us that although  he is in this beautiful place,  during this era of Kali Yuga this world is crazy.

Gurumaraja warns us that with this war that is going on we have to be prepared for food shortages. He tells us about different plants that we can eat such  the banana tree's heart after it is harvested you can cut out the heart of the banana tree and eat it.
Gurumaraja said that he is sorry that he is talking about doom and gloom but he affirms that danger is at our door step. He said that the pandemic was a business move,  and now the current war in Ukraine is also a business move to get people emotional so that they can become prepare for the worst. He remind us that if we want to know who is responsible for this wars just follow the money. He goes on to assure us that instead of worrying about the crazy things that are happening right now. We have to get busy. He also mentions a shortage of oil for cooking and of flour that is currently happening in Germany and he says that this is another government scheme.

Gurumaharaja advises us to be prepared for the worst and to continue with our preaching no matter what. He refers to us as the "the Tribe of vaishnavas" who are loyal to the cause. he gives an example of the vaisnavanas that are currently living in Bangladesh who are very united inspite of the fact that they are part of different groups with different gurudevas but  they understand that unity is absolutely necessary especially when being surrounded by Muslims who oppose Hinduism. Vaishnavans have to stay together.  Gurumaraja reminds us that it is our love and friendship that will prevail. Where there is no love and friendship there will always be betrayal.
Gurumaraja agrees that the reality we are facing is hard. When we Get Busy we don't have time to worry! but when we are just sitting in the couch worrying. We don't do anything!

Shidanta Maharaja: there is always a way to stay busy, clean the altar, clean the kitchen, there is always service. You can come here (La Palma) and I will give you service.

Gurumaharaja reminds us that our religious society is about love and friendship and that the service that he does is based on love and friendship. Gurumaharja emphasizes that when we have a disagreement with someone to make sure we speak with the person privately and don't gossip about the disagreement with others. He recollects the times that he has  received complaints about couples fighting  and what he advises them to do. He usually recommends for the spouse to write down the problem in a piece of paper and to store the piece of paper   for two days, and then approach their spouse with the issue at hand and work things out.

Gurumaharaja prompts the devotees that only the lowest type of human being either a women or men become happy over someone else's suffering. He make a relation to this type of behavior with a very famous book that he read that is about this type of mental illness.

Gurumaharaja continues to jog our memory, he said, "the more devotees we have the more problems. If you don't feel empathy  don't get involved!".

Gurumaraja makes headway by calling upon all the devotees present starting with Candravali a maharani who is currently overseeing the construction of an ashram in a very mystic region in Colombia, named Saint Augustine. Candravali briefs Gurumaharaja  about the clearing of a pathway that took about 20 days to complete. Gurumaharaja is very happy about the great job that the devotees in St Agustine are doing and he expresses his concern about safety,  he stresses that safety is one of our main objectives when opening up our ashrams to the public. He recommends for us to get some kind of insurance to cover any liability if  any kind of  legal dispute comes into place should anyone hurt their ankle or something.

Gurumaraja keeps on trucking with  Jay Nitay a devotee from a very beautiful place called Bucaramanga in Colombia. Bucaramanga has the lowest employment rate and the countries fith largest economy. Jay Nitay declares that there are lot of swami Bhimala Harijan Maharaja present in Bucaramanga all the devotees are very happy to be of service. In two months they will have two centers for preaching.

Gurumaharaja keeps the ball rolling with Simita.  She is super happy because she is in Colombia's capital Bogota where she was called for a Job interview at a national radio station she is there with Maharani Kavery who is Universalidad Sol's Nectar of Sadhusanga main host.

Gurumaharaja pushes on to Gokuranjata Art a devotee that lives in banios a place where they also have a volcano. Gukuranjata points out the similarity that he shares with Shidanti Maharaja who lives in La Palma, Spain and that they both live with a volcano. Gokuranjata Art recollects the time when the volcano erupted and after it stop erupting, the remains of the volcanos and the ash became very attractive for people to come and pick up all this objects to sale. Gokuranjata Art said that practically everything that came out that volcano was picked up and sold.

Gurumaharaja sustains  His Divine Grace A.C  Bhaktivendanta Srila Prabhupada's mission of kindness and mercy for all humanity at large by retaining the intention of Sirla prabhupada's movement Krsna Consciousness. Gurumaharaja commands that we will prepare our eco villages to house the people who will have no where to go during this changing times but that we do have to prepare them in how to live.  

Gurumaharaja gets on with it with Maharani Atma from CASA. Maharani Atma reports that there are a lot active programs going in CASA and she proudly continues the lineage of Gurumaraja and everyone that is involve with CASA continues to support and to stay busy and continue to practice and teach OIDA THERAPY. Atma feels that is great when people stay busy with devotional service. She says that they gave participants and volunteers a chance to take home prasadan during this holy week. They also taught people about how to respect the earth and encourage people to pick up trash everywhere they see trash. Maharani Atma reflects on Bogota's shortcomings for being an urban city and that living there does not give much room to plant seeds but she is resolute in preserving by planting the seeds of bhakti. Maharani Atma shares that they are now offering physical therapy at CASA and therapeutic yoga along with OIDA Therapy. Atma Maharani reminisces on what Gurumaharaja has taught us about caring for all our brothers and sisters and she and all the devotees will continue to help our brothers and sister grow.

Gurumaharaja stays on and calls upon Goswani Maharaja in India, but he is nowhere to be found, so he forges ahead and calls upon Maharani Bhakti Rasa in India. She says that they like the theme to get busy rather than to worry. She shares about  the work that they are doing in their two ashrams. She also speaks about Kartik and what is going on for Kartik. She assures us that the best type of life to have is a simple one with a higher state of consciousness. She says that  she much rather avoid  a lot of words.  She also says, that when she see something broken she will fix it. She retrospects on the reality that living in Vrindavan, India is a challenge and that she always keeps in mind the story of the gopis and how they would spit on rocks to have something to clean.  Maharani Bhakti Rasa puts in mind that they are always busy doing important things and that supreme personality of godhead has to be worshipped carefully and that although we continue to be bombarded by false programming  about illness, and wars. We have to be focus in our devotional service. Currently, Maharani Bhakti and all our adored brothers and sisters in Vrindavan, India are preparing for Kartik! Jay! Gurudev!

Gurumaharaja hangs in strong with another devotee Vrajavasi Das - Vrajavasi Das from Barcelona keeps it short and talks about the type of devotional service they are doing. Right after that Gurumaharaja calls Maharani Prema Latika ! Prema Latika Maharaja exclaims! Jay Gurudev!  Maharani Prema latika announces the upcoming presentation for world wide Mother Earth festival  that is taken place the 23rd of April 2022, Saturday,  and that it will last four hours. She encourages us to promote this event and she speaks about the presenters.

Gurumaharaja forges ahead with  Tirani Goranga: Maharani Gouranga shares about the experiences her husband, and their beautiful baby are having in Chile, and how happy she was to meat a new farmer who is growing clean crops without pesticides or hormones "GMOs".

Gurumaharaja keeps on keepin on with Vishnu Prabhu in Mexico. He says that there alot of people who are interested in Krsna Cosnciousness where ever he goes to travel and that he has about 70 people who are his students.

Gurumaharaja advances with our beloved pioneer Siamakunda from Cali. Colombia.  Simakunda greets gurumaharaja and says, Jay Gurumaharaja! We are all very happy that you came to see us! We continue our service and we love you very much! 
Gurumaraja praises Siamakunda for her strength and perseverance and resilience! He calls her a freedom fighter ( Lord Krsna's Guerillera)

Gurumaharaja moves on to Abhirdama das who is currently visiting Vancouver Canada, and he shares about his experience there. He said that it was a blessing to receive a phone call from gurudeva. He goes on to share that people in Vancouver don't know much about Krsna Consciousness, and that most people who live there are impersonalists,  reagardless,  it feels good to be able to preach about Krsna Consciousness since he does not have time to preach when he is with his family back home.
Gurumaharaja expresses his enthusiasm at seeing devotees like Abhirdana expanding Krsna Consciousnes.

Gurumaharaja begins to wrap iup his Darshan by saying thank you! and posing this question: What does it mean to represent Mission Impossible?

then, he calls on Maharani Saci, in Mexico and she points to  another Maharani in her chapter Maharani Makakshi . Maharani Saci is resolute in her mission to expand Krsna Consciousness in Mexico and is not worrying,  she staying very busy teaching the beautiful people in Mexico about Krsna Consciousness, she has been featured in the very popular Vrinda News segment that gives updates about devotees's devotional service  all over the world  and how they are improving the consciousness of humanity.

Gurumaharaja lengthens his darshan with seeds of eternal wisdom by emphasizing the fact that when we remain busy in service of Lord Krsna then we are a success. He uses Arjuna (bhagavadGita) as an example of this fact when he was in the battle of Kurukshetra, inspite of how terrible the circumstances were for him. Arjuna was at the service of Lord Krsna and therefore everything was going to be fine. Gurumaharaja encourages us to Get Busy, even if a nuclear bomb falls on us we will be happy being busy in our devotional service for Lord Krsna!  He advises us not to talk about the current war in Ukraine or talk about the reset. He says that If there are difficulties we will talk about them, the laziness and the worrying does not work. We always have to find ways to Get Busy. 

Gurumaharaja calls on Caitanya Lila Das, and in turn he shares about what he is doing in Costa Rica and how he is inspired with the presence of Madhava Krsna the co-director of Universalidad Sol who is Caitanya Lila Das's son. he says that there are doing a lot of workshops and attending a lot of fairs and seeing that the Universalidad Sol continues .

Gurumaharaja once again begins to say bye bye, and tells us that he has to join the event in La Palma Ashram that going on as he speaks,  and that there are about  50 people who are currently there, and asks Caitanya Lila to continue to coordinate the meeting.

Gurumaharaja goes to see his friends. Caitanya Lila Das asks Katudas to give an update. 
Kartuda begins by affirming that we can't look back and that they are participating in a lot of activism with clean energy and clean food, he talks about a recent event in which a group of atheist engineers participated, and that although they are use to talk about numbers, they did not have another option but to learn about philosophy and culture. He reinstates the fact that Gurumaharaja's influence is  not only present in Colombian, but in Latin America and all over the world.

Caitanya Lila Das Calls on Rhada Prema y Rhade and she talks about how there is alot movement and a lot of things happening in Varsana. She says that they are getting famous! We are happy to be of service and we love everyone!

Gurumaharaja joins the meeting once again and says very happily!
Hare Krsna! Hare Krsna! I only wanted to say good bye!
and give a big hug! I have a class to give.

a lot of other things were said but everyone speaks very fast and I am too slow.

at the lotus feet of Lord Nityananda Prabhu the first guru At the lotus feet of srimati rhadarani my eternal mother at the Lotus feet of Srila Bhaktialoka Paramadvaiti Maharaja who is merciful and loving with a big problem like myself your ignorant servant

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