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Sunday, April 24, 2022

Vrinda Parivar Universalidad Sol presents His Divine Grace Srila Bhaktialoka Paramadvaiti Maharaja Holy Sunday's Darshan " a day without preaching is ugly!"

 Attendees; 1.Sarad, 2.Samipia, 3.Rohini Mex, 4.Vrajavasi Das, 5.Prema Latika, Ecuador ,6. Siamakunda, 7.Rhada Prema y Rhade 8.Sruta Srava 9. Rati Gopi 10. Isha Dev Das 11. Kavery 12. Gonzalo Gouranga 13.Viracocha 14. Triveni Gauranga , Chile 15. Sanjivany Hanuman 16. Nitay Pada Das 17.Richadev Neiva 18.Arcana Nandi 19.Prabhupada Rasa 20. Rhada Govinda 21.Navadwip Das Adhikary 22. Caitanya Lila Arcarya 23. Goura Lila DD 24.Pada Sevanan 25. Academia Govinda 26. Kratudas 27.Adriana Romano 28. Vrinda Sakhi 29. Yiva Tarini Devi 30. Yenifa 31.Yasoda Dulai Das 32. Gopalseva Pamplonita 33. Gournitai dd 34. Parsad Das 35.Pada Sevanam 36. Sadhu Busan Das 37.Krishnanada Das 38.Sowrasany 39. sowrasany 40.Om govinda 41. Surech C Das 42,Rama Raj 43.swami goswani 44. Vichnu Ciuda 45,Visnu Priya Dhama 46. Valmiki das 47.Dhyaneswari 48.Sravana Kirtana 49. Jhulan Yantra 50. Minakishi Devi 51.Gokularanja 52. Krishna Shaky 53. Virat Rupa 54. P.Isvara Puri 55. Regalos Incomparables 56. varsana 57. Thirta Mahaja 58.Uddhavana Das quilla 59 Virat Rupa Devi 60.govinda ananda. 61.saci ananda 62.mahabharata 63.pavitran 64. sravana kirtana 65. sevananda 66,rayani 67. casa de sabiduria 68. Syamasaraswat Academia 69.gundisha 70.Kirtan (Ghambira) 71.Druva Anusmirti

keypoints of Gurumaharaja's Darshan is paraphrased and includes writer's commentary.( please accept my sincere apologies if my writing style seems offensive)

Gurumaharaja begins this morning's service by calling Rati Gopi, an extremely beautiful vegetarian elderly woman who is very healthy and independent she lives in a beautiful farm in Costa Rica. She tells us that there is not much going on there at the moment but she has been staying busy with all the courses and workshops being given by the Universalidad Sol! She was also extremely happy to have been part of the United Nations of the Spirit meeting that was just transmitted yesterday 4/23/2022.

 Gurumaharaja proceeds to say, hello to Maharani Prema latika, she is another extremely beautiful super strong healthy vegetarian elderly woman, who choses to remain youthful and faithful to her eternal love for Krsna. She  is an activist and a world wide online production coordinator for Vrinda Parivar. Maharani Premalatika is outstanding at getting community events organized and has been able to gather a lot of young and old activists  who are risking their lives by being outspoken about very important things, (more important than senseless wars- designed for soldiers to play with very expensive weapons and kill each other on behalf of corporations who are ready to blow up this world for fun, just to see what happens) Activists who are outspoken about taking care of our natural resources, so that you, and I can breath fresh air and drink clean water. So, that you and I, can have the opportunity to eat food that is not completely poisoned with GMOs and god knows what else! young and old Activists who become targets of hitmen hired  by corporations to get rid these very intelligent men and women because they  love mother earth and Lord Krsna above all else such as money, property and prestige, men and women who advocate for the lives of our brothers and sisters the cows, the chickens, the fish etc who are treated worse than the Jews in concentrations camps during war world 2,  worse than how the African Americans were treated during their enslavement led by their own people those cold hearted ignorant greedy Africans who  helped that plague spreading savage European trash,  hunt, collect,  and sale them into slavery. Hence, the obvious reason why all the slaughter houses "must" be shutdown! in order to reinstate humanity into what the human being is suppose to be, a loving merciful extremely beautiful living entity in constant communion with Lord Krsna enjoying the kindness, mercy and abundance that is their natural transcendental divine  origin.

Yesterday, Saturday, 4/23/2022 during the transmission of the United Nations Of the Spirit Reunion Gurudeva gave a very heartfelt introduction he reminded us that millions of activists gather world wide to continue to protect and serve our mother earth and humanity if one of us gets killed it does not matter because we are millions and we will continue to be outspoken.  Maharani Prema latika just finished putting together this very successful online event of  United Nations of the Spirit Reunion .Maharani Prema latika says that there were some technical issues during the transmission of the event and that there is room for improvement. Regardless about the technical issues that maharani Prema Latika speaks about, the people who attended the event are raving about it, giving it two enthusiastic thumbs up!

  Jay! Gurudev!Jay Srila Prabhupadha!

Gurumaharaja gives voice to Gonzalo Gouranga from Chile,  he said that he was looking forward to Sunday to give his report. He was very excited to report that he and other Vaishnavans who live in his area decide to host world wide Vaishnavan Association meeting and that they enjoyed sharing Prasadam and singing Bhajans he continued to give a very detailed description of what they did, and what they talked about emphasizing in the similarities of United Nations of the Spirit and the World Wide Vaishnavam Association. Gonzalo Gouranga said, that a lot of people showed up for this gathering and that they spoke about the 9 principles of United Nations of the Spirit; they also shared the  United Nations of the Spirit Magazine;  and they did some samkirtana. They sang to the waters and Goranga  mentioned they are expecting more guests to arrive. (meaning  himself, his wife and his baby)

Gurumaharaja charges forward with Viracocha! Viracocha gave his brief to Gurumaharaja and the devotees present. it consisted of his reflections about new sculpture ideas  that he is considering making and that he brainstormed about these ideas  with  Marcelo an architect that he 

met. He also talked about some construction work regarding tubing to avoid flooding in the area where he lives. Gurumaharaja brought up the issue of the channel and the flooding and how this is a big problem.

Gurumaharaja moves on with Risadev! Risadev reports about the conclusion of the construction of a yoga studio where he plans to teach yoga inbound and now they are building a bathroom. Later on he plans on going to St Agustine  to help with the construction of an ashram.  Sandravali Maharani will be hosting an event there today.

Gurumaraja checks in with Rohini Maharani she in turn praises maharani Prema latika for a job well done in the production of  The United Nations Of the Spirit Reunion. Maharani Prema Latika reminds her of the class that Maharani Rohini is scheduled  to give this Thursday, April 26, 2022 in which she will be teaching about doshas and their planetary influences.

Gurumaharaja doesn't look back and asks maharani Druva Anusmirti about the book that she is in the process of writing depicting the pastimes of Mahanandi Maharani. She says that she is still doing some interviews. Gurumaharaja tells Maharani Druva Anusmirti to give him a list of the people who have given her content about Mahanandi Mahanandi. After hearing her response, Gurumaharaja expresses his concern that only a few people have provided her with the information that she needs for the book and, she goes over the people who have still yet to provide Mahanandi Maharani material like recordings, pictures etc Gurumaharaja points out the key people that have the materia that she needs, such as Mahanandi Maharani disciples, Askalita Arcarya and other people who are elder devotees who don't participate in our weekly meetings.  Druba Anusmurti hopes that she is able to get more material and that she will be able to give Gurumaharaja a good update very soon.

Gurumaharaja continues the meeting with Sruta Srava and devotee says, "I was listening to you!" "when you called me!" but I was in the shower, Sruta Srava is refering to the beginning of the meeting at the point in which Gurumaharaja called on Sruta Srava so that he could give a report. Sruta Srava goes on to fill us in about all the projects that he has going, some matters he will discuss with Gurumaharaja in private. Sruta Srava finishes his report with some profound words of wisdom he says,  "We don't study Love!" We practice Love!"

Gurumaharaja announces the beginning of his dominical chat and reminds the devotees present about the meeting that he has programmed with all the other arcaryas (leaders) who are in charge of ashrams and who are mentors to groups of devotees.

Gurumaharaja shares his observation, 

"We have something to talk about!" "I have something ugly!" When we don't have faith!""We turn to faith in order to be happy!"  there are so many moments in which faith exists!  Guru maharaja begins to etymologize the word "Faith" or in spanish "Fe",  Faith of Federal- Federal means there is justice and take care of them.

I am going to talk about "ugly" then, gurumaharaja asks who else has words that originate with the word "faith" the etymology of faith.  OIDA therapy heals faith. Fertil Mind! to have faith to glorofy and to appreciate another person; to have faith in something that is not illicit. Life turns ugly when we don't have transcendence without faith we can become depress. Fervor-Faith - Simakunda steps in and says faith moves mountains; then Gurumaharaja goes on to talk about the Island that he is visiting and how he got together with other devotees who live there to study a Saint's poetry book. He reveals that everyday he is deepening his inquire as to how Krsna wants his movement to expand through Srila Prabhupada's teachings. We have to use the Bhagavagita As is. We need to enrich people's lives. He also goes on to quote verses from the Bhagavadgita As It. He quotes one of the verses in which Krsna talks to Arjuna about how so many men want to reach perfection but out of millions of men, not a single one truly knows Krsna. He goes on to quote  "O Arjuna, I am seated in the heart of all entities. I am the beginning, middle and end of all beings. (God is seated within our soul) " God is the atma of the atma (soul of the soul) of all living beings." Gurumaharaja says, that even people who are exploiting this earth are part of Krsna. And that all living entities know that Lord Krsna is the origin and the end. Gurumaharaja said, that we try to be happy ignoring Krsna, there is no truth superior then Krsna, everything rests in Lord Krsna.

Gurumaharaja forges on by quoting more verses from our holy bible "the Bhagavadgita As Is"

the blessed lord Krsna says,

"I am the taste in water, O son of Kunti, the radiance of the sun and the moon. I am the sacred syllable Om in the Vedic mantras; I am the sound of ether, and the ability in humans. Krsna is perfect. Gurumaharaja reminds us that we have to continue to preach the reason why Krsna is the goal of life. People need the Bhagavadgita. The book distribution was the main focus in Srila Prabupadas mission. Gurumaharaja continues to praise the Bhagavadgita As is. He affirms his gratitude to be united with his devotees. " A day without preaching is ugly!" he said, then he  asked Padma Sevan to speak.

Padma Sevan, speaks about his terrain and that no one was stealing his land, and that he over reacted, and that the man that was given him a hard time had some kind of alcohol problem.  He says that the situation in Argentina is not great . He goes on to say that Faith gives us tranquility and mercy. 

Gurumaharaja conquers Faith and  etymologizes its meaning  he says,  SIN FE- FEO. I am grateful because Srila Prabhupada got me out of this UGLY LIFE. A life without Srila Prabhupada was ugly. Our faith is that rhadarani takes us out of this UGLY LIFE. We want to become preachers. A life without principles is ugly. A life without prasadan is ugly. A life without Ista Gosty is ugly. This is why you need to put your faith in Krsna. I am a nobody, I am a refugee of my spiritual father who rescue me from this ugly life. 

I have met so many people that are envious and are always ready to criticize other vaishnavas that is UGLY, this is against faith, looking for other people's flaws is ugly; when we look to diminish others is ugly.

A simple message, faith takes out offence, resentments and grudges...

Gurumaharaja wraps it up because he has the other meeting with arcaryas (leaders) at 9:30am

he said "a big hug, thank you for being with us!".

at the lotus feet of Lord Nityananda Prabhu the first guru At the lotus feet of srimati rhadarani my eternal mother! at the Lotus feet of Srila Bhaktialoka Paramadvaiti Maharaja who has kept all his promises to his beloved teacher  His Divine Grace A.C Bhaktivendanta Srila Prabhupada who is our eternal benefactor of truth and mercy.

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