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Thursday, May 26, 2022

This is the kingdom of Hawaii Part 3 All glories to sri guru and sri guranga all glories to srila prabhupada!

Doyal Nitai! Doyal Nitai! Doyal Nitai! Nityananada haribol racist intolerant Hawaiians no worries by now you know about the racist intolerant latinos! 

You know when I read about people starving in Central America and South America, it makes me giggle. Cuz you know and I know, that a plate without a piece of meat does not mean that you are starving. I can't believe what  you are saying  Francis Marquez about Colombian people starving! All that false programming of meat eating has made you so proud to eat meat or else you complaint that you are starving! Doyal Nitai! Doyal Nitai! Doyal Nitai! rice and beans! rice beans! rice and beans! god forbid if you eat some vegetables too, like tomatoes or zapayo, zanaoria, pepinos, Cole, broccoli and never mind Uyucos, and the gang of delicious yuka growing everywhere,  and you know that there is tons of fruit gurl, nevermind that basmati rice. All that fertil soil in my beautiful Colombia to grow so many different type of fruit and veggies. You already know Vrinda Parivar International Eco Aldeas will feed you a nutritious vegetarian meal, if you go there to volunteer . If there is a Colombian dying of hunger, please give them our phone number! call pancha ttatva gurumaraj secretary: + 51 992 541 980   he will make sure that you  and your family gets fed, or call me 808-430-6342. I will make sure that you and your family get feed. I promise.

I was like, uhm! wow! what are you up to and then I found this!!


For a few weeks now, as I was driving by the Kona Aquatic Center to get to the basketball court with my favorite all around Olympian athlete who is always happy, that gentleman, I miss him, but his parents hate my guts and YOU KNOW WHY? I am a bad influence. I noticed the tents lining up on the side of the road, and I thought to myself, wow! these guys are so lucky, they are all gathered together here and they are in a safe place, and I also notice all that accumulated clutter of clothes and cardboard and cans and bottles. I mean who needs all those clothes and things  and stuff when you are on the move.? Anyways,  It is very unlikely, that the people camping on the street would ran into too much trouble, because this area is very secured, and the cops here a very reasonable and respectful. However, if there is liquor and drugs in the midst of that clutter  there is always a chance of some kind of drama; then I thought to myself, there is absolutely nothing wrong about camping on the street,  and you have every god giving right to camp on the street, parks and beaches but I can understand that is not aesthetically pleasing to the eye if you don't have the right tent.

I remember when I got here, to Kona, after landing in Hilo and my plan to work in that farm with that lonely devotee who chants hare krsna, you remember him right? the elderly man with the gray Toyota pick up truck, who lives in Mountain View in that seven acre farm, that got really sick with the "rat worm lung  disease https://www.health.nsw.gov.au/Infectious/factsheets/Pages/rat-lung-worm.aspx#:~:text=What%20is%20Rat%20lung%20worm,an%20infected%20snail%20or%20slug. he appeared to be so official with that federal panhandling. don't forget not all hare krsna's have the same mission in life, or gurudeva, there are a lot of hare krsna's that depend on the US government for their maintenance. Vrinda Parivar International does not depend on any government funding. Vrinda parivar International's gurudeva is His Divine Grace Srila Bhakti Aloka Paramadvaiti Maharaja at his lotus feet. We are self supporting with our own contributions of service. I may add, that there nothing shameful about receiving  some government funding but it should be avoided like the plague, and we all make mistakes, I know I did. I attribute my mistakes such as the student loan that I received,  to the fact that I was in the midst of my disease of alcohol use, and I made a bad decision, had I had the guidance of gurudeva at that time I would of not been drinking alcohol and I would have not taking a  student loan to pay  for a degree that is not "recognized" by the department of education in Hawaii even though the department of education issued the bachelor of science degree that I hold. In order words the department of education issued a fraudulent degree to me, and this entity expects me to pay for it and obviously, that is not going to happen and you can take that to the bank. And, you can put me in federal prison because you don't like me! I am patiently waiting to be attacked by your bullies who took my lunch money! Nitya gaura haribol! Nitay gaura haribol! Nitay gaura haribol!

After my plans on staying and working  in the hare krsna devotee's farm crashed because, the other woman that was suppose to work with me did not show up, and because it rains non stop in mountain view and although I am a tropper, and I have never been afraid of hard work, doing farming under the rain is not my thing. So, I ended up here in Kona  because I had heard that you find work here.  I felt so blessed that lord Sri krsna wanted me to be around dry drunk angels, people who are sober, and although we all have so many defects of character that keep us incarnating here in this material world and we ignorantly get  stock in  the cycle of birth and death for millions of years even as sober people, being a bunch of dry drunks continuing to commit offences  suffering from low self esteem, masked with good public behavior, flooded with insecurities and envy just like a regular normie or untreated alcoholic, but at least we wont die drunk, at least we will not kill someone driving drunk or  unconsciously rape ourselves by having one night stands with strangers out of wedlock while under the influence of liquor.  In an ideal situation, there is a big difference when you surround yourself with people who don't drink than when you surround yourself with people who drink alcohol . Sober people  are suppose to be more accountable, honest, respectful and practice self control,  but here in Kona Hawaii there is not that much difference between the drunks stumbling out the bars in Ali'i drive and the dry drunks stumbling out of Lako who are clean and sober. Regardless, I would much rather camp out on the streets with people who are sober.

If you notice I am using the word "envy", and I will tell you why, according to vedic sacred scriptures the reason why we fell from grace and landed here in a human animal body, is because we were envious of Krsna. We wanted to be separate from Him, we wanted to be gods, and we were gods, and we fell from grace, after our accumulated fortune ran dry in higher planets we once again, landed here, and this happens all the time with souls. So, you can be the most advance yogi, and develop transcendental powers so advance that you can literally create your own planet, and yet at the end, you end up here again in the cycle of samsara! In a resent Light of  Bhakti video recording entitled "why are we passionate about our beliefs"  our spiritual master His Divine Grace Srila Bhaktia Loka Paramadvaiti Maharaj explains gives an explanation about transcendence and why although as an advance yogi, one may dissolve the false ego and merge into Brahman the sacred scriptures tells us that after some point that soul returns here to this reality of cycle of samsara because the souls perceives that there is something that it has missed even after going into samadhi/bhraman, to put it in another way, most people in this world don't like having someone telling them what to do, most people in this world do not accept the believe that there are servants of Sri Lord Krsna.  So, naturally they gravitate towards impersonal brahman, which means that once they die, their soul returns to nothingness and does not return here to the cycle of birth and death (samsara), but our Sastras tells otherwise and that is our believe, and, Vrinda Parivar International is non sectarian therefore we agree to disagree with the perceptions and respect their beliefs of other yogis.      

 I remember that day years ago  when I got off from the HeleOn bus from Hilo and walked to that meeting in those rooms that got me better, and I felt so happy that I was able to make it on time, and although I was embarrassed to say that I needed help, I was able to have the courage to stand up and asked for help because that is what I was taught to do, I left my ego at the door and asked for help, and I got it. I was able to be driven to a youth hustle where I spent the night, while I was able to find a safe room to rent.  Knowing, that shelters are not for me. Knowing that becoming a victim of the wellfare system is a trap that is worse than developing a terminal illness like cancer ,  worse  than being thrown in a psychiatric ward for an hour, worse than being illegally evicted because federal agents wants what you have. Yes, I remember that Halloween night,  I was able to very quickly find a place to sleep with people who are clean and sober, and I was able to get a job so I could pay my rent. And, then, I thought to myself, wow! really I agree rent is very expensive here, and $10.10 an hour cannot possibly cover anybody's rent, and the so call fair housing keeps you poor and hooked on that federal panhandling, might us well live on the street, but make sure those tents look prettier. Like for instance get tents that camouflage with the greenery, and "Do Not" leave trash everywhere or mess up the toilets like you have never used a toilet before, like  spilling dirty pieces of toilet paper on the ground, poop  and urine on the toilet seats .  Don't act like you have never used a bathroom,  clean after yourself, and do not drink alcohol or do drugs while camping in Lord Sri Krsna's Hawaiian Islands. Cleanliness, is mandatory! it will make you a better person and keep you physically healthy.

To all the millions of people who read this blog, (that is blocked by the way) Come home to Krsna when you are tired!  go to one of our farms in South America, and Central America you can live there forever, You can call the director of Universalidad Sol Caitanya Lila Acarya Das + 506 89520141 he will connect you to the Krsna devotees that will help you have a safe place to live and you can work for Krsna, you will be completely taking care of, but you do have to be clean and sober, and not eat meat, whether you are a woman or man you cannot  be a sexual predator,  you have to have self control and not harrass anyone who lives in the ashram or eco village, or will be asked to leave, or we will call the police and we will take you to court and you can take that to the bank. You can live there forever, and be loved and you will reminded that is your right to be loving and to receive love from Krsna.  Pick a country any country, we are waiting for you, your are loved beyond imagination. I will guarantee that you will be happy and die happy, even if you are crying. We are all gonna die in one way or another and if somebody gives you a problem just let me know and we will make it straight. What a privilege it is to receive Lord Sri Krsna's causeless mercy and that you are  loved so much that you have the chance to read this words and know that there is a way out of this hell. 

of course, for my brothers and sisters who incarnated in third world countries in human bodies and not lower animals like chickens and pigs, trapped in the illusionary world of materialism who envy and want what others have,  reading about the "American Dream" ignoring Lord Sri Krsna's kindness, having access to boundless joy and eternal life right around your corner, because you know where the ashrams and farms are,  and yet you chose to keep complaining because you don't have what others have, and that envy keeps stock in a rot and bitter! Like receiving free education from a University will make you happy? who are you fooling? after receiving that free education from that University you will complain about something else. and you that "yo tengo la razon!" please know that the hands that are typing this words are guided by Lord Sri Krsna, at your lotus feet beloved merciful lord.

Doyal Nitai! Doyal nitai! Doyal nitai! my borthers and sisters in South America and central America! the grass is always greener somewhere else. You may think Wow! really, a homeless shelter? Wow, really fair housing? Wow really food stamps? wow really medicaid! Wow students loans!  I want what they have and I will do what they do, I will lie, cheat and steal! I will give false testimony like the salem Witch trials to get what they have, I will turn by back at my fellow men, I will tell on my mother, I will tell on my father, I will tell on my brother, I will tell on my sister, I will tell on cousins, I will tell on my uncle, I will tell on my aunt, I will tell on my friends, I will tell on my co-workers, I will tell on the people that I am suppose to serve and protect, I will bite the hand that feeds me! I will betray my own country!  cuz I want what they have, I will get them arrested, I will get them silenced! I will get them tortured! I will get them killed to get my "American dream"  I will continue to destroy the earth!   I will work for $10.10 an hour! Yes, we can! Yes,We can! Yes, We can! Doyal nitai! Doya Nitai! Doyal Nitai!  there is nothing that I can do about that but when you are ready, come home to Krsna, the farms are right around the corner, there is nothing shameful about cultivating the land and being a farmer, not everyone is meant to be a movie star or a pop singer. 

Doyal Nitai! Doyal nitai! Doyal Nitai!

Lord Krsna is my master I am his slave!

Oh, beloved Lord Sri Krsna I am your most fallen devotee all I ask is to be in the loving service of your lotus feet birth after birth! I am simply not qualify to speak with you and yet you love me so much that you are so merciful with me, and I love you forever!

at the lotus feet of Lord Nityananda Prabhu the first guru At the lotus feet of srimati rhadarani my eternal mother! at the Lotus feet of Srila Bhaktialoka Paramadvaiti Maharaja my eternal best friend that I adore!

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