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Thursday, June 2, 2022

this is the kingdom of Hawaii part 4 Council approves $4B budget with big allocations for affordable housing, homeless outreach! O' Govinda! I want to learn! I am infinitely grateful to receive your causeless mercy and I am able to walk and be independent!

All glories to srila prabhupada!

I just want to stay at a job for a while, you know what I mean jelly bean! like I have met people who make it through the wilderness!

I want to make you aware that as of today, no Colombian has called me asking me to feed them or their family, nor have they called Pancha Ttava. If your a billionaire in Colombia I don't give you a guilt trip, I know you have not been able all those millions by feeling guilty, but times are changing, now is the time to make up for all time lost, is now! or never! it's about that time! please take care of the elderly people and the people with disabilities and you know who they are. No elderly woman or man in Colombia should be abandoned in the street or left under the care of abusive people who do not know how to care for them or don't like them. What a wonderful opportunity to create new good paying jobs for our loving, generous, and kind hardworking Colombia people, caring for the vulnerable population. And, please begin the process of giving every Colombian a free home, you and I both know that it does not cost much to build homes and give land to all the citizens of Colombia, please do the right thing!

Nithiananda haribol! haribol! haribol! Nithiananda Haribol!

I am sure you heard of my recent visit to my favorite place in the big island, regarding my lunch money being held hostage by a misogynistic Israelite business owner serving coffee and donuts at a new experimental vegan coffee shop on Ali's drive, who does not want me to tell him what to do ( the man  literally said that)  I would not have had this issue of not being paid had I been working for Starbucks coffee,  I would of already gotten paid with a check, although I have been very disappointed by the drinks I have purchased at the local Starbucks Coffee, I know that Star Bucks is a good company that pays their employees. As I was saying this greedy woman beater Israelite,  knows about the incident with the stinky old people who just want to sit around and fart of each other instead of going for a swim in that nice pool, this miserable example of a jewish man  diminishes the worth all the jewish people in the world. Sending your trash from Israel will not make the Hawaiians Islands better, this  imported abusive Israelite knows about  the people who attacked me and harassed me and what they said about me, and of course he had a great time using this false allegations against me, pushing buttons to see how I would react. I am sure he is shummy with that other misogynistic racist director of operations who got the boot from you know where after endangering the lives of the residents many times over and lying through his teeth. O' by the way, the Israelite business owner who is holding my lunch money hostage, did not let me count the money in the cash drawer and did not want to share tips, he literally snapped and threatened me because I reminded him that he had to share tips like he had advertised in the add, and that he had to do his own dishes (he refused to share his tips and I was washing his dishes),  then he ordered me to do more work that was outside of the job description! I forgive him and wish him mental health and prosperity!  Oh! adore Govinda!  what I learned from my past experience about the type of behavior displayed by the misogynistic racist Israelite business owner is that  he can make  false incriminating allegations  against me because he does not like me and wants to remind me who is boss! thank you Lord Sri Krsna for having my back in the midst of so much corruption!

then, this morning I said to myself should I text this pretender wannabe vegan Israelite who likes to intimidate women that I am expecting him to pay me with a check, money order or cash and remind him for the 1000 time that I am not able to use Venmeo in my phone or other, and then I thought to myself, you know  just do your sadanna,  he usual, because everything that I do, I do for Lord Sri Krsna. lord Krsna is my master I am his slave,  and then I wanted to know what you are up to and I ran into this.  https://www.hawaiinewsnow.com/2022/06/02/city-council-approves-4-billion-budget-package/   it is obvious to me that money grows on trees and that there is enough for everybody, and all the boys and gurlz know that. Let's not forget, there is a spiritual hiarchy we don't go to higher planets after leaving our human bodies  by being unloving,  or  abusive to our fellow men and women and to our lower brothers and sisters the cows, pigs, chicken, dogs and more. This is a very basic and simple fact of life that all of us have to understand, and you can take that to the bank.

at the lotus feet of Lord Nityananda Prabhu the first guru At the lotus feet of srimati rhadarani my eternal mother! at the Lotus feet of Srila Bhakti aloka Paramadvaiti Maharaja my eternal best friend who is my witness in the midst o liars, thieves and cheaters who are envious Lord Sri Krsna 

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