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Saturday, June 4, 2022

This is the kingdom of Hawaii part 5 Native Hawaiians Face High Rates Of Diabetes. That Means More Need For Dialysis

 All glories to Sri Guru and Sri Guranga! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Maharani Key! Jai! Rhadarani Key! Jai! Rhadika Gopinata Key! Jai! Rhade! Rhade! Rhade Shyan!

Lord Sri Krsna kills all my inner demons!

It is a fact that Lord Sri Krsna delivered the jews from egypt!

what did I do, yesterday?  I spoke to Brandy, from the Labor Department, I was surprise to receive her call and to answer questions in regards to you what.  

I spent some time with the bosses of the Boys and Girls Club, and, I got a really good cup cake, and yummy fruit my roommates scored some MaC&Cheese. I am telling you is a different experience when you surround yourself with people who understand that they are worthy of love and respect. Although, In our Vaishnavan tradition a devotee does not expect to be respected the laws written for men or women to follow while engage in society expect for everyone to be respectful to one another and unfortunately because people are not able to self govern and tend to be so corrupt and miserable.  It is Lord  Sri Krsna's causeless mercy that uniformed police officers would exist, because otherwise, we would be in serious problems with all the corruption that exists in the human mind.  so we hope for the best that the people who are here to protect us try very hard to have integrity and not become corrupt even if it kills them.

To all the boys and girls that are wrestling with their identity be assured that being sensitive to other people's feelings and  choosing to be loving and caring does not make you weak but very strong , so strong in fact that by cultivating pure love in your physical body, you get yourself trained so that you are able to travel where no men or women have  gone before without the need of a spaceship, after you leave your physical vessel only love gets you back home. Surrounding yourself with people who do not use drugs or alcohol and that are happy, or at least content with themselves  will keep you sane and healthy rather than surrounding yourself with adults that grow up to be envious bitter and hateful men and women who are responsible for the deterioration of our beautiful planet earth and our quality of life 

I wish for all the young people out there to become resilient and to not forget that no one can ever destroy your soul not a plague or an atomic bomb or an abusive person family or stranger, and that if you are going to fight for something fight with all your might to make sure that no one steals your gifts and virtues away such as your integrity, happiness and joy, and to direct all your love to the god of your understanding because a life without faith in god is a loser's life and guarantees a failure. This world is temporary, and all that materialists teach us through the educational institutions that they regard as important, gets us stuck in an eternal cycle of reincarnation and suffering. I remember many years ago going to a "Dead Show", (I was with a friend who look like  a recent co-worker at Kukio Nui) while I was At the parking lot of the "Dead Show" I bought a bumper sticker that read "Mean People Suck" and I placed it on the worse car that I ever owned that happened to be a Nissan, and hence the reason why I don't like Japanese cars, and I really don't like BMW's; I prefer Chryslers that breakdown at the mechanic shop rather than on the road. Anyways, after I placed the sticker on the bumper of my car, my car got egged.

You know I must confess, that I have a very close relationship with diabetes in my biological family and this why this article caught my attention: https://www.civilbeat.org/2022/05/native-hawaiians-face-high-rates-of-diabetes-that-means-more-need-for-dialysis/#:~:text=Native%20Hawaiians%20and%20other%20Pacific,than%20the%20average%20Hawaii%20resident.  We all know that our bodies are very intelligent and that we can cure just about anything in our bodies, the worst realization I had to accept was the reality that the people in my family who suffer from diabetes chose to continue to be sick, by drinking alcohol, eating refined sugars and processed foods, and allowing their mind to become polluted with negativity not only from toxins from foods but from their disconnection from the love of god, and just like say for instance your boyfriend, or girl friend loves you back, so does god, when you love, Him. This is what Bhakti Yoga is about. You love Krsna, Krsna loves you back! and in this case, the more you love Krsna the more he loves you back! So, who would you love, the creator who will be with you during your incarnation in this physical plane and right at moment you are about to leave your body, and after your soul lets go of the physical body that you are temporarily occupying, or are you going to waste your time, giving all your love a way to a person, place or thing? that is the most important decision to make and I wish I would of been this clear when I was in High School, I would of  never drank alcohol and I would of become a vegetarian, and I would of "Never", " Ever" had sex with boys, risking becoming pregnant or getting an STD more over diminishing my spiritual growth by contaminating my energetic field  with another person lower emotions, this act of having sex for sensory pleasure is the worst type act is a self induced "rape" that a woman or man can do to stagnate their spiritual growth  and make themselves emotionally, mentally, and physically sick and to be blunt with you is worse than eating meat, and if you have to have sex I hope that it is with the partner that you will spent the rest of your life with, and really fight with your might to not become a used car that gets driven by multiple sex partners like you know who. We all make mistakes, and I learned that no matter how many mistakes one makes we have this life time or other life times to rectify them, and for myself after millions of lifetimes falling, time and time again in this physical world of birth, sickness, old age, and death. I have made the decision, that  I am now a nun a maharani. I reject and I refuse to become a female chicken fighting with other female chickens for food and territory and to be forcefully subdued by a rooster who wants to show me who is boss and leave me beaten up with a ton of  little chicks to take care of while he continues to inpregnate the other young female chickens.  Yes! you can! practice celibacy! Yes! You can practice celibacy! Not having sex will help you evolve spiritually, it will help you reach higher planets when you leave your physical body ,  and you can take that to the bank! Just Say, No! be strong! be very strong! O'Govinda you teach me so much! I want to learn!

at the lotus feet of Lord Nityananda Prabhu the first guru At the lotus feet of srimati rhadarani my eternal mother! at the Lotus feet of Srila Bhakti aloka Paramadvaiti Maharaja my eternal best friend who gets it!

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