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Wednesday, June 15, 2022

This is the kingdom of Hawaii Part 7 "Council questions why hundreds of homeless shelter beds have vanished or are sitting unused!"

Nithiananda haribol, Nithiananda Haribol, Nithiananada Haribol!

The spiritual world is the true reality, anything else that we experience while our soul is incarnated in the physical world is temporary and it is the causeless mercy of Lord Sri Krsna that we souls are given an opportunity to incarnate in this deceiving material reality filled with signs and wonders jam-packed with sufferings and miseries so that we are able to expiate our karmic dues and go back home to krsna; the reason why we are here is because as souls we evolved into the state of consciousness of god and goddesses, and even at this level the law of cause and effect exists. Now being here in this material world in physical bodies devoid of the sense of prestige of being god and goddesses allows us to face the reality that we are not the center of creation,  we are not the center of the world, we are not the center of the universe but rather a very small part of it.  According to divine law the highest state of being is pure love . It is evident that we made some serious mistakes  as gods and goddesses we made choices that contradicted divine law, and we now have the opportunity to make a radical change and this may mean that we will leave our physical vessels while we are still very young, and this may mean that while being old, cranky,  bitter and over it there is still plenty of time to make a radical change before leaving our physical vessel, this radical change is about remembering how to love and to serve Lord Sri Krsna the supreme personality of godhead cause of all causes and all that is,  at his lotus feet.

 "O' Govinda somehow or another I have fallen into this ocean of life and death please pick me up from this  ocean of death and place me as one of the atoms at your lotus feet!"

 The whole false programming of being afraid of death makes sense to me if for example, I have done a lot of really awful things to other living entities  such as destroying the earth, and torturing animals in slaughter houses and laboratories, then I would be afraid of death, for sure.  So, if you want to make a personal inventory of all your experiences and what you have created while being blessed to have a physical body,  then you can be your own fortune teller based on karmic law. It is a fact that everything happens for a reason. As a bonus, I will like to put your mind at ease by reminding you, that Lord Sri Krna is the most merciful lord, and he is the only one that makes the final decision as to what bodies the soul occupies when it needs to incarnate again in a physical reality.  This is why this chapter of the Srimad Bhagavatan makes so much sense to me https://prabhupadabooks.com/sb/1/17  and the reason why Lord Sri Krsna  continues to assure me that I am a privileged soul because I am able to have the gift of sight in order to read these sacred scriptures.

Yesterday, I started my morning early, this is the way it is for all devotees, most of our mornings start at 3am or 4am. We have been instructed to maintain our bodies clean, our mornings begin with a shower before we start the deity worship with a beautiful arati.  There is a really big difference between the  smell of a human body, a dog, a cat , and a chicken in comparison to how the earth smells. The earth smells wonderful,  the earth creates wonderful odors while we do not, and this is why we have to shower. While there is nothing wrong in sweating and smelling strong, it is better to keep our physical smell under control because we are "Not" the center of the world and we are certainly "Not" the center of the universe and you can take that to the  bank, we co exist with other people, who have their own smell to worry about and cleanliness will keep you physically healthy.

 I remember a wonderful lecture given by our beloved gurudeva "bap"  about why the earth was so sacred and beautiful and how we were maintained by her.  He explained that she does not have to wash herself with soaps or hide bad odors with lotions, deodorants, powders or perfumes, but we do need to use the gifts that she gives us such as the minerals, flowers, herbs to create lotions, deodorants, powders, perfumes and soaps in order to wash away the stench from our bodies and this is one of the million  reasons why the earth is our generous merciful benefactor she is our maintainer. It is very hard for people to have faith in a god or a goddess during this age of Kali Yuga. However, You have the right to worship the earth! It is your right to place your faith on the earth if you want to, and that will be a very intelligent alternative to chose. A life without faith in a god or goddess of your understanding is a losers life and guarantees your failure.

Every morning all vaishnavans have been instructed to shower, to brush our teeth, to put on clean clothes, to worship our loving deities, and chant 16 rounds of the hare krsna maha mantra and in this way we are prepare to go into battle in this cold war known as secular society. We are also instructed to continue to meditate on the maha mantra, and in this way we continue to cultivate pure love and we continue to serve Lord Sri Krnsa that is the only reason why vaishnavans exists right now.  By fallowing this instructions passed down through the ages within the sacred thread of disciplic succession we devotees continue to not forget that we are not here in this material reality to hurt anyone or anything and that  we are all souls emanating from Lord Sri Krsna.  And, while we are in disguised in these physical vessels as co-workers, therapists, healers, message therapist, neighbors, activists, police officers, bank tellers, cashiers, fire men, post office workers, federal employees, state employees, military people, CNAs, nurses, teachers, construction workers, friends, electricians, carpenters, politicians,  plumbers,  pop stars, drag queens, landlords, actors, actresses, security officers, drivers, flight attendants, journalists, attorneys,  judges, housekeepers, waitresses, waiters, secretaries.  doctors, customer service agents, specialists, managers, farmers, preachers,  students. security officers,  models, strangers,  real estate agents, sales associates, specialists, homeless people, drug traffickers, stinky old people,  or in lower bodies such as dogs and pigs.  Krsna is in all our hearts. He is what you know as the paramatman, the absolute supreme self. 

By chanting the maha mantra we remain in a state of pure love. We reinstate the origin of our existence while being deceive in the illusionary energy of the material world. By intentionally  being in communion with Krsna we are able to feel the connection with everything and this is how we become emotionally, and physically aware that being hurtful or unkind to someone else or something else is literally being hurtful and unkind to oneself and although there are people in this world who cultivate lower energies  with their emotions such as hate and envy, in this new reality that has now being created all those lower frequencies will be transmuted into something better and there is nothing we can do to stop that; This is the actual proof of  lord Chaitanya Mahaprabu's Prophesy coming true during this age of Kali Yuga.   https://www.krishna.com/prophecy-fulfilledAll glories to sri guru and sri guranga! All srila Prabhupada!

(If you happen to see a vaisnavan devotee be it a woman or man t who is a member of Vrinda Parivar International who is homeless, and he or she is stealing,  physically stinks, gambles, has illicit sex, uses alcohol and drugs and eats meat,  or has done anything that has hurt you please call Pancha Ttava +51 992 541 980  gurudeva's secretary and we will make it straight!) 

You know a lot of our brothers and sisters that have been displaced all over the world like  war zones , men, women, children who are now walking around homeless  like in countries like Ukraine, or continents such as Central America, and South America where all the farmers were  forced out of their lands for the economic interest of certain corporations disguising themselves as military,  drug cartels, and you know the rest. These people who have been forced into homelessness were people who were hard working people, men and women and children who just wanted to have a simple good life.  And, this is why, Forest Gump was right, when he said, "Life is like box chocolates, you never know what you are gonna get!"

 I thought about all of these things after looking at this article:


at the lotus feet of Lord Nityananda Prabhu the first guru At the lotus feet of srimati rhadarani my protector! at the Lotus feet of Srila Bhakti aloka Paramadvaiti Maharaja my eternal best friend that I love with my life and soul.

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