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Wednesday, June 8, 2022

This is the Kingdom of Hawaii part 6 "Sacred Hawaiian volcano is at center of centuries-old battle over Native lands"


All glories to srila prabhupada!

Yesterday very early, I went you know where and the first person that I saw was an older beautiful man who opened the door and he let all of us in,  then I walked by the brake room, I was greeted by a beautiful woman, I don't know her name, she said, "good morning!" and very shortly after I met Donna. S.  a very beautiful Hawaiian woman of Portuguese, Spanish, German origins who is an extremely busy human resources supervisor, and yet she finds the time to be kind and sincere, and that to me is very professional. During that morning I spent some very long hours in front of a computer watching very good informational videos, later as I was walking out I was approached by a beautiful man, who introduced himself as "Eli", he welcomed me on board.  It really does make a difference when one is kind, courteous and welcoming to others. As my spiritual master  "Bap" says, the most unattractive men or women, meaning ugly people are those who are always finding faults in others in order to diminish them and appear to be the best human animal for the sake of competition, in this case I hope for the best because in this current job, all I see is beautiful people wanting to have a simple good life. I know that most people in highly develop countries the thought of acknowledging that one needs a spiritual master or a guru as a guide, makes a lot of people cringe,  but in a world so severe like this one, it is prescribed in all our sacred books that we do need a spiritual master to keeps us focus in our goal to go back home to Krsna. In my case I feel fortunate that gurudeva supports and respects women. I am eternally grateful that I met my spiritual teacher while he is alive and that I am able to tell him that I love him.

You know if a native Hawaiian says that Mauna Kea Loa is a sacred shrine for worship, as a home to the gods, that is literally what it means, but how can anyone possibly make a scientist understand this when most scientist are materialist and they are so far removed from the reality of life, and these men and women are convinced that they are god, or that once they leave their physical vessel is over, and nothing happens to the soul. this delusion and fantasy world that this materialist scientist have created to suit their egotistical pursuits is the reason why we have global warming and why the earth continues to be polluted and destroyed and why we continue to deteriorate the quality of our lives. Please allow this fuck up loser to find faults in your behavior for the sake of clarity and to reinstate the reality of life that you are avoiding.

These scientists act like they are the only people that matter and that no one else exists, but as I walk in public places and work with different types of people I see families wanting to give their children an opportunity to live in this world so even though this destructive materialistic scientist continue to destroy our natural habitat and insist in annihilating  the existence of god from  human consciousness we are now standing at a cross road, and this abuse of power has to come to an end and this is why this article caught my attention: https://abcnews.go.com/US/sacred-hawaiian-volcano-center-centuries-battle-native-lands/story?id=85005745  I was happy to see that native Hawaiians are being given the opportunity to be heard and that they may be able to oversee this ridiculous stupid telescope project so that we may be able to not completely create a cataclysm by disrupting a sacred space that is a home for the gods.

Obviously, this is a good example of why certain colonials where more reasonable than others, like for instance, the Caucasian that landed here in Hawaii, although  savages are definitely not as cruel as the colonials that landed in South America and Central America! I am sure by now,  Dear Warren,  you have seen the pictures and read the articles about all the native people in the Brazilian rainforest that are being slaughtered for protecting their sacred lands and wanting their beautiful families to have a good life. for the millionth time,  Let me give you the same very clear example that you have been given time and time again about  how life works,  for every action there is a reaction.  You are scientist today, and when you leave your body all the karmic actions that you create,  you will have to repay, lifetime after lifetime, I can't change this fact of life even if I wanted to, I can't,  because is written in our sacred sastras. 

A truly intelligent person will make sure that the earth is maintained with love and care so that the souls that will continue to incarnate in this physical reality will be able to have access to what we are beardly holding on to, like clean water, clean air, clean food. All the natural forces are Krsna and his millions of associates represented by sacred volcanos, oceans, aqua purs, air, water, trees, ether, planets, galaxies. universes , rocks, god is able to shift into whatever form it desires,  continuing to ignore god is setting us up for a more painful way of life while being  incarnated in physicality; and the reason why I feel so strongly, about reminding you that god exists and that our duty is to serve Him  is because I am here with you, and so is my spiritual family, and what you do affects me and my family too, and I don't think is fair that you continue to abuse the power that you were given. We refuse to be contaminated by your misery and envy of Lord Sri Krsna supreme personality of godhead cause of all causes and all that is.

All the mystic traditions that have been almost wiped out from the books that we have to buy when we attend  expensive universities that are regarded as fictional myths  have always given us the opportunity to see the existence of god.   The reason why you are reading this words is because of your souls desire to be reminded that Krsna exists and that the spiritual world is the true reality, and this world  that we are experiencing right now was created for karmic expiation, and we fell here because we wanted to be gods,  and we made very serious mistakes and this is the reason why we experience so much suffering.  we probably blew up other planets, and killed a lot of other species, it is  time to rectify this mistakes.  Destroying the planets that Lord Sri Krsna designed for our soul  to incarnate  into will not keep us from paying our karmic dues, moreover,  killing social activists or incarcerating them, or incriminating them under false allegations like they are "thieves" or a domestic terrorist will only make your future lives more horrible and you can take that to the bank; this is not a curse, is the way that cause and effect works. Let me remind you what you were taught in your fancy schools the soul reaches a level of transcendence that it can completely forget that is a part of god and it can forget that pure love is the only way to be delivered out of this hell. being unloving to other species and blowing up this planet earth that is in fact "Bhumi" the earth goddess will only create more hellish conditions for all of us. 

We don't incarnate into human bodies only, we incarnate into other species that are not as privilege as we are to have a human body, even the woman or the man that is jailed for life in a third world country for defending human rights or is about to be hanged, her or she is in a privilege position because he or she is  in a human body. Even the woman that is left without a husband to raise her children is in a very privileged position, even the man who dos not have legs and is destined to sit in a wheelchair is in a privileged position because the soul is occupying a human body, the Caucasian  homeless woman walking down Ali'i drive with the Rastafarian dreadlocks is in a very privilege person. O' govinda you spoil us with your causeless mercy , all I see is opportunity to transcend our false ego and go back home to Krsna the supreme personality of god head!

When I see mothers and fathers with their children in the playgrounds  smiling  enjoying themselves while playing with their children, taking them to school,  or going grocery shopping it gives me the impression that although this world is a very harsh place to find ourselves in, these parents  want to live, and give their children the opportunity to grow and be happy.  And, although, I may encounter ignorant people who want to rain on my parade and make me feel depressed or hateful and not care whether this planet is blown up, or if we are hit once again by men made plagues, and men made famine,  knowing that there are people in this world who want to be here and that are willing and ready to make a radical change for the good of their lives and the lives of their children gives me the strength to not give up on humanity.  O' Govinda! I understand that there are souls who don't mind going through the cycle of birth, sickness, old age and death and incarnating again into this world. There is absolutely, no reason why we need to make our lives here harder or  make anyone else's life harder. The choices that are being made by this scientists and business people do not reflect my choices and the choices of a very large percentage of humanity, like say 7.750 billion people that are currently incarnated into human bodies all over the world.

Moreover, even if right now, there are people who are managing countries that are in possession of biological weapons and nuclear weapons and chemical weapons ready to kill every single one of us in order to get their way, the vast majority of people who live in this world right now, just want to have a simple good life, and do not want to be killed. O' beloved Lord Sri Krsna only your causeless mercy will deliver us from being blown up and having to be born again in another material world to continue our karmic expiation with the same ignorant people who are destroying the earth and our quality of life. O' Govinda, all I want is to be in the loving service of your lotus feet birth after birth.

at the lotus feet of Lord Nityananda Prabhu the first guru At the lotus feet of srimati rhadarani my eternal mother! at the Lotus feet of Srila Bhakti aloka Paramadvaiti Maharaja my eternal best friend  who has made it through the wilderness in the midst of so much stupidity!.

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