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Monday, July 25, 2022

The treatment women impacts the growth and prosperity of every nation

"We cannot deny the obvious that in most developed countries such as, India,  Canada,  and Germany the treatment of women is more dignified. if we compare this with the way that women are allowed to be  treated in Latin America such as in the countries Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Dominican Republic,  Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Panama, Guatemala, Nicaragua, San Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica  where men and women  think is completely normal to discriminate women and to be verbally, emotionally and physically abusive to them, in this countries men think is normal to cheat on their wives, beat them,  and leave other women pregnant with unwanted progeny without child support, or to have  mistresses with his wife's knowledge. We see a clear picture as to why karmically these nations suffer greatly for allowing the massive abuse of women to continue!" 

Although, this time is known as a time of deterioration "Kali Yuga" . We are now at a point in which we can make a radical change.  A change in which both women and men learn to become more grounded in the love of a god "Divinity" of their own understanding, when you love god, truly, it takes away the envy that you otherwise will have for Him and in turn for everyone else, This is the foundation the very core of what Bhakti Yoga is about!:

At the lotus feet of Srumato Rhadarani, at the lotus feet of Nithiananda prabhu, at the lotus feet of srila bhaktia Loka Paramadvaiti Maharaj


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