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Sunday, January 1, 2023

Inbound Yoga - Luz de Bhakti -Srila Bhaktialoka Paramadvaiti Maharaj



Excuse me for the technical interruptions! Today we are sitting in Budapest and we are connected with the world. This is a yogi City, and most important we are connected at a higher level in the material world through artificial intelligence. We are afraid!  and everything  we do will be controlled in the future.

According to the yoga teaching,  everything is controlled and observed, what every one of us does since time immemorial and not only this is the supreme Lord (Krsna) Himself who witnesses our virtues and our failures. The good thing is that he will always try to help us to reach the perfection of Yoga. This insurance is given to us in the Bhagavad Gita. I know a very excellent yoga. So what I am saying I am sure that you already know. Yuk Yoke means “connected” connected to the highest perfection of your potential if you want to reach the highest mountains ; you can climb all the way to the top. So, What is the highest mountain of your personal individual capacity. Yoga is meant to help you reach there, so "connect" means to connect with the highest and then you learn that you are part of the highest. You have a relationship a  constitutional relationship to the highest. Like you are born in Hungary that is why you have a Hungarian Passport; but by being a son or a daughter of the “Divine Supreme” (Krsna) You have a constitutional relationship to the Universal Creator. (Krsna) Where does Yoga start it depends from your interest. Some people start with “Hatha Yoga” some people start with “Karma Yoga”  some people start with “Jnana Yoga”  but such and everyone has to reach “Bhakti Yoga”  all the  different yogas  are all connected. They are all part of the beautiful connection of gifts. What we call “Inbound Yoga”  is the teaching that we should go from the external to the Internal side.  There are gymnastic people that are more expert at bending their bodies than others, but is the physical condition, the mental condition and the spiritual condition.  Just like this  emotional Intelligence, rational intelligence, spiritual intelligence  then my body is in good shape. Emotional Intelligence  will tell you that you have to harmonized with everything. Everything about myself  family,  friends. society and mother earth - and spiritual intelligence  will tell you that you have to connect lovingly to the creator (Krsna)  the original existence,  spiritual intelligence will lead you to Universal Love. (Krsna)

If you love my father. I also love all my brothers and sisters. You don’t need a PhD to understand that, but some people do not want to behave in such a way, that others are given the proper respect, some people they behave without developing the proper respect. When you practice yoga you naturally become humble and spiritual life means humble, like for example we all understand that we are all maintained, also you are practicing yoga because some maintenance is giving you a facility , because everything we have belongs to our father (Krsna)  Bhakti Yoga means love, love, love again but love for your creation is love which you can share with everybody that is the Yoga Teaching.

One of the things that we have to convince our Yogis is to “not” eat animals this is something which is part of the love of god. (Krsna) Don’t eat somebody who you should love. So, love has many, many  ,many implications in our lives and bhakti yoga explains step by step what that means, and it can go very deep and you can discover a love affair in Bhakti Yoga - This Love affair  is the gift of god (Krsna). It includes love for the Yoga teaching and also for your fellow yoga students and also for those who are more interested to know more about this.  You can say that Bhakti Yoga is very communicative, first you have to listen to the Bhagavad Gita  next step you have to speak about the Bhagavad Gita  and tell others about it- that is as natural as you are in a big building and you are an expert  and you know the building and all of the sudden one side of the building  is on fire and you re leading the people you know the way out automatically. You tell everybody come here! go there. I will take you!   Can you imagine the way out and you will not tell the others that is not possible, the yogis are also brahmanas, they have a commitment with the truth but not everyone understands that, not everyone can understand the sense of urgency- Yoga is not just entertainment .

Inbound yoga is art , Entertainment is I go to Yoga,  No,  I go to ballet!  Yoga is a true necessity but is not imposed upon us, even though we feel the urge  to tell everyone what is the right thing to do, by the rules of the creator, (Krsna)  please come be part of the yoga family. And the Yoga family is very “Big” and not everybody knows each other is not possible is not necessary. The only thing that is necessary is that you know that someone is loving you, and that somebody is taking you to the path of Yoga,  and that person is called the spiritual teacher inside of your heart. We cannot deny it. We all have a good advisor inside of our heart. Even though we are not always listening to it’s advice and in Yoga we become an expert in listening to its advice . Most yogis we always have discussions. We always have discussions about what is favorable for our spiritual advancement and what is not favorable for our spiritual advancement and somebody tells you. Come we have a very nice party tonight there is free beer for everybody (Yoga Maya is one the people sitting next to Gurudeva) that is not favorable. 

Yoga Maya says, No! I am not going there for free beer, forget it!  That is not favorable but somebody would also say, a party with free beer I am going to Go! What about reading a book is that book useful or is it useless, what about a movie, is that movie helpful or confusing. 

What about political concerns like we could be talking about the Ukraine war! I know that you did not come to me to speak about the Ukraine war. One time my Guru ( His Divine Grace A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada)  was asked by one person. What about the third world war . He answered the third war world is a point and the point is a point on the line and many points make a line and we want to speak about the point but we don’t want to speak about the line. Every war is a point and that makes a line, and we don’t want to speak about the line. What is the line why are we in illusions that we are owners of this world. After all the wars, all the borders of Hungary changed but the people are still the same only politicians make some changes in the borders, so in the same political issues will not take us to the care of our lives of course they are painful especially when the cost of our lives goes up 30%; it is natural that one is very concern, but yoga is the science of immediate of attention to the urgent, and what is the urgent information that we can leave this body any second.

And if the moment of death comes do you still want to know how much money is in your bank account, or how many weapons the U.S.A is sending to Ukraine, or what is the price of milk in the market. No! No! No! Nothing you want to know, you only want to know the supreme union with that Love, so in Love teaching of Bhakti Yoga. We already suppose that you know the asanas is not absolutely necessary but many people they start with the asanas, so we people are generous and we practice charitable work that is called karma yoga - in other words they are always helpful and others are very profound students of the yoga scriptures, like the Bhagavad- Gita. They become very serious to read even memorizing mantras and the teaching on how to increase your love, they will come eventually, as a matter of fact. Some people say I wanted all right now. So what ? the yoga teachings will take aside and will explain many other things; like how to chant the mantras. How to go to India, how to go on pilgrimage to go to the Holy places. How to establish a deity in your home so that all your food is sanctified. How you mark your body with signs of protection for the yogi and so many things, is not easy to say, just in one package - and is not the signs of No! It is always the signs of Yes! It is the signs that I got taste! If you get the proper instruction and you get the proper association then  yoga will never be difficult for you every day life.

 You can make spiritual advancement. Every day is the day of Now, and sometime is Now, you have to leave the world. Then you have to think what did I learn in my yoga class and you have to give your heart lovingly to the lord (Krsna)  Who is our “only” shot that is part of life.  We grow older, we become sick, and we die. I know this is not news for you but we are living in that awareness ,or we are disturbed by the material influences and we cannot concentrate, actually Hatha Yoga is very good for concentration  and pranayama but the best thing is attachment, attachment is the cause of bondage in the world, If the attachment is transfer to the Lord and his devotees. It opens up the door to liberation emotionally we have to be involve, Yes.  Yes, I want to do it. Yes I will go to my practice. Yes,  I will try to go to India. Yes I will tell my friends about it. Yes, I will go to India, Yes I will go to India. Etc,Etc,Etc. Yes, Yes, emotionally, Yes, then you will have no doubts because you will understand naturally, this words that I spoke are from our holy scriptures, attachment can heal attachment. 

I am attached to money, I am attached to traveling, I am attached to name, I am attached to fame, and I always get frustrated and it never works out the way I want. This attachment now they say you can cure by becoming attached to the yoga. So, I am very happy that I had a chance to meet with you if you need to clarify. I know yoga maya, and I will you give you all the answers.

Srila Bhakitia Loka Paramadvaiti Maharaj

Inbound yoga 

Transcription - Luz de Bhakti Barata Hungary , May 17th 2022



Inbound Yoga - Luz de Bhakti -Srila Bhaktialoka Paramadvaiti Maharaj

                                              Excuse me for the technical interruptions! Today we are sitting in Budapest and we are connect...